100 thoughts on “PRO SKATER LIVES IN SHED

  1. I just came up from sleeping in a shed for 5 years, I skate but not professionally, I also work a full time job now, just happy i made it as far as i have.

  2. If you can’t make a proper living off skating then you’re not a “pro”. “There’s not a lot of money in skating” that is also false.

  3. i did my best to try and look uo tue second song in this video but I cant understand a damn thing the person is saying… anybody know the artist and song name since they didnt give him credit as well in the description box?

  4. Can’t strive without a struggle.

    Ppl look @ a failure now but now.. doesn’t look like the end goal or outcome.
    Everyone fails on their way to success..
    Have to keep on keeping on-
    no matter what’s in your path

  5. Luis mora if you read am going to be happy but I have a idea

    You should make a store if it isn’t no merch make a store call erase and put clothes in there then they come to your store such it really isn’t merch it a company at that point

  6. This dude just has the look. I have more of a fierce look to me I think. But when I see this dudes face.. I see hipster.

  7. get your shit together monetarily first then fuck with a bitch. people are expensive and you'd be an idiot to try to take on another persons life before you even have your own shit together. get your own apartment minimum then you may be able to handle a bitch. until then you are killing your dreams before you get started. love the idea of you starting this ERASED company from the ground up. never despise small beginnings. some of this most notable companies today started from where you all have.

  8. you've inspired me a lot luis, I'm excited to play skate again, but for now just following all your akate vlog because of no set up.

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