Philippines: SM Seaside Mall Cebu and Ice Skating

Philippines: SM Seaside Mall Cebu and Ice Skating

[Music] we are now at the college here in hidden technology the open did not long ago and it one-off is not beeping it’s all here in it even as an ice skating ring and everything and here we’re going to take a look around and keep it [Music] so this Holi is really huge three biggest all-hearing to do and down there that is actually a main entrance and if you care at night if it goes in different colors like green purple and all this stuff as you can see they’re both the ocean and some pretty large ship I think I could get lost in this in the tour here it seems to be on reported area Milka for ice skating rink want to try it I want to try you want to try even though we don’t yeah I also know the no home are you HOT maybe we can take if you can get your office fair [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so we just came back from the ice skating it was really fun it took a while to get used to it again but after that it was really awesome rain genetics little polar bear is in case you can’t walk luckily here they also rent it to two adults in Germany when we went ice skating in Casper they also had these little penguins but they only rented and rented them children so yeah it was really good so they could also enjoy it instead of just standing around there now we are just outside here on the Skywalk or something from here you have an amazing view of the city [Music] we are get our angel of getting some food I’m not sure what 40 Kelvin you so we are back at the resort now it was a super long but also super nice day the mall is huge you can really do everything there a lot of shots and yes you can really get lost there you can spend a whole day there you can go bowling you can go bowling can go ice-skating which was super fun and pure offer of cinema the food court is huge and I also noticed that that there weren’t so many people there I’m not sure why usually the SM City here in Cebu is always super crowded by the seaside mode not so many people I’m not sure why maybe because still relatively new or because of the location nevertheless it was like I said a super nice day and we are finally back to resort now [Music]

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  1. Hi! We also had a super nice day with relatives there last March and did go to eat another Lantaw restaurant another side of the SRP road very near. I can see that a lot of new stores there now but I quess that a few people there is bc those shops seems to be not for average Filipinos with a small sum of a money. Anyway the transport there and back is very handy and cheap ( I quess it was about 50p ) with MY BUS es from and to SM City Mall. This "Sky Walk" up on the roof of the mall is pretty awesome and those plantations and decorations seems to be in a very nice condition during …Christmas season, I ques? Thanks for sharing! Wiel Danke! Salamat!

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