Olympic Skater Adam Rippon: Attending The Oscars Was ‘Incredible’ | TODAY

Olympic Skater Adam Rippon: Attending The Oscars Was ‘Incredible’ | TODAY

32 thoughts on “Olympic Skater Adam Rippon: Attending The Oscars Was ‘Incredible’ | TODAY

  1. Thought he didn't even attend the Oscar…..Though he attend it,he's speaking as if he's the only one who attend it

  2. It's not that I don't like him, I just don't have enough patience going around to split between my teen-age kids and a grown man acting like an obnoxious teen. Gosh, give proper answers, enough with the winy voice, worse than 199-something Clueless kids…sorry, like I said, with 2 real teenagers at home, I have no time for him.

  3. they're kinda awkward, but adam is a natural. he honestly carried the convo, lol. whenever there was a weird pause or awkward eye contact, he'd pick up the convo and keep it going. he'd be a great host for some sort of show.

  4. The tuxedo and shoes are hideous. Especially those long pointed toed shoes. Girls, never wear those no matter how small your feet. Unless maybe if you're dressed as a witch for Halloween. These two interviewing him are annoyingly giddy with him. Totally unprofessional. Who can tell me the occult meaning of him going to 22 cities?

  5. I'm just worried he's ditched Ashley! Ashley took him to the Oscars after Sochi but he didn't take her… I hope he wasn't allowed 🙁

  6. The shoes though that he wore with his oscars outfit …. like what happened? it's like he was all about the in your face super stylish badass look and by the time he got to the shoes he was spent and used up all of his fabulous lol or maybe was rushing out the door and forgot his actual shoes for the night. he still looked great! but just a nice pair of black dress shoes would have looked so much nicer and finished the look head to toe imo

  7. Why is he famous? Nathan Chen, Adam Zhou and a dozen other Americans won Bronze or higher at the Olympics this year.

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