Professional equestrian Georgina Bloomberg on how to show jump

Professional equestrian Georgina Bloomberg on how to show jump

– I have broken my ankle. I have broken my collar
bone about four times. My wrist twice, numerous fingers. I’ve broken my shoulder twice. I have broken my back twice. I’m now fully metal-rodded
out in the back, and I’ve also had numerous concussions. Unfortunately falling
off and breaking bones is a big part of our sport. Hi, I’m Georgina Bloomberg, I’m here to teach you how to show jump. A fun fact about equestrian sport is it’s the only Olympic sport where men and women
compete against each other. Almost every rider gets into
the sport and starts riding because they have a huge love for horses. That’s sort of mandatory. Some horses are afraid of certain types of obstacles making them more challenging. So, you have a vertical,
which is just sort of rails, sometimes some stuff
underneath, but from the side, it’s just like that, and you go over it. An oxer will have the
standards, will have the rails, and then there’ll be
another one right behind it, either a little bit
higher or the same level. Now, these are hard
because they can be narrow, or they can be very wide,
and a horse has to clear, not only the front
part, but the back part. You also have what we call a triple bar. You can knock this part
down, or this part down, but you can’t knock this part down. It’s basically, just
lowering the obstacle height, and then, you have things
the course designer can put under the jumps,
so under any of these jumps you could see a liver pool,
which will be full of water, and a lot of horses are afraid of these. You also have water jumps,
which are very difficult, and you’ll only ever see
them in an outdoor venue. So, you have a large body of water, and you need to get a good gallop going, and get impulsion going to clear this. The way they do that is
there is a landing tape here. You want to clear the water jump without standing on this tape. A lot of horses are terrified of these, and a lot of riders make
mistakes going into them. So, this is everything you need to know about how to show jump,
Georgina Bloomberg signing off.

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