Pro Skater John Rattray – Epicly Later’d – VICE

Pro Skater John Rattray – Epicly Later’d – VICE

JOHN RATTRAY: Jump ramp, jumper
clearing the tail. OK. That’s always fun. So I’m sorry, right there,
fly bang move, and then– PATRICK O’DELL: What does
it say on your shoes? JOHN RATTRAY: Oh, yeah, “the
Earth died screaming while I was dreaming,” that’s
Tom Waits. PATRICK O’DELL: Oh, OK. JOHN RATTRAY: I’ve been studying
up on your culture, your people as Americans, I’ve
been studying on your culture, and this man, Tom Waits,
I’ve found to be an exceptional one. Well, if we’re at zero, we
should skate the rail once. There, that’s it. Done. Business taken care of. PATRICK O’DELL: All right,
welcome back to the Epicly Latered show. This time, I drove down
to San Diego. And met up with John Rattray. I first met John five
or six years ago. And he was wearing a Wu-Tang
killer bees shirt. And he did the nose one slide
down down the clipper ledge– the first trick he did that
really brought him a lot of attention in America. John definitely has a unique
way of skating. I think it’s because,
maybe, because he’s so smart or something. I guess this marks the first
episode where we have a skater that’s not only a high
school graduate, he’s a college graduate. I think he has a degree in
physics of some sort. I don’t know. I’m excited to have a
non-American episode, a Scotish episode, of
Epicly Later’d. JOHN RATTRAY: Wait a minute. I can’t drive. PATRICK O’DELL: Why’s that? JOHN RATTRAY: Because the Missus
has taken the car to go to her volunteer thing
at the library. I can drive your car. Oh yeah, I mean,
I never pursued skateboarding as a career. I went to university because I
felt like that’s what I needed to do in order to make a
living in this world. And it wasn’t until after that,
when I came out here and did a 401 thing and all that
it became a viable option. Then I had to have some sort of
nervous breakdown identity crisis-type thing, where I had
to re-figure out who I am and realize that I’m supposed to be
a professional skateboarder for a little while. Filippa has this idea that
I could be a high school physics teacher. Because I have a degree, so I
could do my teacher training. I can’t think of anything worse
than trying to teach a classroom full of
13-to-15-year-olds. who couldn’t care less. JOHN RATTRAY: It used
to give me anxiety. Now, I’m just going
to wait and see. Now I’m more, kind of, take more
time trying to consider exactly what I’m going to
do in skateboarding. PATRICK O’DELL: Do you like
living in San Diego? JOHN RATTRAY: Yeah. No, it’s a beautiful place. I wish I could have all
my friends from back home here as well. That would be nice. This is the six man beer boat. PATRICK O’DELL: What,
who’s that guy? JOHN RATTRAY: Which guy? PATRICK O’DELL: I thought he was
this guy Logan that I know from Scotland. JOHN RATTRAY: Oh,
I know Logan. Him and Colin Kennedy, man,
they were always coming to Edinburgh, like– they were the only ones
that went to college. Nigdy went to college– no one. DODS: This is from
the [INAUDIBLE] ski party this year. JOHN RATTRAY: Oh, Livingston? DODS: It says, don’t be
chicken– get your cock out. LOGAN: I saw that. Definitely not glam involved. No glam at all. PATRICK O’DELL: I saw on that
skate photo you have on the wall in the bathroom,
it says like– JOHN RATTRAY: Oh, “Aideen thugs
kill all visiting fans.” PATRICK O’DELL: It seems
like a big part of Scotland, is fighting. Is that true or is that false? JOHN RATTRAY: I did head
butt someone once. PATRICK O’DELL: Really? JOHN RATTRAY: But he
pushed a girl. He deserved it. And these guys turned
up all just trying to start some ruckus. And I think one of them
pushed Sarah. So I took it upon myself to do
the flying head butt maneuver. I keep looking at the
camera a little bit. It’s kind of weird. I wonder if it will be weird. Because I keep like glancing
at it all weird. Nobody, ultimately, says
what skateboarding is. We all do in our own way. It’s the same in
the art world. People try and categorize these
different styles of painting and styles of art. But everyone’s hanging
out together. And certain people,
maybe, go and hang out with these people. And they’re influenced
by that. And so the whole thing kind
of overlaps in places. And it makes this one big
amazing web of life that is skateboarding. We’ll look at the old
stuff first or this? PATRICK O’DELL: Yeah,
old stuff first. JOHN RATTRAY: Old stuff first. Start at the beginning. This is Aberdeen from 1990 to
1999, a little section Alex put together. Yours truly. PATRICK O’DELL: With
the red shirt? That’s you? JOHN RATTRAY: Red shirt. As you can see, the classic
stylings of the mid ’90s. This is around the time when we
would probably have watched Eastern Exposure 3 and been
influenced by Barley and [INAUDIBLE]. After that video came out. I was living in Glasgow then,
I’d go streets skating with my friend Gary Brown. And we’d just pretended we were
Ricky and Donny, just cruising the streets. Using the city. PATRICK O’DELL: Is it hard
to skate in Scotland? Is there like a lot
of cobblestones? JOHN RATTRAY: Yeah, there’s
cobblestones everywhere. You actually need to be gnarly
as fuck to skate in Scotland. There I am matching my T-shirt
to my board, wearing some rad [INAUDIBLE]. PATRICK O’DELL: Phelps might
have something to say. JOHN RATTRAY: Yeah, he would,
actually, to call me a pussy. Say he thought I was Scottish. There was the most technical
trick, maybe, I’ve ever done. The gnarly frontside nose
slide on a ledge. I’d like to learn some of these
fancy modern tricks. [CHEERING] Fuck the southeast. Fuck the southeast. The north is where
you want to be. [CHEERING] JOHN RATTRAY: And its
Stuart, [INAUDIBLE] who now does this sort
of British Jackass. I think they put the nail
through the penis and whatnot. This is Stuart’s section,
it’s really good. Stuart doing some sort of
crowd-pleasing maneuver. He likes a crowd. So far this is maybe the best
section Stuart’s had. He combines hash and
bling so well. You could ask him about
that, where his influences come from. Fucking deadly, dude. I’m going to really love
that next year. JOHN RATTRAY: I’ve come to just
know and love the true nature of Stuart. He’s a classic, classic being. His idea of not drinking and
skating is to have eight beers during the session. My idea would be to have some
soda water or something, like an iced tea. But his idea of not drinking
and skating is just to have just eight. That kind of thing. It’s difficult. I was saying the other day that
Stuart, he’s more of an experience than a
skateboarder. You know what I mean? You need to actually witness
in real life. Yeah, so we’ll go around
the left of him. Or you go around the
left of him. STU GRAHAM: Aye, I’ll go
around the side of him. JOHN RATTRAY: By him,
do we mean, Patrick? STU GRAHAM: Aye, big Paddie
in the [INAUDIBLE]. There you go. Let’s we hang here. STU GRAHAM: This is
the bridge, AKA Washington Street, VP. Classic. JOHN RATTRAY: This is one of
my favorite places in the world to skateboard. STU GRAHAM: Yeah, definitely. So here we are [INAUDIBLE] take you into the the cradle. Whoopty-do. Trunk. Coming up to visit. You pour the tea, I’ll
get the sugar. Aye, can you hear me even
when I’m over there? PATRICK O’DELL: Yeah. STU GRAHAM: That’s sick. So don’t be fooled by
the Tie-dye, either. This is the first day I’ve
worn it down here. See these shoes? (FRUSTRATED) Ahh. It’s [INAUDIBLE] all weather. JOHN RATTRAY: Oh yeah? STU GRAHAM: At least 11 years. We met in Livingston,
Livingston skate park in Scotland. PATRICK O’DELL: Is it
anything like this? Not really. STU GRAHAM: Not really. I mean, it is similar
in the fact that it’s made of all concrete. That’s about as much
as we can do. I mean, I’m not a big art fan,
but I would definitely say it’s an art space. JOHN RATTRAY: But would you
not say that in many ways, skateboarding is
a form of art? STU GRAHAM: Very much so. JOHN RATTRAY: All right. Would you say you’re a
performance artist? STU GRAHAM: I’d like
to think so. I’ve been on a Osiris
for almost 10 years. I’ve been Osiris since it
was fucking [INAUDIBLE] and fucking all those cats. It was insane. I came here with that Brandon
[INAUDIBLE], no less. JOHN RATTRAY: Yeah? It was pretty funny. First time out here,
Brandon [INAUDIBLE] hyped me up to fuck. Since then, I’ve just been
fucking lurking. Very respectable man,
a good friend. Doesn’t smoke weed. No. JOHN RATTRAY: No. STU GRAHAM: Well educated man. Complete opposite of me. John stays up in the Granite
City, up in the north of Scotland, Aberdeen. And I’m way down, I’m kind
of on the center belt. I’m right in between Edinburgh
and Glasgow. Livingston’s right
in the center. Where I’m from, it’s
completely– there’s shit bags everywhere. [INAUDIBLE] fast for days. Raging little cunts with little
tracksuits with their socks turned over the bottoms. Fucking, we were just back
there three months ago. And everybody, apart from the
people I skate with, everyone I went to school with are either
fucking smacked out on heroin or some shit,
or they’re in jail. Livingston, as a town, doesn’t
have a long to offer. And you’ll just take the
bad fucking route straight off the bat. As soon as you leave high
school, you’re fucked. JOHN RATTRAY: Well, if you
hadn’t left, then you wouldn’t have met Chelsea, and
you wouldn’t have– STU GRAHAM: No, I wouldn’t
be a father. JOHN RATTRAY: –or Roxanne,
or Olivia, STU GRAHAM: No, no, wouldn’t
be a dad, have two kids. One, my oldest, Roxanne, she
is thirteen months, and my youngest, Olivia, she
is three months. That’s only 10 months apart. Fatherhood’s a good
thing, man. I don’t really drink a lot. Only on skate trips. I’m not the type of person
you want to take to a bar every night. JOHN RATTRAY: No, I’ve
done that before. I took him to a bar once. STU GRAHAM: It’s not
a good move. JOHN RATTRAY: Didn’t work out. STU GRAHAM: Fighting. Classic. I fucking, I was– it’s been since I
was, like 18. It’s like, we all went to
a fucking strip club. And we left. A bunch of like, pikey, a gypsy
fuckers all started hassling one of my mates. And we got in a big ass
fight in Edinburgh, and I lost my teeth. And I’ve just rocked it ever
since, pretty much. Plus, I don’t know, I’m just,
I don’t like the dentist. I like to look at the beach, but
I don’t, fucking, I’m not a big beach fan. JOHN RATTRAY: You’re like me. STU GRAHAM: Aye. JOHN RATTRAY: Salty in there. STU GRAHAM: Aye, I tell you. I’m fucking, I’m a big guy. I’m not trying to fucking strap
up my boobs and shit, fucking, you know what I mean? Man boobs at the beach. JOHN RATTRAY: What
about Sea World? STU GRAHAM: I’ll got to Sea
World, man, that place is fucking amazing. Dude. He’s talking to me about
snow falling and shit. JOHN RATTRAY: Well, maybe
you’ll see him up there. [INAUDIBLE] STU GRAHAM: I fucking hope
not, that’d be fucked. Bro-ing down with my
snowboarding homies. Fuck that.

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