PARIS DAY TRIP TO FONTAINEBLEAU | One of the best day trips from Paris 👌

PARIS DAY TRIP TO FONTAINEBLEAU | One of the best day trips from Paris 👌

Salut youtube! today we are doing a day
trip in Fontainebleau. I just wanted to vlog it today because
it’s a really easy day trip that you can do from Paris if you want the exact
details like which train to take all of that kind of jazz I will put it down in
the description box below so that you can check that out but I just wanted to
show to you how easy it is to get out of the city and go somewhere completely
different and spend an awesome day out with castles and the forest and a really
beautiful little Township. If you guys like these types of videos
and you want to see more day trips more of my day-to-day life around Paris what
I get up to on the weekends hit the like button down below or leave me a comment
and until then I’ll see you guys in the next video, à bientôt!

51 thoughts on “PARIS DAY TRIP TO FONTAINEBLEAU | One of the best day trips from Paris 👌

  1. Très joli Vlog mademoiselle Rosie future Duchesse de Fontainebleau et les plans avec le drône c'est top mais 5 minutes ça passe trop vite 🙁
    – Le plus poétique des châteaux c'est celui de Chenonceau,
    – Le plus beau des jardins et potager c'est celui de Villandry,
    – Le plus féerique c'est celui de Pierrefonds,
    – Le plus raffiné c'est celui de Fontainebleau,
    – Le plus Classique c'est celui de Vaux-le-Vicomte,
    – Le plus "dessiné" (Tintin, Château de Moulinsart) c'est celui de Cheverny,
    – Le plus élégant qui sera connu pour ses prisonniers célèbres c'est celui de Saumur,
    – Le plus vaste c'est celui de Chambord,
    – Le plus haut c'est celui de Vincennes,
    – Le plus perché c'est celui du Haut-Kœnigsbourg,
    – Le plus médiéval c'est celui de Carcassonne,
    – Et le plus Royal c'est Versailles!

  2. Thanks for this lovely and informative video. Everyone always takes day trips to Versailles. I didn’t realize Fontainebleau was also accessible.

  3. Hello !
    Rosie you were right next to where I live! My wife works every day in Paris (35 min by train) and I work a lot in home office (once a week at the office in Paris). It's a choice we made. This allows us to live better in harmony with nature, in a house on a large lot (impossible in Paris).
    Very nice video !

  4. Oh this is making me so home sick ! J'ai grandi à côté de Fontainebleau (à Bois-le Roi, l'arrêt juste avant Fontainebleau-Avon, sur la même ligne de train). J'ai été au lycée à Avon et on passait tous nos mercredis après-midis dans le parc du château… Plus petite, mon père m'a appris à grimper sur les rochers de la forêt de Fontainebleau. Maintenant ça fait plus de 10 ans que j'habite à Sydney en Australie ! And we're somehow going to move to NZ sometime in the future…
    Fun fact: you do 4 'bises' there whereas 60km away, in Paris, it's only 2 ! That never made me arrive on time at a party but, boy, I hated it !
    Love your videos btw 😉

  5. This was our FAVORITE video!!! Yiiipppeeeeee You got a drone 🤗. The video of you resting and riding your bike in the Forrest was our favorite bit. Ooooh a picnic would have been delightful. The ice cream was our second favorite bit. The castle outside was our third favorite bit. The inside was amazing. And overwhelming. Oooh your cute lovely skit walking up the stairs of the castle 🤗Lovely lovely lovely. Thank you for taking us on your adventure ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🥂

  6. Bonjour je viens de découvrir votre chaine j avais une question pour vous esque vous savez parler français couramment ?

  7. Is it possible to add a translate below the French comments so we can read what lovely things the other people are saying? I actually saw this on another persons You Tube site below the comments, and it was wonderful to see what other people were thinking. Love your site.

  8. Coucou Rosie
    Oui pour d'autres vlog trip. Les vues avec le drone c'était cool. Le chateau est immense 😍😍. Bizzzz

  9. You forgot to explain that Fontainebleau castle was built from François I (Renaissance) to Napoléon I (First Empire). It was the favourite castle of the emperor and his memory is everywhere there. It is said to be the second most beautiful castle in France after Versailles. The forest is absolutly stunning because of its rocks, sand and remarquable trees. Everything reminds you it was a see a long, long time ago.

  10. Toujours émerveillée par le patrimoine culturelle Français ? ^^ D'ailleurs c'est vrai que ca doit faire bizarre lorsque l'on vient d'un pays si récent .

  11. Tres joli! I can't wait to to go, thank you for the sights, well done video especially when using the drone 👍

  12. I loved this video so much :-))) This castle is amazing …………. I don't find words to describe it.
    I would love to see videos from your day trips. The more, the better 😉

  13. Wow, you visited my neck of the woods! For anyone who's visiting Fontainebleau and have a little extra time to spend I would recommend visiting Moret sur Loing which is just a mere 10 kilometers away. It's a lovely medieval village and impressionist painters like Alfred Sisley loved it. It's the next station on the same train line used to visit Fontainebleau, so that's an option. Also the forest all around Fontainebleau is visited daily by dozens of rock climbers from across Europe. Tons and tons of hiking trails in a gorgeous landscape.

  14. Haha I currently live here for an internship! The "lunch break" part is literally my morning commute. Thanks for bringing new tourists to us 😜

    A good tip for potential tourists: If going through boutiques at noon isn't your thing (especially with the scathing heat we're experiencing right now), take bus line 208 at Cour des Adieux (right in front of the Château entrance), get off at Division Leclerc in Moret-sur-Loing, cross the bridge and turn left at the second crossing, stop at "Mille et Une Glaces". Best ice cream in the area. Then go back to the bridge and find a spot near the river to sunbathe, admire the view that inspired the best impressionists, or even jump in the water and go for a swim. I spend nearly all my lunch breaks there. It's almost like I'm on vacation every day 😉

  15. Well..if you are into castle… cute city and peaceful forest…a 45 mn train ride from gare du Nord will take you to Compiègne.. perfect for day or weekend trip

  16. Magnifique ! I was just recently in Paris and now I'm kicking myself for not having taken a trip to Fontainebleau

  17. I learn so much about french culture from your amazing videos.
    However, I still have to learn french and then the pack is complete 🙂

  18. Magnifique vidéo tournée dans de superbes décors. Je suis pour ce genre de vidéo à 100%.
    Merci Rosie de nous faire voyager et rêver.
    Bisous amicaux et " à bientôt "

  19. il y a aussi une petite ville sympatrique a visité deux station après fontainebleau il s'agit de Moret Sur Loing.

  20. I like this kind if video from you but I would prefer more narration/comments from you to hear your perspective rather than just the visuals alone–thanks!!

  21. That stairs when napoleon speek to his old guard ( i visited fontainebleau 2 month ago i'm french, there wasn't 2 chair near the napoleon throne, i wanted so much to sit here but forbidden))

  22. Plein de souvenir
    Je me souvient que lorsque j'étais petit j'allais souvent passer après-midi a Fontainebleau a grimper sur les rochers et a jouer a cache cache dans la forêt

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