Pakistan The Galiyat! Dunga and Nathia Galis

Pakistan The Galiyat! Dunga and Nathia Galis

[Heart beating] [Panting] [Snow leaopard roaring!] While I’m trekking here You’re sitting, comfortably, wherever you are On you’re mobiles! Watching this, huh? Come, get yourself over here Experience for yourself Nothing like [Heart beating] [Panting] The blood pumping through your veins Here it’s probably 18 degrees (celsius) And the views! Wah Pakistan! Let’s go back to the start of the day… We started the day with a hearty breakfast at our Islamabad
guest house…. We have a 2 ½ hour scenic journey ahead of us, 75km NE of
Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital City There, we’ll find Dunga Gali, Nathia Gali and Mushkpuri Peak So let’s get going… The Galiyat in the poetic Urdu language is plural for
Gali, meaning passage through lush green valleys, which are covered with forests
of pine, cedar, oak, walnut and maple There are two major roads heading towards the Galiyat This, the Islamabad-Murree Expressway… And this, the even more scenic, albeit slightly longer,
Kashmir Highway There are a lot of Galiyat, from Kala Gali to Ghora Gali to the most popular and scenic Dunga Gali and Nathia Gali,
where we are headed These lie at an elevation of 2,400m, or 8,000ft and are very popular with tourists during the summer months As we travelled higher up the mountain, the air got cooler and we were lucky enough to see snow in April! And many pop up stalls with great gift ideas along the
journey! This, the Shaheen, or Majestic, Falcon is native to South
Asia, and holds a very special place in Pakistani culture Often featured in the poetry of the Intellectual and
Spiritual founding Father of Pakistan,
Dr. Allama Iqbal A Cambridge graduate who also completed his Docorate in
Munich, before the 1st World War So, we finally arrived in Dunga Gali And checked into the cosy Wood’s Dale Country House Hmmmm, there’s nothing like a hot cup of chai to make you
feel at home 🙂 After a quick breather, we decided to go to Nathia Gali,
just 10 minutes away For their famous Pataka (explosive) Chicken! Let’s check it out… Yes, the oil looks a little dark but I’ve never seen anyone so proud of their chicken! Just look at that smile! Rain and hail stones! So, now that we’re well fed, it’s time for some shopping! And this store in Nathia Gali has a huge selection of bags
and accessories to cater for all tastes! We bought about 25 bags as gifts for family and friends! And prices varied from $1 up to $25 This whole selection is decorated with real wood! Very nice! This is totally handmade It’s pure wool This patterns name is Koonj Shadow work This is totally handmade I’ll include details of this and all other retailers in the
description below And so is this man! He’s very good [Laughter] Feel free to reach out to them There’s nothing in it for me except that it may benefit the
local people The sun is setting the call to prayer sounds it’s time to pray have some dinner and get some rest We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow Ooooh, Paratha! Dr. Diana, being an educationalist, wanted to visit the
local school… So, off we went… So, they normally have their assembly outside But, obviously there’s so much snow! He has asked for the rest of the children to come A 2 minute walk from Wood’s Dale, you’ll find the entrance
to Ayubia National Park And an education centre with animals and a video room,
great for children Oh, and did I forget to mention this white leopard, is
native to the Himalaya But don’t worry, they are very shy and rarely come down below 5,000 meters Ayubia National Park Beautiful, very beautiful! Unfortunately we couldn’t go any further because of all the snow in April So I came back in June to continue the journey up to Mushkpuri Top A lot of people on the mountain here I’m struggling, wooo! Very nice! Get the blood pumping We’ve got a long way to go yet I see now why we couldn’t hike this route during the snowy season An hour and a half of wonderful scenery and fresh air and we are here, at Mushkpuri Top! Is it worth it? Yes! Of course it’s worth it! Every step! A storm was brewing, so I had to land the drone immediately I just love the sound, the power of nature! This is how we make chai on top of Mushkpuri This is Sardar Liaqat He has been a local guide
here for 17 years and knows this area like no other A huge thank you to him and others Who have been safely guiding countless tourists through the Galiyat, for many years This is Siyal Khan a musician and student of political
science from Peshawar, KPK Here he’s playing the Rubab, known to the Afghans as the
Lion of Instruments Attested from the 7th Century, and played with passion in
Afghanistan Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Tajikistan,
Uzbekistan and Western China Each pluck of the string, moves the soul,
so I’m sharing it here with you Enjoy!

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