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– And we are headed to visit a horse that I think I’m getting. But I am really, really
hoping that he’s the one. If everything goes good,
I’m getting a horse today. ♪ This is our life ♪ ♪ This is our fun ♪ ♪ This is who we are. ♪ ♪ This is our dream ♪ ♪ This is our team ♪ ♪ Shot among the stars. ♪ ♪ Take this shield and you’ll be fine. ♪ ♪ Take this hand and watch us shine. ♪ ♪ This is our life. ♪ ♪ Let’s live it. ♪ ♪ Live it forever! ♪ Good morning – Morning. (chuckles) We are up and about today. And it is school day, huh, Ollie? – Yeah, it’s share day. – It is actually share
day and the letter is. – Iron Man! – (giggles) It’s Iron Man, it’s I. So, we found Iron Man, huh? – Yeah. – It’s gonna be a really really cool day. Hopefully, we’ll see. But I’m dropping him off and I’m late. Six minutes late and I’m
like, I hate being late. But I was like running
out of this house like, “Guys, I’m so late!” And I woke up on time even. I must’ve spent too much
time like getting ready, I don’t know. But, we’re off to school. It’ll be fine, they don’t
usually start til like nine-ish. School technically starts at 8:30. Alright, you ready? – Yeah.
– ‘Kay. You guys I feel like a terrible mom. As you guys know it is
not ever very cold here, in California, and especially this winter. I mean, it’s basically been
80s almost every single day. And we’ve been in Vegas
the past couple days. And it has been a tad chillier. And I did not bring Ollie a jacket. Ugh, he was like, “Mom,
it’s really cold out.” And I’m like, “Oh, shoot
it’s like 50 degrees.” So, I stopped to get me a little food. I’m gonna have to run
home and grab him a jacket ’cause it is pretty cold out. And I would hate for him
to be like playing outside for like lunch or break and
be like shaking. (laughs) He’s good now ’cause he’s in the classroom and it’s warm in there. And they only go out for
like break (soft clatter) around noon so I’m gonna
run home, get him a jacket, and then he won’t be so cold and I won’t feel like such
a terrible mom. (chuckles) Alright, got the jacket and we’re off. – Yes. – Well, you’re gonna stay
here with Daddy, ‘kay? – No. – Oh, I gotta bring a jacket
to Ollie, Daddy’s here. – Finn, come ‘ere, come ‘ere. – Dad! – (laughs) He’s like oh yeah. – Come ‘ere, come ‘ere
(chuckles manically) Wanna hang out with me? – Yeah.
– Yeah? – He’s like, “Alright,
that sounds fun, alright.” – Yay.
– You have fun, ‘kay? – Kay. – I have got my mom now and we are headed to visit a horse that I think I’m getting. So, you guys saw him the other day and I really, really love him. I think he is a great,
great option for me. And my mom feels good too. That always makes me feel good. (laughs) And so, he has a vet check right now. So, we’re gonna go do that. I’m really hoping everything’s okay but I am okay if the vet is like, if he were to say something, like, I will be okay if I have to
like keep on with the search. But I am really, really
hoping that he’s the one, I’ve got everything set, the
stall’s all ready for him. And I’m ready for him, oh my gosh, I’m so ready to have my horse. So, if everything goes good,
I’m getting a horse today. I guess you guys probably know
at this point if I got him because it would be like the thumbnail and title probably. (giggles) So, let me know if I get him. But, yeah, I’m really excited
and we’re headed there now. Hopefully, he’s healthy
and everything’s good. – Hello, guys, while Missy is out finding her horse I
wanted to give you guys an update on our entertainment center. ‘Cause we had it finished
and I know a lot of you are wondering what else
we are going to do to it. So I am here to reveal to you (Finn babbles) the updated version. So basically, we mat… (laughs) Finn is very excited about this, huh? (cute babbling, Bryan chuckles) So basically, we matched
the wood behind the TV to match the fireplace and then I even put a light behind the TV. And I think it looks so good. It finally just looks done. (upbeat country music) – I think this is it, I
think I’m gonna get him. I mean, I keep saying I think because… – [Mom] You’re getting him. – I’m getting him, okay? – [Mom] Yeah. – He’s like so sweet, he
passed all his vet checks. He looks great and I’m so excited. My mom’s giving him treats. At least he has love in him. (laughs) It’s gonna be so fun. He did get a little beat up
in the pasture the other day. He’s gonna be a really fun horse for the boys to like grow up with. (giggles) He likes to lick too. (laughs) It’s that funny? Alright, he’s mine. (horse neighs) He’s going home. (Misty chuckles) Alright, I’ll see you when we get there. I just bought a horse you
guys, I’m freaking out. I can’t believe this,
I just bought a horse. You guys don’t know his name yet and I’ll probably share
a lot more about him. And I’m just like so excited. But, we’re going home now. I will probably stop by and
just grab a few things for him. But I’ve already bought
quite a few things. I’m just so excited. I can’t believe I got a horse. (calming music) – So we are all so excited,
we are now here at the ranch. And we are going to met Missy’s horse. Well, I’m going to meet Missy’s
horse for the first time and I’m so excited. Hey Billy. (chuckles) (calming music) Alright, let’s meet Missy’s new horse. (Missy imitates reveal) He is beautiful. Hi, what’s up dude? Also, I’m holding a bag of
treats and he’s like hey. This is awesome babe, you found the horse. – I know. – On Christmas morning,
I gave Missy a job to do. Okay. What is it? – Oh my goodness, what is
this, what does this mean? – It’s a horse bridle. (Missy mumbling) Okay, I didn’t give her a
present, I gave her a job. And she has been working hard. And she found him so this
is her beautiful horse. Oh yeah, and this is
where he’ll be staying. You wanna show them? – [Bryan] Yeah, so he’s
got his own little pen. He’s got Wally to keep him company and Billy the goat as well. This is where he’ll be staying though. So, he’s got an indoor
area that’s covered. And then we also have outside area too. – Here I can close this. – [Bryan] Okay. Let’s take him out. – I love that he has an indoor
stall and an outdoor stall. And of course they get turned
out everyday to go play. – [Bryan] Yeah. – You wanna go walk around? Let’s go walk around. – Let’s go buddy. (calming music) Babe, I got you a horse. (laughs) – I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. – [Bryan] It’s like all her dreams are coming true right now. (Bryan laughs) (calming music) – Look so good. – [Bryan] I know, what do you
think of Momma’s new horse? – Good. – [Bryan] He’s cute, huh, Finn? – [Finn] Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah. – This is Nacho, that’s his name, I think I wanna come
up with a second name, like Nacho something. – [Bryan] Yeah, ’cause
he’s only got one name. – Yeah, he’s just got one name. He is an appendix, which is basically, a half quarter
horse and half thoroughbred which is kind of cool because
I was really looking for quarter horse there a great
option for your first horse. They just have a really good mind. But, he’s got the beauty of a thoroughbred which is just kind of tall and lengthy, kind of a narrower. He’s really, really just a beautiful horse but he definitely has the
mind of a quarter horse. Which is really, really
important when you’re a beginner. He’s about 12 years old, he’s not old but he’s at a good age where he’s not like dumb and stupid or young and stupid. He’s like a little older,
been there, done that. – [Bryan] Yeah. (chuckles) – That’s good, when you’re
looking for a beginner horse. He’s just a really great trail horse (Nacho neighs) – [Bryan] Oh ho ho. (laughs) – He’s been jumping, so he can do like up to three feet jumps. I’m not doing that right
now but just good to know. – [Bryan] He also just
said hi to everyone. – Yes, look at that. – [Bryan] Excited to meet you
Nacho, welcome to the family. He’s beautiful babe. – Yeah, I’m really excited
’cause he’s gonna live… What? Hang on. He’s gonna live here but he’s
very close so I can see him. He’s a perfect, you know, just sense of ways that I
can really get accustomed and really learn all I
need to know about horses. Before we end up actually, probably, bringing horses onto our property. – [Bryan] Yeah.
– So, this is a great start. I’ve got really great friends here now. That honestly, I mean, I plan to ride him as much as possible. Two, three times a day. (Nacho neighs) – [Bryan] Okay, okay. (laughs) But I got friends that will ride him, anytime here, that are here. – Yeah, that is so cool. Well, he’s definitely got a lot to say. So, what are you gonna do now babe? – I definitely wanna see
if my saddle fits him. – [Bryan] Okay.
– I wanna put the boys on him. – [Bryan] Totally, lets get some pictures. (calming music) (Oliver whines, Bryan chuckles) He’s tryna give you a kiss. Aw. (calming music) So, this is the saddle Missy got today. – Yeah, so it’s like an all black. It’s actually not leather which I like because it’s a little more flexible. – [Bryan] Yeah. – The seat is super
squishy and comfortable. – [Bryan] Ooh. – So, I’m really excited about that. (Bryan chuckles) (inspirational music) – [Bryan] That is a good
looking horse babe. (chuckles) (inspirational music) Alright, you are such a good boy, Nacho, here’s a little treat. (chuckles) Missy’s brushing his tail. He’s gonna be so spoiled. Whoa! He’s getting a simulation. This horse behind him is
like, “Hey, you can ride me.” – Oh, that’s it, alright, come on. – [Bryan] All done. (Finn whines) – [Woman] Very soft. – [Bryan] (laughs) He’s
cleaning your hands. (laughs) Nacho is a licker you guys. Alright, he’s in his stall, he’s got a little bit
of food and we are… – [Missy] You like that name? – [Bryan] Yeah, wrapping him up. (laughs) – I wanna take him home. – [Bryan] I know, first night, he’s gotta adjust to a lot
of new stuff, you know. – Yeah, but he’s so like
cool with everything. As long their sweet. He was in the pastor
before with another horse that wasn’t let him really
eat, picking on him. He’s got a couple little marks on him. So, I think he’s a lot happier now. I think he’ll be happy. – [Bryan] Yes. Because you’re going to spoil
him and love him. (laughs) – I know, I like blew so much
stuff the last few weeks. – [Bryan] Yeah. (laughs) Maria, this is your horse? – Yes.
– [Bryan] So, who’s this? – This is Asher. Very dirty, I’m sorry. – [Bryan] Aw. – On camera. This is what we look like after rain. – [Bryan] Yeah. (Bryan
chuckles, Maria laughs) So, you got him Christmas
morning too, huh? – Yep, I sure I did. – Hi. – [Maria] It was a big surprise. He came with a big red bow. – Aw. I wasn’t allowed to buy
you a horse. (laughs) (Missy mumbles) (Bryan laughs) I wanted the horse to fill out but it’s okay, she found a good one. (inspiration music) Hi Nacho. So this is his little
outdoor space that he has. (Missy chuckles) He is spoiled babe. (chuckles) – He’s gonna love it especially ’cause he’s just been in a
pasture, kinda picked on. He gets his own little space and food. – [Bryan] Food, he gets to
eat all the food he wants. (inspirational music) – Alright, boys are all ready for bed. They took their vitamins,
they brushed their teeth. They got their jammies
on, their hair is brushed. You guys look so cute. And their picking out the books they want. Oh, looks like we left a couple
Christmas books in there. And Luna’s over here being so cute, just watching over them
while they get ready for bed. Today was like such an awesome day. I’m so happy, I’m excited
for the future too. Like, today was great but I’m excited to really get to know him and bond with him. It’s just such an
exciting time in my life, like it’s just seriously dream come true. And I feel like, I feel really great about the decisions that I’m making. I feel like I’ve done a
really good job at like making a good decision on it and going about it in a good way. That I’m not like being
too rash or too hasty. I feel like, something that my mom’s pointed out a couple times to me. Is that, sometimes when you have like, you’re just getting like training done. And this is how it’s been
in the past few years whenever I’ve been with horses, I tend to be a little
uncomfortable around them. Because it’s not my horse
and it’s like, you know, it’s like if you were to tell another parents kid what to do. Like, it’s not my kid so I have a hard time like telling them what to do. So now I’m excited, like I already feel so
much more comfortable. (Finn cries) I can grab my horse and say, “Come over here, we’re going this way.” And I don’t have to worry that like the owner (Finn yells) is not coming back. So, yeah, I just, I already
feel like so much better. And I’m just excited. I’m excited about the boarding
place that we’ve chosen. I’m so thrilled and excited about the people I’ve met through them. And just became like friends with. (loud bang, smack) Oh my goodness. And I’m excited for what they can teach me and moving forward and one day, you know, I’ll have them on my property. But I think I’ll always have a very close relationship with this place. Because I do travel a lot
and so I want them to feel (distorted audio)
comfortable at both places. So yeah, I’m just so excited,
this is so, so, so fun. I’m so excited for my boys
to grow up with horses. (kisses) Huh? – Yeah. – You excited to ride the horsey? – Yeah. – Alright, we’re gonna go
ahead and end the video. These kids are definitely done. So, make sure you give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Hey Ollie, thumbs up, thumbs up. And we will see you guys, tomorrow. – Ooh. – [Missy] Bye. – [Finn] Bye. (electronic music)

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