okay all hi YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and I am a wheel addict I’m with Moe and Moe is going to be the cameraman Moe more word set at my skate shop for now just on weekends but from January inescapable open six days a week nine to Continue Reading

Horror Short Film | Girls On Ice

-(announcer) Cali Johnson is an eager young figure skater who’s tired of coming in second place. But she’s about to learn that it takes more than just talent to succeed. BlackBoxTV Presents: Girls on Ice. [big-band music playing] -(coach) All right, Cali, nice. Keep working on the layback spins. -Thanks, Continue Reading

Free Skates – 10 Tricks Intermédiaires – 10 Intermediate Tricks (English subtitles)

Hi everyone ! Today we will see a tutorial about 10 intermediate tricks on free skates It’s the second video of a four video series which includes the main tricks on free skates. I advise you to know the basic tricks, before learning the tricks that follow. Here are the Continue Reading

[VLOG] Autumn 2019 l Skating in Our Neighborhood, Halloween Desserts at Starbucks and more!

Autumn days in 2019… The colors changing in our neighborhood park We were on our skates and bikes to see a little fair in our neighborhood. A little game I used to play when I was little 🙂 Me: Open it and see what it says. Yubin: Sonyoodo? Volunteer: Sonyoodo, Continue Reading