POLAND | Vlog 114 – Our First Hike in the Tatra Mountains | ZAKOPANE

here we are we’re walking into the forest trying to find them some trails to walk and a map for something I think there is a tourist information somewhere up there it’s a kind of a look we might get to see it bad when you dress up as a child start stand there before we go anywhere though we get a coffee max ordering seeing these people are getting it all wrong they should have a break before they start Lunas guy we officially started I walk we’re in the back it cost us what the entry that’s not that much what is it like a dollar something 5000 walking next a little stream [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] it’s like about as high as Mount Auburn up was and it’s nothing here look it’s too much I think we’re getting some interesting photos Marcus turning into quite the photographer where bullying agent with the camera yes [Music] it is a nice path cipher hmm we’re going up a little bit now that’s becoming a more difficult it’s going up quite a bit so everybody seems to go any other way our not us no we’ll start when I first little break they’re all having a break it’s busy how high do you think we are between one and eight thousand medicine I think maybe 1400 we’re continuing we’re going downhill now [Music] so we’re now now we’re to the next belly we’re going downhill unfortunately it’s such a gray day that photos at an open of the mountains just not turning out but in the florists it’s all right they look around the forest adhere that’s not very good good all right we’ve gotten somewhere behind me look finally you can see a little bit of a mountain [Music] right not as empty as anywhere we’ve been in Australia so many people here it is peak holiday season so that’s what happens does look very pretty everywhere it’s very very bring lots of white flowers [Music] something’s coming out finally [Music] [Applause] right we’ve both had enough of walking you just tell me you did lovin it I’m ready to go around it yeah I think we’ve done a bloody good job and just like that back in town [Music] a gang Hina and tomorrow we’re gonna go back out again if the weather permits and explore a little bit more and cycle time all right so we’ll see you tomorrow [Music]

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