PETA Calls For Horse Racing Reform

PETA Calls For Horse Racing Reform

horse-racing has come under fire in recent months with the deaths of multiple horses at Santa Anita racetrack in California now officials with PETA say they are putting Kentucky racetracks on notice and they want changes to the industry lex18 Zeldin or buckley has that story plus reaction from Keeneland the eyes of America are on the state of Kentucky and they’re certainly on the possibility of break down or the euthanization of horses after a catastrophic fall it’s been talked about most notably in Santa Anita where 23 horses have already been euthanized at the track since December Keeneland is also under scrutiny from animal welfare groups like PETA after a horse was injured and put down during Saturday’s Madison Stakes Pete officials say they are putting Kentucky race tracks on notice and calling for major changes including banning old medications we know that 90% of broken bones in horses occur at the site of a pre-existing injury so somehow horses are being medicated to cover up that injury intentionally or unintentionally Keeneland officials agree and say they are willing to do whatever is best for the horses including stricter and more unified laws surrounding the use of medications take this moment in time to advance and have an urgency to some reforms in the next we have felt strongly about for you medication is one of those so we support those owners Pete officials say they are also looking towards Churchill Downs and the upcoming Kentucky Derby they plan to be at a shareholders meeting later this month to question executives about track safety but do not have any protests currently planned covering the news in Lexington Eleanor Buckley lex18 news

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  1. PETA kills over 85% of the animals they take in… Which means statistically, horses are far better off at the track then any rescue operated by this organization.

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