One Knot Hairnets Review

REBECCA: Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I work in Merchandising. Today, I will be reviewing the One Knot Hairnets. The thing I love about these hairnets is – just
like the name says – they have one knot, so you have no annoying knots smack in the middle
of your forehead pushing against your forehead uncomfortably while you’re riding. It’s very easy to tie these back and have
a smooth line across your forehead, and the knot easily hides underneath your pony. They
come automatically with a matching elastic, which helps you tie it in the back and becomes
invisible once you put your hair up and under the helmet. The other thing is this hairnet is made of
a really fine, thin material, so it blends really nicely with your hair so you don’t
see it while you’re riding once it’s up under the helmet. These come in a two-pack, so you get two hairnets
and two elastics, and they come in a variety of colors so that they can match any hair
color. I find these hairnets to be very durable,
however, I like to keep multiples of them on hand. Just like bobby pins, these seem
to roam and run away, so I have mine on autoship so that I can get one new pack every month
with my SmartPaks. These hairnets are ideal for the Hunter/Jumper
discipline where it’s proper etiquette to have your hair pulled up and neatly tied under
your helmet. It helps tame all of the flyaways to keep you looking smooth and polished in
the ring. They’re also great for every day for any rider who wants to keep their hair
neat and tidy and polished underneath their helmet. You can use it for both putting your
hair up or just putting your hair in a pony and keeping the flyaways tamed. I’m Rebecca, and the One Knot Hairnets are
my favorite hairnets, because they are affordable, they last, and they look the best under my

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