Passeggiate a CAVALLO ne Le Isole di Tahiti [ENG subs]

Passeggiate a CAVALLO ne Le Isole di Tahiti [ENG subs]

“HORSEBACK riding on The Islands of Tahiti” Horseback Riding Hi everyone! We’re Giorgio and Martina and we’re discovering the Islands of Tahiti with Air Tahiti Nui Today we’re in Tahiti, exactly in the smaller part, Tahiti Iti, why? Because we’re going to horseback riding. There are many ways to explore the inland, but today we go with these beauuutiful animals! Let’s go! Going horseback riding, you don’t cover long distance as you would by car, but the bond with the nature is definitely different. This kind of ride is not to take sensational photos of breath-taking panomaras, but to experience nature in a more direct and personal way, to get embraced by the places we are visiting. Although this ride has some look out points, the focus is the nature on a smaller and closer scale, on the changes of the areas you pass through, and the different sensations that can give you the shadow of a dense wood, or the wind blowing on a grassy hill, or, also, the caress of plants along a narrow path. And, cradled by the pace of our horses, we discover the many microcosms that constitute the inland of Tahiti. Here we are, back from the ride, have you seen how different the landscapes are from the typical Polynesian ones?! – Very nice!
– It licked me! The horse loves you! So, if you like horses, you can’t miss this experience! Also ’cause you can see different landscapes, more in the woods etc, very unique and nice! That’s all for this video! Stay tuned! Bye!

7 thoughts on “Passeggiate a CAVALLO ne Le Isole di Tahiti [ENG subs]

  1. Deve esser stato bellissimo poter esplorare la natura in quel modo così poco usuale!
    Belle le riprese e soprattutto il commento: bravi!

  2. Ciao ragazzi! Belli questi video su Tahiti… fate venire una voglia! Corro a vedere (e mettere like) sugli altri. Se vi capita passate sul nostro canale abbiamo appena iniziato i viaggi all'insegna del Glute Free (e ci potete ben capire…) e mi piacerebbe un vostro parere! Luca

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