Piper Show Side Zip Knee Patch Breeches Review

Piper Show Side Zip Knee Patch Breeches Review

REBECCA: Hi, I’m Rebecca from Merchandising,
and today, I’ll be reviewing the Piper Show Side Zip Knee Patch Breeches. Pipers have become a favorite amongst our
customers. They come in a variety of colors, and we wanted to offer you one that you could
incorporate into your show wardrobe. This has the same great fit and the same fabric
as our regular Pipers, the only change is it’s a side zip and a flat front so it’s perfect
for show-ring use. I love these breeches for a variety of reasons.
The biggest reason is they’re such a great value for the quality that you get. The fabric
on them is super stretchy and very lightweight but also gives great coverage. The rise on
them is perfect for me – it goes comfortably to just below your belly button, so it’s not
too high and not too low. They have a great classic look for showing. They have a side
zip. They’re very flat across the front. The pockets are finished with a nice faux-suede,
and they lay completely flat when you’re riding. As far as sizing goes, the Pipers fit true-to-size.
The fabric has a little bit of stretch, so it makes a nice easy fit, but I would order
the size that you run regularly. To take care of these Pipers, all I do is
throw them in the wash and hang them up to dry. These are great for any rider looking
for a traditional styled show breech at a great price. I’m Rebecca, and the Piper Show Side Zip Knee
Patch Breech is my go-to breech for showing.

4 thoughts on “Piper Show Side Zip Knee Patch Breeches Review

  1. I really want to try pipers, but I am so small that I need a children's size. I was wondering if you guys were thinking about making the pipers in children's sizes.

  2. I really love these, but I wish the color was just a little darker, and I think you should go old school and have them in rust!

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