We are headed to Paris for our next prank, and we are helped by an exceptional athlete. Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham is the inventor of wheelchair motocross. His malformation of the spine keeps him from walking but not from performing tricks with the best riders in the world. Take a look at this front flip on the Nitro Circus’ Mega Ramp. Today the action sport superstar has decided to pose as an ordinary tourist visiting the capital. I’ve seen some Riding Zone videos and the really cool pranks And I thought that I want to be part of one. So here is my accomplice Joce, we’re gonna have some fun ! Our accomplice Jocelyn is on the move. Wheelz is still passing off as an inquiring tourist to convince skaters to help him. Who will they frame? Target acquired, it’s the skater Ben. “If he falls down can you help me?” “Yeah” Ben swallowed it hook, line and sinker. “Are you insured if there is anything?” “Me?” “Yeah are you insured?” “I’m not sure but…” “Well since you’re helping him and it was filmed…” “Come on…” “No but really if you’re insured it’s nothing, do you have liability insurance?” “Yeah I think so” “Then it’s all good, don’t worry about it”. Ben the skater is still cool, but not for long… Wheelz wants to try something more daring. “No way, especially with the insurance talk” “But come on, he’s only here once a year, be cool man” “But I am cool”. Ben is starting to hesitate so our accomplice pushes the envelope. “You should just give me your ID so I can photograph it” “No way I’m doing that!” I am legally liable if I help him so…” “Move away, move away!” “Nooooo” “I told you he could do it” “But dude wtf?” “Let me introduce you to Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham; look here Ben, you’ve been pranked by Riding Zone, thanks to Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham.” Wheelz shares one last session with Ben a mere formality before the main event, at the Bercy skate park. In these parks, the American can demonstrate all his talent. Our two accomplices are finding their next targets: these two roller skaters and skater Justin. now that everyone is acquainted, they agree to help Wheels. “What can he do exactly?” “He can ride the shallow ramp. If he wants I can go with him and slow him down” “I’ll be in the front just in case”. “Slowly, slowly, slowly” . Wheels wants to drop the mini ramp now. “Can you help him just in case?” “No, that one I can’t” “This one is too hard man” “Come on it doesn’t look that hard, is it?” “I don’t know” “It was already hard for us the first time.” “The biggest risk is if he goes backward”. A rider shows him the video, he really believes it’s his first try. He is in for a big surprise. So Wheelz is ready to go big. He is gearing up, Justin is doubtful meanwhile a few passersby have stopped to enjoy the show. “There, I think he is just going to roll down quietly”. Gentlemen, please welcome Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, WCMX world champion, come to prank the Bercy skate park. Aaron is the world champion, the best in his discipline. “I was looking at it on my phone, I was focused on the screen and then bam…” “I had seen footage of people doing that in wheelchairs but I would never have guessed he was one of them…” This is one of the more fun days in my life. It was fun to be able to go around with Joce and just kind of mess with people. Kind to see the way the people normally view the wheelchair and then go on and show them something they never seen in wheelchair. So it was so much fun. Nitro Circus is coming to Paris on the 30 November and the 1st December. So make sure to go on and grab your ticket !


  1. Rien qu a la couleur du fauteuil roulant je l aurai reconnu direct.. en meme temps personne ne le reconnais c est normal les valides s en tapent des handicapés…

  2. 2:30 " une mise en jambes pour la suite " vous etes serieux Riding Zone? 😂 c est quoi comme type d humour ca?

  3. Vous poussez pas assez vos caméras cachées, c'est dommage ! Vous pouvez aller plus loin, demander à Greg Guillottin pour la prochaine au pire 😂😂 Chapeau à Wheelz quand même !

  4. C'est quand même incroyable que des riders ne sachent pas qui est ce gars… TOUS les riders l'ont déjà vu dans les vidéos d'autres riders et même dans Nitro Circus ….
    Dans le cas contraire, je suis sur que la prod a demandé aux mecs qui avaient reconnu Aaron de se taire pour l'effet de "surprise" –'

  5. Un gros respect pour lui vraiment il m'érite tellement nôtres admiration car lui il a tellement plus de volonté de détermination que nous tous réuni!!!!

  6. Cc touts le monde mon amie est handicapés son plus grand rêve c qu'elle a beaucoup d abonné est ce que sa serait possible de réalisé son rêve parce que si sa serait vous vous serait content que votre rêve se réalise donc s il vous plait abonné vous a ça chaînes !!!
    PS: ça chaînes c est flaao se qui s abonne merci d'avance !!!

  7. C’est cool je kiff cette chaîne YouTube mais malheureusement je trouve que de la façon que c’est tourné il n’y a pas beaucoup d’intrigue et nous avons pas beaucoup de différences entre le Noob est le pro une nouvelle façon de filmer devrait être envisagée

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