Potato Chip Rock hike up Mount Woodson

This thin outcropping draws hundreds
each day at a chance to take photos of the remarkable geological wonder known
as, Potato Chip Rock. I’m a road tripper, I do the exploring, so you can have an
adventure. I’m Mikem and this is Mike’s Road Trip Located off of Highway 67 in San Diego
County is Mount Woodson, which has become quite popular first its hike to Potato Chip Rock. I did this with my two lovely sisters
Carylee and Susanne. There are a few trails that lead to Potato Chip Rock, we
chose the shortest, which is nearly four miles round trip, and while it’s the steepest,
it does afford some shade, which could be quite a welcome sight during the hotter parts of the year. I would certainly recommend wearing the
proper shoes, the ascent is nearly 1,100 feet. You’ll also find rock climbers as well as some attempting to boulder. As you can see the scenery is quite beautiful, with random
trees and giant granite boulders littering the landscape. It took us about an hour to get to the
top, unfortunately it took another hour and a half to get our photos. Well that’s it from Mount Woodson in San Diego County. Until next time…we’ll see on the road… MikesRoadTrip.com

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