Police found me!! – Grom Life

we are on our way to my dad’s house it
might be a fun ride we’ll see shouldn’t be too long we’ll be
there though let’s go oh my god did you hear how she was talking look at him
back there he’s all signaling and stuff oh there’s the Popo I try to behave the
damn Popo is all over the damn plays and every time they see it they’re like oh
my god you’re riding a flying we need or some crap like that it just be careful
girl please bigger and actually this road is not the best
either I don’t know how fast I’m actually going to go on this road it’s kind of fun I don’t know if you can
see it it’s kind of borscht for tea for some reason baby yeah I know you’re doing all of
this everything but you’ve got a speed 45
that’s not good I mean this is that this is a piggyback
you know they don’t care speed up just a little bit you’re doing great I love you
hammer now bitches speed up really he tells me to speed up
he is the one that a crop of 125
he didn’t get it poured out yet okay so it might go a little bit faster than 40
something I can go 50 but you know
there was somebody on the road beside me but you know I’m a girl and it’s only my
second bike and I just got my license last year I have to figure out all these
things before I could just go subscribe and if your mother
miles an hour down the road he’s back there on that 500 big bad tires acting
like he can do whatever because he’s on the big buck putting on the small box
all right the big by speaking away check this in yo you bore them out to 190 is that right
and then you got some more get up and go we didn’t record the other one I drove
it one day and I tried to get away from me but I think he things away faster
than me we’re about halfway to dad’s house now
dad has seen the rebel it actually was stored in his garage over the winter but
he has not seen the girl so we are going to take it over so he can look the girl
and then I guess you see what we’re gonna do with them
drive back home and probably try and get as much driving as we can in the next
week or so I like to trying it on its familiar ropes first that way when we
start when we take it out on the truck to travel
I have some experience riding and won’t be worried about where I fell under what
I’m doing at home I can get used to right
looking for roads and where we’re going are you trash-talking me again I mean
every time I take you out for a ride you start your trash talk is done I mean
just because you’re we’ve all been it’s been like years since I rode regularly
so I just an everything about being a little bit worried but you’ve got us to
them to turn the pub got turn that thing let me go oh you know we’ve got to get
to your dad’s and back before the rankings and you know there is rain
feather so don’t don’t even even play hey we’re gonna get stuck and I wouldn’t
be surprised one at all if I didn’t end up get wet down here tonight because
you’re jack legging around for 45 you know how I feel at 45 miles an hour
you are a hindrance and if you’re a hinders traffic then maybe yeah and I
know you’re ready to be on the road because you’re like you know the just just swayed our pool box that’s
right you’re ready to go the sweat on the Bulls balls really I don’t know
where he gets that you know he grew up in Kentucky and I don’t know how they
talk about this everybody tells me I have a southern accent but I’m gonna be
talking about the sweat on a bull’s balls nipples well I guess Bulls do
sweaters pigs they don’t sweat great and what is he talking about I need to speed
up we got to get somewhere because he’s afraid of getting wet my mom she had
lots of old wives tales type Saiyans and one of them was the sugar melts but some
people don’t have because shit flows I think he holds in
the latter category there so you know telling me the precious can’t get wet
that is not a good argument for me to go faster I told you am I am just a girl I
don’t know I’m just a girl he said burn baby Rider and I have to figure out all these new
controls the signal is right close to the board occasionally I have already
randomly constantly apparently that’s how I roll with my
fabulous speaking of age I think because my pinky finger I have like way
extra links and my fingers and I think the bank loves you unless I get smaller I got my gloves
I plan on a rising alive and for today that means
right Oh beaten bumps again of course I want
you to run arrived I don’t know anyway we’ll have to be cleaned your body
enough but how him la
city right there they’re going and I know we are we don’t and as you look live it I’ve got come on don’t that’s what I do your dad anything less excellent you as I’m real proud of ya I
think you’ve done a great job today and you know all that stuff we’re
supposed to say the girls feelings when when she’s
riding their body for the first time so bully whew girl you’ve done a great job
you just keep on doing it but you speed up just a little bit please ouch that wasn’t very pleasant excuse me pardon me pardon apart
big fan coming through because daddy’s gotta go I can’t hang back here in the
back come on you follow me and we get to the
objective right now right now uh-huh you gotta say that she ain’t see go to see it the lens oh why speeding through town vigil I’m
it’s party party party okay right if you
and I say I’m going to turn off oh damn bro he is such a trash talker
I know I tell you what first of all we don’t even drive in New York City
and I am perfectly capable of turning into the park on I tell you what Big
Daddy’s head is so big I don’t even know how 15 his helmet right now whoops goodness gracious
neutral kickstand I don’t know what he’s doing you’re adorable
right as I hit that

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