[PL] Jumping Lesson With Young Horse || Star Stable Realistic Roleplay || Lilly Saint [ENG SUB]

Hi everyone! It’s Lilly Today we are going to training for jumping into the Silver Glade along with my stable favorite This stallion is not my property
but I do his training he is a huge big bear I always wear protection boots for transport not to hurt him during the journey Although it is a stallion, it has a calm character,
so setting up a halter is not a problem a few words about him: Life and Liberty is a 4yo Trakehner stallion His owner is Herman from the Jorvik stable I am now loading my horse into a trailer and seeing each other in the Silver Glade We’re already here
Earlier I prepared a horse for riding I am very happy for this training! Before riding, I pull up the girth so that the saddle does not slip off We start a 10-minute warm-up Liberty walks live and eagerly goes to work We go to the gathered trot angled the stallion reacts very well to the aids and vigorously performs all exercises volts, eights, crossings through the poles etc. we repeated the same exercises in a gallop the horse was speeding up a little
so I made a couple of volts at the trot later, we practiced the galloping on both legs Liberty is a stallion with huge potential from quite successful parents, who win the competition I absolutely love the movement of this horse the seat is soft and does not break today Liberty worked insanely he galloped on a good leg
and he steadfastly went to the obstacle beating them flawlessly our only problem is to shorten the foules between obstacles but we work on every training at the end I decided to unsaddle the stallion and walks him in bareback the horse could stretch his neck and relax after hard training I’m saying goodbye. Leave a sub, like, comment it motivates See u soon! Bye

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