Papakits Liloan Cebu (2019)

Papakits Liloan Cebu (2019)

Oh, hehehe, Where you going? All right, he want to eat. He don’t want to ride. He want to eat.[Intro music playing] All right Rocky quit acting a fool. Stay tuned [Music Playing] [Backgound music Playing] Okay, Lisa D is on the horsey. She’s got a white horse it’s a female horse. And that’s my horse right there oh It’s a male. It’s a male horse? That’s female? That’s a male. Okay, he’s got a brand on him. What’s that brand? That’s an H. Is that a K?. It looks like a K. Hey, what’s this horse named? Rocky? Hi, Rocky Hi Rocky. How are you? All right, Rocky. I want you to be good. heheh, whooo Alright OOP Alright , rocky. Rocky don’t move, Don’t move, please. Okay. All right. I’m on rocky. And rocky is doing pretty good so far Me and rocky, me and Rocky’s. All right. Yeah, Rocky’s good. It’s a good horse. I like it LisaD’s back there. Huh, oh, yeah They know the path. They know where to walk. Come on Rocky. Rocky, Rocky… Horse handler: Hungry. BobbieD: oh he’s hungry? Horse handler: Balance Oh, hehehe, Where you going? Alright He wanna eat. He don’t wanna ride. he wanna eat. Alright Rocky quit acting a fool. [New Hip Hop Background music playing] [People laughing and playing] [sceaming on zipline] [New hip hop music playing] [New music palying] Question for the day. What’s your best park to have fun with friends and family in the Philippines? Leave your comments for me the comments section of this video And as always remember to Like share and subscribe This is BobbieD saying take care God Bless and Peace! A owering presence Run like the wind Be a king or a queen Life in the Philippines

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  1. QFTD: What's your favorite park to have fun with family and friends in the Philippines? Leave your comments for me in the comments section of this video. And remember to like share and subscribe. Subscribe to our channel here:

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  3. Nice video BobbieD and LisaD. Looks like you guys had fun. BobbieD next time make sure Rocky eats before he takes you for a ride. LOL!!

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