Police Horses 💕🐴 | TOGETHER by Star Stable | Episode 3

– We talked about police horses and how they
have such a cool and special bond with the policemen and women that are riding them. They are put in strange and dangerous situations
– aren’t they kinda like the war horse of today? – I’m still wondering as of why they use horses
in the first place. Why don’t they don’t just use a segway? – Let’s visit the riding police! – Hi Kajsa! How are you? – I’m fine thank you, how are you? – I’m very good, I’m so excited. Thank you for having us here at your amazing
stable. So tell me a bit about you, who are you? – I am 25 years old. I work here as a police officer, to ride horses
everyday. – What drove you into this career? – I have always loved horses, I’ve ridden since
I was very small. My parents work as police officers, both of
them. So it was always in the back of my mind
that it would be fun and exciting to to work as a police. This is my horse Laphroig. – So you guys work as a team. This is your colleague. – Yes. – How long have you been working together?
– About a year and a half. – And you know each other very well.
– Yes. – So for the people that don’t know that much
about police horses, what’s their task in society? – We escort the changing of the guards up
to the castle where they protect the royal family. We also work at demonstrations and at football
games. People have a lot of respect for horses. – This is my normal police riding outfit,
but sometimes I have to wear another outfit. Would you like to try it on?
– Yes, that will be awesome! – This is my safety vest. It’s bullet proof here, and in the back it
protects you from stab wounds. And you have this. – Oh is that like that?
– Yeah. – It looks like fake muscles. – It’s protecting you if you get stones or other
stuff thrown at you. – Sitting on a horse, on a demonstration or
outside a soccer game, how does the horse make you feel? – Laphroig makes me feel very safe. Because I know him so well, but sometimes
I might borrow another colleagues horse that you don’t know that well. You’re not
really nevous but then you think twice about what you do and why, because the other horse can
react differently than what Laphroig would do. – Do you ever worry about the horse? That the horse would get hurt? – No. We train, very much. So in the real life you don’t think so much about it. – Is is hard to get a horse to ride through
a crowd of people? – Not with our horses. Because we train them so much, we have the
other volonteers that travels here and we practice with them, but in a calm situation. And we have this big pilates ball that you
push against as it’s similar to a crowd so you learn the horse to go against it and not
be afraid and back off. – Fire proof jacket. – For convenience. – I’m in my element. It feels right. – In your helmet. – I feel safe, I feel secure. – Can you feel being on a horse while peoople
are throwing stuff at you? – Yeah you know, I can feel wearing this everyday. I can see this working! – Okay, so now we’re ready.
– Yeah! – Tell me a bit about this. Start with Laphroig. What is he wearing? He’s wearing a noseplat. And a visor. And here he got earballs inside his ear to protect his ears and keep him calm. – So how do you make him trust you so he doesn’t
throw you off in the middle of a ride? – Well it’s like a relationship. We have to trust each other and communicate
with each other. But then of course, horses are flight animals
so anything can happen. But we train them step by step. To begin with, with the younger horses, we always
try to get them training together with an older horse to get used to the environment so the younger
horse learn from the older one. – And then you take it from there, step by step. – Yeah. And if I’m calm and confident he will
trust me. – Can he feel when you’re calm and confident? – Yeah, and sometimes when it’s very crowded I have to think of my breathing. Like take it slow, breathe, relax. So if the horse is tense and he feels that
I’m tense he gets more tense. So if I relax, the horse feels like “ah it’s okay”. – That’s called body language.
– Yes. – That looks so good Karin! You’re doing great! – Doesn’t feel that great! These are strong and highly skilled and very
trained people who are riding strong and skilled and very trained horses. – Yeah, and they have such a strong relationship
with these horses and that’s why they are able to do this job. We got to witness a really open and
warm work environment where they deal with the very serious job in a safe and healthy way. – I’d feel much safer on a horse than this
one right here.

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