How to replace ignition coil on VW POLO 4 (9N3) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Required tools: Torx bit T30 High-temperature anti-seize lubricant Electronic spray Flat screwdriver Torque wrench Fender cover Ignition coil removal tool 1. Disconnect the breather hose. Raise the positive crankcase ventilation hose. 2. Undo the engine cover screws (4 pieces). 3. Remove the engine cover. Use Torx T30. 4. Undo the Continue Reading

How to Train a Horse to Stop & Back Up – Basics of sliding stop for reining or cutting

Hi, I’m Larry Trocha:  We’re going to go through some techniques here for stopping your horse that work really well for me. It’s not the only way to do it but it’s a good way, and it works well for me. When we ask our horse to stop, I want Continue Reading

Equus Kör // REINING stílus-erő-elegancia az EquiWal főtámogatásával

Equus Core represents, sponsored by Equiwal: Reining. Style, power, elegance! What is Reining exactly? Besides the more traditional English disciplines, we are presented more and more often with the Western style disciplines nowadays in Hungary. Out of a broad list of Western disciplines, one of the most exciting and popular Continue Reading

VW Polo 6C | BiXenon // Mercekli Far (Demon Eyes)

How to replace the air filter POLO 5 1.6 TDI💨

Turn your engine off, pull up the hand brake, pull on the bonnet release lever and open the bonnet. You should now be able to easily see the airbox to change the filter. Remove the two holding bars for the air pressure hoses located on the side of the airbox. Continue Reading

Extreme Cold on the Ranch

hi I’m Mike our first real winter storm is on the way and we’re expecting temperatures down into the low teens over the next few days and anywhere from a couple inches of snow to a foot so really we aren’t quite ready for it and today we’re going to Continue Reading

S. Korea, U.S. reaffirm alliance at lunch at Cheong Wa Dae

Come Saturday Korea will hold spectacular events to honor those who put their lives on the line to protect the nation. So it was fitting that President Park Geun-hye invited U.S. Forces Korea’s commander to the top office for lunch. She expressed appreciation for the strong alliance between the two Continue Reading

Pope Francis offers stinging rebuke of Vatican bureaucracy 교황 “교황청 관리 ′영적

In a pre-Christmas address,… Pope Francis delivered a stinging rebuke of the Vatican′s bureaucracy, saying it had been infected with greed, “spiritual Alzheimer′s” and “the terrorism of gossip.” It′s yet another sign that the pope is being met with opposition from within the church as he pushes for reforms. Ji Continue Reading

Martin Ranch Performance Horses | Ram 3500

(gentle music) – My family’s been farming for at least five generations since the 1800s and before that, my ancestors were farmers in Switzerland, so, farming and ranching and horses are in my blood. The Martin Ranch Performance Horses is a professional training facility and we provide top-of-the-line training and Continue Reading