Pen Riders – The Feedlot Cowboys

Pen Riders – The Feedlot Cowboys

I take a lot of pride in my job and my
job is keeping cattle healthy I know these cattle they’re here they’re
healthy and they’re comfortable because somebody on this staff has individually
checked them every single day and sometimes twice a day 365 days a
year we’re here at the first line of defense to make sure everybody’s healthy
and comfortable we’re not focused on anything else is just their health
stress it’s a big factor in their health the stress I can limit is how fast I
move through them and how much I disturb their daily routine.
There’s always an old saying that slow is fast and the slower you go through
things the quicker you’re gonna see what you need to see and then you can be out
of there and leave them alone and then go on with their day. There’s a shade
over 17,000 head of cattle in here that we check every single day. There might be
3 or 4 out of 17,000 that day that get doctored. We want to provide a
safe, cost-friendly product just like everybody else. I’d like to think that
if somebody orders a steak somewhere and they enjoy it, that I
had a part in that. I’m probably gonna order that same steak somewhere too.

11 thoughts on “Pen Riders – The Feedlot Cowboys

  1. Great video! We are thankful to have well-qualified and passionate pen riders, such as the one seen here, at our feedyards to look after our cattle every day!

  2. And it’s amazing how a sick calf will Kinda perk up if you disturb them by moving through to fast and you can miss them if you are not careful

  3. Hey that's tiffany cattle company.. shawn tiffany is one of the owners.. I've met him and some of his other guys… nice guys…

  4. It is also dangerous work. I had a friend killed in a Kansas feed lot. You cowboys got a tip of the Stetson from me. I like a little more room to ride the herd.

  5. You know you always see videos of feed lots and BIG cow/calf producers. I would like to remind everyone that its the small mom and pop farms and ranches that make these guys what they are not 17000 head feed lots or a 2500 head cow calf ranch. I guess what im saying is I would like to see videos of the small guys u know 25 to 40 head of mommas and have to jobs. I think that's what's really being over looked in today's cattle world.

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