Phoenix South Mountain 19th Ave Hike – Best Hikes in Phoenix Series

hello this is Bee Walker and today Jim
Apollo and Heidi and I are hiking a short loop hike at Phoenix South
Mountain Park starting on the 19th Avenue trailhead to find the trailhead
parking goes south on 19th Avenue you’ll be south of Dobbins Road and 19th
Avenue will dead end at the trailhead parking so you can’t miss it our trail today will be a short loop
going out on the MaHaTauk trail which goes up immediately and then connecting
with the crosscut trail and then the t-bone trail for about a 2.5 mile hike which will take us about 1.5 hrs right from the trailhead the trail is
steep and rocky going up the hill is a good
workout – take your time and rest whenever you need – when you get to
the top you’ll have beautiful views of the Phoenix Valley. … Once you’re at the
top and over the ridge you’ll notice there are a lot of trails leading to
small peaks and overlooks. – on todays’s hike we are continuing on the MaHaTauk
trail until trail post .73 then we will take a left turn on the crosscut trail from up here we are enjoying beautiful
views of both the city to the north and South Mountain Park to the south you can see the radio towers on the very
top of South Mountain as well as the road leading up to it and also San Juan
Road in the valley and many of the other hiking trails – like the Holbert Trail
which we just hiked last weekend following the cross-cut trail can be a bit confusing & challenging there are a few trail markers and lots of different visible trails look for the large Ramada area in
the valley below hike towards this landmark once you reach the large Ramada area
with picnic tables it’s easy to find the large sign that starts on the T-bone
trailhead which will lead us back down into the valley and back to the parking
lot the T-bone Trail is easy to follow as it
is wide and well-maintained it is used by the South Mountain
horseback riders to go to the well-known T-bone Steakhouse – one of the few places where you can still ride up on horseback and tie up a to a hitching post behind
the restaurant for more information on the South Mountain stable rides go into
the description below and follow the link for Ponderosa Stables shortly thereafter we’ll back down in
the valley and it’s only a short hike back to the trailhead parking area thank you for watching our video and
joining us on our hike today at beautiful Phoenix South Mountain Park – if you enjoyed the video please consider liking it and sharing it as well as
subscribing to our YouTube channel as we share many more videos on hikes
and dog friendly adventures here in Arizona I have provided some links in
the description below to get you to the South Mountain Park website and their
trailhead descriptions – also please remember to always bring plenty of water
for yourself and your pets so you can stay hydrated while hiking in Arizona

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