Petting, hugging and kissing Horses… be careful because for them it has another meaning

Petting, hugging and kissing Horses… be careful because for them it has another meaning

Petting horses Many people and especially women Like to like to pet horses. And I know, and I also think, it’s very nice to do so it’s very nice to tell your horse that he He’s a nice guy that he is doing fine and brushing, of course it’s also very high social contact. But there are few places This is a male horse, he is a full stallion. There are a few places where you have to be very careful and I want to point you some places on the body of a stallion. of a horse, a male horse which is good and which is not good ok first we’re going to in the the head of the horse I’m asking him up because he’s eating please. ok here is my friend. Many many people touch the nose they want to grab the nose as if it is a toy for us. Its really true. They use their nose for smelling. Breathing and smelling are one of the most important things. When big animals try to kill a horse they will grab the nose, until a horse is not breathing anymore Perhaps you saw Lions catch an Antelope or something they will climb on the on the back. But for horses they get the animal take their nose and then they stop breathing So somehow instinctual he doesn’t know anything about Wolves or Lions or whatever, but if we’ll meet one, he will definitely know that that’s dangerous Now he’s smelling you see. For many people, that behavior is an invitation to touch his nose It isn’t What are good places for him for and That goes for each horse, not only male horses. The neck. If you pet a horse Soft strong, but soft, here then you give him strength Some people touch horses like this… I’m going to do it like this then I get the chance to be bitten. Why? Because he knows about emotions. Horses respond on our emotions. And when I’m afraid I will do it like this. He knows me so he’ll not respond like that. But when I’m afraid I should NOT touch an animal. The person who is afraid is the one who gets bitten! If you’re not afraid of your strong, if you’re powerful if you’re next to, whatever horse there is. Then nothing will happen Okay let’s go in. So the head. And I have showed it before some some time ago. Between the ears where the brains are those are the good places. I would . rather like you to cooperate. He doesn’t know that I am videotaping. Otherwise he is the guy that would definitely cooperate. Asking him to come. Of course horses are horses and they will behave like horses no matter if you might take ten videos or whatever. I’m going to to get him the other way No, no …. okay This was the end of the tape. No, he will come back, I know him. Because he is curious. Here we have the head. This a place to smell Be careful when you let a horse smell That was the place to smell. The ears, and I noticed that horses who are insecure have trouble when you touch the ears. A horse that’s insecure, and his ears are of course also a very vital part of the horse. If you’re petting a horse and you do it here , then for him it’s for him it’s really nice it’s a nice place to be touched. And I always give them power. First of all it’s a little bit like like showing my muscles, and showing him that I’m pretty strong I’m not only smart but I’m also strong We know of course that he’s far more strong than I am, but that’s nothing to discuss about when it comes to him and me. The next place is the shoulder. The shoulder is a very nice place for horses to be touched. It’s a very nice place this place the, the… this part, and I don’t know the English word. There must be a word for it, where the saddle is laying (Edit: withers) But please, and I see many people trigger these reflections. (edit: Reflexes) They do this then the most starts to bite in the air. For horses A touch is very important! It’s a very important thing. It has a meaning. If you spoil the natural behavior by causing this reflex all the time. Because YOU like it Filly’s (edit: and foals) do it. He is 7 so he is not responding any more on this. Besides nobody taught him that when you do this, he has to bite in the air. It’s a reflex, and I would respect a horse Let’s say it’s the same as when you sitting like this, with your knee and somebody is doing this all the time. Perhaps you will like it 2 times 3 times . But I’m pretty sure that after 7 times you’ll say: ‘Would you mind to stop it’. The other one is trying to reach something, but can’t reach it. O.k. these are the places where you hold your brush When you’re riding of course this place is very important to clean properly. Don’t forget the place under the belly Because this is where the girth is going so this is a very important place Because he sweats there and if there is dirt underneath, he can get himself into trouble. I see a lot of women petting this place, and I’m going to show you in between the legs. And my male watchers will recognize the movement of I don’t know masturbating I think it’s Its masturbating. When you’re touching this part it’s the same as masturbating because this is erotic part for for a horse. It’s a part where he when he when he is having sex with the mare, this is the part that gets stimulated. So if especially when you’re a woman, if you are activating this part Many many women just look around Many women like it. And I’m doing it on purpose to show you. I don’t say I NEVER touch that part, of course I touch it with brushing. But I’m very careful because I know which which value it has. (For him) Now you can see I don’t know if you can see it t He’s indeed responding little bit ‘erotical’ because it’s exactly the same. I’m always careful with the back. It’s exactly the same as stimulating the penis. You see what happens. Thank you for cooperating. It makes sense. Why did he lift his leg? Probably because he wants to retire his erection. (Edit: redraw?) The ass, the back, the hindquarters This is a place where you can do everything . They like it, they like it a lot, it’s like on the back Use it with brushing. This is one of the favorite places for horses to be brushed to be touched. And it’s also a safe place to be Always be careful for the hind legs. But it’s also very safe place to be. Now the back. This part, the shoulder, the belly Please respect the nose and believe me Horses need their nose, they need to smell they need to know about your emotions. They need the nose to breathe It’s very vital. I am very happy that he cooperated on his erotical zone. I hope it helps. I know several stories Of stallions who jumped on their wives. …. Females … … People … And it makes sense because you upset them. when you are touching this this erotical zone you will upset them. They will get mixed up about sexual interest Especially when it’s a stallion When it’s a gelding it’s less. Still the same, you will get the same respond but it’s the same. Ok thank you for watching

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  1. OH!! A friend trained my horse (gelding) to KISS. He is offering kisses very often – i.e. touches my face with his muzzle. Well it is HIS choice. And he is very careful and tender…
    In spite of my own horses behaviour I do appreciate this video – pointing out essential aspects, important information. I think it is very rude and disrespectful to touch a horse in "wrong places" and in wrong ways..

  2. Thank you for your candor. This was very interesting. Horses are magnificent animals. I would have loved to grow up on a farm with a variety of animals. I used to ride when I was young but only on rare occasions. Thank you again for the information.

  3. This very informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Didn't know about the area between the front legs.

  4. So many people don't know about the chest area, but it is the same with male dogs. (though a neutered male is unlikely to get ' excited'  by it). I've always had a policy with animals that they are allowed to tell me what hey do and don't like. My last mare was all " don't touch my face!" but loved to have her ears gently stroked/pulled through your hand. I had a St Bernard that would give me his paw to "hold hands" while he slept, my current dogs, a rescue American Bulldog loves to be stroked so so gently, while my Wolfhound wants a bit of a playful smacking, HATES having his front feet touched, and adores hugs. They are so individual, and I don't think there is any beter feeling than being allowed to find out where your fur-friends best ' scratchy spots'  are <3

  5. I have a mare who more or less asks me to scratch her in the stifle area (sorry, don't know the Dutch word, it's the place where the the back leg meets the belly), or just inside her inner thigh. She can reach it herself by lifting her hind leg, but it requires a big twist of her neck. She nibbles her inner thigh or stifle to show me where she needs a scratch, then waits for me to do it. I can tell she enjoys it because her lower lip trembles and she goes kind of google-eyed! It doesn't always happen – and if she's had enough she soon tells me by moving away. Does anyone else have a similar experience and is it just mares?

  6. So frustrated that I can't hear you on ANY video of yours. I still watch as you always pick some of the more magnificent horses.

  7. to be honest, at first I was a little sceptical about this video, but it turned out to be VERY informative! I'll also be honest again and say I scratch my gelding between the front legs and he stretches his neck and drops his….and it never crossed my mind that it could be an erotic area!! just thought he was relaxed and it felt good cuz it's a hard place for them to scratch. well now I know! You have to learn something new everyday, otherwise your not trying hard enough. 😊 so thank you for the knowledge!!

  8. Can anyone tell me, if the chest is a sexual point then isn't a martingale harmful, as it lays on the chest and moves during riding?

  9. People with horse businesses and the general public, could apply a non-toxic color on the areas of the horse which are safe touch areas.

  10. I happened upon this video just by chance and all I can say is, wow. Having spent a lot of years around horse and ponies when I was growing up, both riding and showing, I have still never heard the wonderful information that I learned in this video. Thanks so much for putting this info out there. It certainly is important for every horse owner to know.

  11. Wow, the lady in the video was amazing. She really knows about stallions who often get such an evil reputation for 'inappropriate' behaviour'. Thanks a million for sharing your knowledge.Big thumbs up..

  12. One thing not mentioned in the video…..petting versus patting. Petting, as I understand it, is like stroking- like what a mare might do with it's foal. Patting is something I see many many people do almost without thinking. It is much like slapping the horse. People often do it but it's never done between other horses. I doubt they enjoy it, though it doesn't hurt them. Even top dressage riders do it, especially in their exuberance after a win. With all their efforts at improving their horsemanship, they do this without thinking. And we go to horse shows watching this behaviour, thinking it's OK. Shame on them – they show a poor example to the public. And in your video, you do it too. Your credibility as a horse-person has with me, dropped considerably.

  13. Finally I have an explanation as to why my horse's penis comes out when I'm rubbing his chest😯😯😯

  14. Thank you for this, it was very interesting and I'd never thought about it before even though I've had horses in the past. I will much more aware round them in future.

  15. Thank you for the information.  I have always had mares and did not know about touching the chest of the male horse as being stimulated.  So much to know, I don't think we would ever do it in a lifetime.

  16. Twenty years working with horses and I never knew that either! Thank you. I've never been around stallions though because I knew I did not know enough. Thank you for such useful information.

  17. That part low on the chest is very soft and feels nice that's why people touch it, not realising it is a sexual place on a stallion/gelding. Same with the muzzle, it's very soft. Very helpful video, thank you.

  18. I wonder if these touch rules also apply to donkeys and other domesticated farm animals? This was excellent information about horses!

  19. As a child I was taught that the proper way to greet a horse was to stroke the nose. Not on the soft part of the nose where the nostrils are. I was taught to stroke the main part of the face, below the eyes. Is this wrong? I can understand that covering the horse's nostrils would be stressful for it, and I would never do that. Is it wrong to touch any part of the face?

  20. I was just explaining some of this stuff to my grandson as he was going for the face. I was also reminded of a video where the parents had set up the baby carrier right underneath the horse who was using his lips to explore what he couldn't see.  When I commented on the danger and offered the explanation I got called names.  Apparently the horse "loved" the kid and would "never" do anything to it.  I think anthropomorphism also needs to be discussed.  Good vid, my friend, yet who gets more views??? We BOTH know the answer!! LOL

  21. Why would someone pet a horse in the lower chest area? She says a lot of people do it, but it wouldn't even occur to me to pet him there, or to mess with his nose. People must be very strange.

  22. I just hold out a hand with the palm down and let them smell if they want and if they're still interested I just stand relaxed, leaned over a fence and let them smell my face. If I want to pet, I'll brush, I think by brushing, it feels much nicer and brushes shed out.

  23. Hello Nicole, I am very blessed to be the caregiver of a wild mustang stallion who was found alone and starving on the range due to the fact that he is so old that he has worn his teeth down to nubs. He is estimated to be 25+ years old. While many people said I would never be able to "gentle" him (touch him, halter him, etc.) due to his age and how wild he was at capture, he has proven to be a very affectionate horse who bonds deeply with the few people he knows and trusts, particularly me. I would say he is still quite wild in that he reacts quickly and "big" if something is unusual or startling, and as he was a herd stallion for many, many years, he has a real sense of himself, how life is supposed to be, and what his position is in the world. That said, he is without a mean bone in his body and has never tried to hurt me in any way, though he tells me quite clearly when I have done something that displeases him. I often feel that I am dealing with a "king", who graciously deigns to interact with me! I have tried extremely hard to work with him in a way that allows him to choose what he is okay with, and when he is okay with it. Thus, we have developed a way of being together that feels deeply respectful and pleasing on both sides, I would say. What I wanted to ask you about is the fact that he really, really likes it when I use my hands to gently "nibble" at the corners of his mouth, and to cup and rub his chin. He gets very calm and soft-eyed, and these things seem to comfort him. Often, I will do this for a bit, then stop and step slightly away, and he will step closer to me again and touch me softly with his lips to "ask" for more. He will also sometimes very gently nibble my hand or even sometimes hold the edge of my hand between his lips, all with a very soft, quiet expression. He also enjoys having the sides of his face stroked and his forehead rubbed. Doesn't really seem to like being stroked anywhere else very much, though I can touch him all over if he is in a quiet mood. Anyway, sorry about going on here, but I would be very interested to hear your take on his apparent touch preferences. He is fascinating to me — such a "pure" horse, and so expressive! Thank you!

  24. Very helpful…I never knew about the errogenous zone between their front legs but it certainly makes sense. Also, your video has given me an even deeper appreciation for how I show respect and reverence for the horse when touching it. Thank you.

  25. Thank-you for this video! I grew-up with horses never knew what I was doing was taught to never show fear… that's about it.

  26. So glad I found your video! normally I only deal with mares so the front part about stallions was new to me!^^

  27. Very good video. From my trainer I also learned that petting the horse's withers is the best area to calm it down since that's where horses always start when they're grooming each other. Also, you can teach your horse to sink its neck when you pet there, which also calms the horse down since it's you practically telling the horse that it's "safe enough to graze here" so if your horse trusts you, this is the easiest way I learned to tell it that there's nothing to be afraid of. Both when riding or on the ground.

  28. my granpappys dad trained and sold horses to the army back in the day .my granpappy trained and sold them for cutting horses. and in my time I was taught the in and out of theses animals..watching theses videos make me puke .it's a fucking. wonder the mojority of theses so called horse owners can wipe their own ass without fucking that up.

  29. I really enjoyed this video. Thanks very much for making it and sharing this information. This is things I never realised. I will remember this next time I see a horse

  30. Okay I NEVER knew about the front part being equivalent to masterbation for humans that's insane!

  31. Very informative. A woman touched a mare on the chest area and the mare reached back and bit her. I believed it was because the mare left annoyed , dominated. It happened at the nearby stable in my town. The bit wasn't severe but hurt the woman somewhat.

  32. hi there, great vid, thanks for that! but why not occasionally "hugging" a horse by standing next to it and gently stroking it's shoulder? of course you do not wrap ur arms around the neck, 'cause that's a predators spot, isn't it? cheers!

  33. Wow! You mean hugging highly charged, hormonal animals is a bad plan? Who'd have thought?
    Honestly though? Accidents happen for all kinds of reasons, and most of them are not about people petting their horses too much. I'm so sick of these asshole white guys trying to explain why doing anything other than treating a horse with completely emotionally removed professionalism is "bad." Get over yourselves.
    Also, can we not apply terms like "erogenous zone" to horses? Plenty of horses have uber-sensitive skin and lighter coats. The fact they get pleasure out of petting them is kind of, duh, the point. However, so does my bff when I braid her hair–and she's not having an erotic experience because of it.

  34. 6:58 please tell me that's only for stallions? or else my whole equestrian life has been ruined hahahhaa

  35. I petted a horse that I encountered while out riding my bike, petted its nose and scratched under its chin. It didn't seem to mind although it showed its teeth while smelling. Why does it do that? What is a sign of a horse being agitated? or a sign to best leave it alone. Thanks.

  36. All these years I spent with horses and some of this I never knew. All horse people should see this. Dank je.

  37. Stallions are controlled by their hormones (testosterone) as are most un-neutered male animals. Testosterone is not only a reproductive hormone but also an "aggressive" hormone, responsible for the aggression in fighting. If you have not trained your stallion from birth and he has matured as a stallion, then you have an uphill battle in changing his demeanor. If you have trained your stallion properly you can touch their genitals, touch their anus, touch their chest, etc. It all has to do with training and observation or keeping your eye on their behavior. Always keep your eye on your stallion and never drop your guard but you can do a lot in improving a stallion's behavior by simple, non-aggressive training starting at a young age. Stallions have no human-like emotions, no thought process beyond a 3 year old human's, no predictable reaction beyond reaction elicited by pain, discomfort or hunger. If you have a great stallion, he will be an even greater gelding. If you are not breeding and you shouldn't be, then geld your stallion unless you are making considerable money on stud fees. That's it in a nut shell.

  38. I've also noticed about not touching the butt area, as that area is more than likely to get a back kick

  39. I have rubbed the chest of my gelding and it seemed to relax and put him almost to sleep.  I've done this esp when he seems nervous when he's getting his hooves trimmed.  To me it was/is a heart connection or feel – although maybe I was stroking a bit higher on chest instead of between the front legs.  Not saying this video isn't correct, it's just that I haven't seen that sort of response in him.  However, when he gets grain he does respond that way – lol!   I also agree about the nose, but sometimes he (and other horses I've been around) SEEK out touch with the nose, so I very gently will touch them there, but I don't grab on them there or anything.  Also with regard to being "strong" and having "strong presence", I think there is way too much emphasis on this with regard to horses, to the extent that people are sort of putting on a façade which distorts their true energy (which horses can pick up on).  What I've found is that if I try too hard to be "strong" with horses (as so many instructors will emphasize), the horse have reacted in a more guarded or stressed out way toward me because I'm not simply allowing things to flow naturally and actually be my sensitive self.  I think there is a sort of distortion as to what "strong" really means in our society.  I think just being your true self, even if you are more sensitive and soft, is actual strength because it's truth and horses (all animals really) can pick up on that.  When I actually am at peace and more my real self, that is when the horses respond well to me.

  40. That was interesting, I'm not into horses but sometimes come in contact, I'm quite cautious around them (when i was 12 in tunisia a horse took me the wrong way down a busy road) and I know how powerful and even unpredictable they can be.
    Nice english spoken too.

  41. wow, terrific information, i have always wanted to ride a horse, now i know not to show them too much affection or at the wrong places.
    you just saved me a stomp or bite and looking foolish. thank you very much.

  42. I always approach my mare and offer wither, neck, and nose scratches to see where she is itchy that day. She really likes it and will start pursing her upper lip and such, and my intention is to show her that I am happy to see her in a way that another horse might, I think she gets it but I am no mind reader. I just moved her out to where I work 5x a week, she gets loads more pasture and space, and when she hears me she will look up and around for me and when she sees me I often get a neigh. I do give her hugs round the neck, but that is always coupled with scratches! She also likes to put her head in my chest, and I wrap my arms around her face, especially if we are tired and at a show all day. She is a super laid back, calm, and quietly affectionate horse, but does have her preferences.

    When she lets me know through a glance or something that she isn't too terribly fond of what I'm doing, I either offer affection and reassure her she is a good girl for tolerating it (if it is something unavoidable) or respect her and cease (if it's something like a type of pet or scratch or something that I do not have to do). We have one horse who doesn't mind if you go out and sit with him while he is napping, I can lean up against his side and look at the stars while he rests. She, on the other hand, prefers not to be bothered when laying down (understandably), and that is fine. I think too often we expect complete compliance and for our horses to be totally cool with whatever we do to them, but I find horses are a lot more calm and tolerant if they feel like they will at least be listened to if they tell you they are uncomfortable.

  43. What a beautiful and well behaved boy! He is so calm and trusting. And what a great talk. Too many people lack this simple knowlege of horses and their body language. It is such a shame to see a horse suffer for a humans stupidity as so often they are the ones punished not the human.

  44. Really interesting..I think it is so important to know how to touch animals how they want and not you as a human. Same goes for my cat, I recently reflected that maybe she prefers to be stroked not how I like it but how she likes it. Thanks for this.

  45. If not already included: Horses (and their relatives) can bite!  This would include burros, donkeys, mules, zebras, and ponies (including the wild ones at Assateague Island in Maryland and Virginia).

  46. Wow! Thanks for this video. It is very helpful to know these things. What a beautiful grey boy you have there. I had a horse as a kid, never was taught about the things you taught in this video. Thanks.

  47. Before posting a video about horses you could at least get the facts right instead of just throwing ideas out there. Also check an anatomy chart so you know the names of the horse body. 1) your not going to suffocate a hose by petting his nose. You might increase your chances of being bitten. The nose is actually a place you gain control over a horse thus devices called the twitch, muzzle and bit. .2) Those things the saddle rests on are " withers". The place where the girth goes is actually called the " girth". That's where the horses lungs are located and they breathe from. 3) When someone touches a horse with little grabs it's usually a child. A child should not be close to a horse unless it's a very docile one and the owner gives you permission. As far as a horse putting up his nose in the air it generally means it feels good. You will also notice the eyes rollling back and some drool coming out. This is true especially in the spring when they are shedding. This happens when you are scratching or brushing and area. It's kind of like a dog shaking his hind leg in a tickle spot or in an itchy area. 4) Hello, A horse doesn't masterbate!. The only time I've seen a stallion or proud cut gelding mount is when a mare is in heat. I used to show and it happened especially after a stallion had been on a breeding circuit. That's generally why professionals show horses in their youth and get there championships out of the way hen breed and show the offspring to drive up the stud fee. That's a different subject. A well trained stallion will not mount. A person without experience shouldn't be around a stallion and even worse a proud cut gelding ( a male horse that has been gelded but for some reason they didn't get everything or he still has those intense male hormones in him). You should have made a video about where to stand to avoid being harmed which was everywhere you were standing. I'll give you credit for knowing your horse but he could have easily bit, pawed or kicked you. You have a beautiful animal! Please post things that are accurate and have correct content.

  48. This is unwatchable. This woman's delivery is totally without charisma and slow af. This 9 minute video could've and should've been 5 minutes.

  49. I don't have anything to do with horses but this was extremely interesting thank you for making this video^^

  50. Unless its your own horse I'd stay clear of getting beside him or petting anything other than his neck. IF you can stand next to him. She heads right FOR the back half……where it makes sense on ANY animal you stay clear of THAT area. turns them on. ALOT of meeting a horse or animal is common sense.

  51. So glad I took a break and watched this. I never thought to pet a horse in the chest area, male or female. I bet I have done it though. Very informative and thankful the horse was helpful!

  52. Thank you for this video. I taught some of these tips when I was taking classes but not all of them. I was taught to run my hand across the top part of the body when walking around the back side of their body when switching side to groom them because of the trust between us and them.

  53. This is a brilliant analysis of horse behavior and extremely important for people who adopt wild horses. Those reactions are even deeper in a horses that was raised as a stallion on the range. Colts start attempting to breed mares as young as ten months old.

  54. what a load of rubbish….never heard such a load of crap,I have kept mares,stallions and geldings over the past 50 years…stupid !

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