Our Bali Vacation! | Vlog | Sam and Teagan

Our Bali Vacation! | Vlog | Sam and Teagan

– Hey guys. – Hey. – I’m Teagan. – I’m Sam. – And we are… – [Both] The Rybka Twins.
Welcome back to Squared! (bell dings) – On the summer holidays,
where did we go, Sam? – [Both] We went to Bali! (fun dance music) – And we went with our friends. So on this weeks video,
we’re going to show you guys what we’ve been up to in Bali. But before we do that… – Be sure to subscribe. – And give it a big thumbs-up… – [Both] If you like it! (rain and thunder sounds) – [Woman] What’s going on? – Oh! – The weather. – It’s really rainy
outside and so therefore… – Thunderstorms are brewing. – Our plane got delayed. – So super excited. We had our boarding tickets and we were just about
to get on the plane… – And then a huge thunderstorm rolls in. Our flight was delayed. (rain and thunder sounds) (plane engine sounds) (high-tempo ethnic bells) – So the first day, we went
shopping at the markets. Hello! – Day one in Bali! – We are going shopping. – And beaches! Look there! – But first we made a
pit stop to Starbucks because we don’t actually have Starbucks in Western Australia. (upbeat dance music) – So we went to Poppies
Lane, which is a… – Long straight market. – Huge street. – Bags. Hats. (soft chime) (soft luau music) – [Woman] Whoo! – So we went to the market.
Did a bit of shopping. – Yeah, which was really fun. – We got some… – We got a lot of stuff. – Yeah! – So in Bali, generally
people just go shopping, swimming, go to the beach. (upbeat salsa music) – Eat lots of good food. (electric pop music) – And then there’s heaps
of stuff you can do that you might not necessarily
be able to do like in WA. – You go to this place and you can pick a million things to do like
horse riding on the water. – Swimming with dolphins, scuba diving… – Snorkeling, ATV-ing… – We saw Nemos! – [Both] And Dorrys! – There was this huge boat in the water. It had a slide coming off of it. (fun pop music) (intense rock music) – Quad-Bike riding. – Oh, it was so much fun. – If you go to Bali, you
have to do quad-bike riding. – Do it. It was so cool. It was awesome. So we got there, and it was
like pouring down rain already, which made it even more exciting. And then you get your helmets. You get these huge boots
you put on and knee pads. And it’s cool. They make you
go on a little practice run through the grass field first. – To see if you can actually
drive safely on quad-bike. – I’ve never done it
before, and we were like, “What? We have to drive this?” – We all passed, by the way. (soft chime) – Hello! We’re just about
to start our adventure on the quad-bikes! (cheers) – Yeah! – All the Balinese kids were out the front and they were waving to us. – [Sam and Teagan] Hi! – And they took us through
like the jungle part. And like, the jungles were so crazy. – [Sam] It was amazing. Huge
trees and plants everywhere. – [Teagan] And you have
to turn like every second. – Every second was like, “Tree! Turn!” (whooping) (quad-bike engine roars) – [Sam] Our personal photographer. Teag, stop. Turn around. – [Woman] Where are you going? – [Young girl] We’re going through there. (intense droning) (upbeat African music) (camera click) – And on the last day,
we got our hair braided. (chime) – And oh my God, can those Balinese braid! – It was so fast. I was like, “Whoa, did our
eyes just go into fast motion?” (fast pop music) – That brings us to the end of the video. We hope you guys enjoyed it. Comment down below where
your favorite place is to go on holiday. Be sure to watch all the
twins’ videos on Squared. – Click the link in the description box if you like to see more from us. – And we’ll see you guys
next time on Squared! – [Both] See ya!

100 thoughts on “Our Bali Vacation! | Vlog | Sam and Teagan

  1. can you guys go to bali again and go grand city inn hotel because i live close to that hotel and maybe i will check you guys and take photo's and i'll show you around bali PS; i love you guys

  2. I wish you lived in Florida, and then travel to Washington D.C. Because, my dad works at Tampa International Airport he is one of the workers that help fix the engines of the airplanes.

  3. Good job you go to bali . cause bali is an island. bali is in indonesia nation and i live in indonesia

  4. teegan and sam you gyus are the best gymnasts in the holl wide world i think you can go to the olymics

  5. Omg I stayed in four different places in bali one is called Swiss bell hotel in Kuta Tuban second one is green garden hotel
    Third one is called The One Legian hotel and the fourth one is Nusadua beach hotel which is right infront of the beach

  6. I just came back from BALI I went to bali at the 26th of December 2017 then we came back at the 13 the of January, 2018 but something happen in the anirport…… The flight was supposed to be at the 12th of January but instead we accidentally went to the airport at the 13th of January so we had to book another ticket which sucks because we didn't get the money back from the. Other ticket and we had to pay for 4 tickets

  7. Hola me llamó Angie y soy su mayor fan número uno y yo veo todos los video s de ustedes donde están en la tabla de Sor aciend o jicnacia

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  9. Please , come to Bandung, I'm a kid, I'm a big fan for you, I really want to meet you, Rybka Twins…please…read my comment 😭😭

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