Proper Helmet Fit: Meredith Manor’s Tip of the Week

Proper Helmet Fit: Meredith Manor’s Tip of the Week

Hey Becca, ready to ride? Alright, let’s go. Whoa girls, whoa! What is wrong with this picture? Nothing, we have everything we need. We have boots and helmets. But do your helmets fit correctly? Sure, they’re on our heads. Let’s talk about helmet fit. Welcome to Meredith Manor’s Tip of the Week. So what is wrong with her helmet? Alright, well first of all Mikki, the helmet
is way to big for Becca’s head. If it can move like this, it can come off
in a fall, which is very dangerous. So, obviously, Becca’s going to need a smaller
helmet, so let’s try and find you a smaller helmet. For most English riders, a proper helmet fit
starts with a hair net. Mikki, do you have that hair net? I do. So your going to start by putting on over
your head, try to get as much of your hair in it all the way down to your ears. Alright, so now you can take a hair tie and
tie your hair back in a pony tail with the hairnet included in the pony tail. Alright, so next what I like to do is open
up this bottom part of the hairnet and put as much of the pony tail in it as I can, that
just helps to spread the pony tail out in the helmet. Now that you have your hairnet on, here’s
a smaller helmet, let’s see if it fits. And remember, you want to include that back
bun in the helmet fit. Make sure the straps are sitting correctly. Alright, so first without it hooked up, go
ahead and shake your head. Do you feel like it moves at all? No. And it’s sits nice and tightly, sorry, snuggly
over her eyebrows. Go ahead and do up your chin strap. For a chin strap you want to make sure it
sits pretty close underneath of your chin, because again in a fall that chin strap is
going to hold the helmet on even if it has moved or shifted. We could probably go a little bit snugger,
let’s go ahead and adjust that. That looks much better, how does it feel? Feels good, alright. Let’s turn around, see the back. You can see how her hair is nice and tucked
up underneath. This little bit of tail could be caught with
a tighter pony tail if she wishes, but it’s not necessary. From the side, you can see that it’s low,
right above the eyebrows. And the hairnet encompasses her whole ear,
the hair, and keeps everything tucked up nice and neatly. It looks much better than what you had before
Becca. So Mikki, I hear you are going to an event
this weekend. What kind of pretty hat are you going to wear? First of all Sam, they’re not called hats,
they’re called skull caps. This is my skull cap. I don’t put my hair up in it so I’m not
going to use a hair net, I know you just showed us how and it was awesome, but I just use
a pony tail out back. Is there any particular reason why you don’t
put your hair up in this? Because when you’re running cross country
you want to be sure your helmet fits your head and not your hair. It’s a little bit safer and it’s kind
of a style as well, like it’s become the style to put your hair up in your helmet for
hunters and dressage, but for eventing the style is to have a pony tail down the back. So here we go, it fits my head nice and snuggly,
it moves my eyebrows when I move the helmet. If I flip my head upside down it stays on. And as you can see my ponytail is just below
the helmet coming out the back. Now I’ll do up the chin strap nice and tight. I can get a finger in there so I can breath,
but it fits close to my throat. Well that looks pretty darn fancy Mikki. What’s this thing for? It’s the cover, again it’s for style. It’s also safer not to have a visor on your
helmet if you fall off at speed because that’s an easy way to snap your neck. I have a Charles Owen helmet on right now. This is my hunt cap, as you might have noticed
earlier my skull cap is also made by Charles Owen. I really like these helmets because of the
shape. They have a little bit more of an oval fit
which fits my head nice and tight and there’s no gap on the side here. Some helmets are a little more round, so I
prefer these because of the way they fit me. If you have a slightly more oval shaped head,
you might like Charles Owens also. I have on a GPA helmet and I really like GPAs
because I have a rounder skull and the GPA fits the round skull pretty nicely without
giving me extra bulk up top or to the sides, so I feel like it fits pretty snuggly. It also has plenty of room in the top by the
ventilated straps here for the air to flow so I’m not sweating all over myself. And, I like to wear a hairnet, so it also
helps me keep my hair tucked up nice and neatly underneath. It’s got this nice clean looking back to
it as well. So, especially for dressage, I really like
my GPA so that everything looks neat and tidy. For starting here at Meredith Manor, I brought
my simple Troxel helmet. It was very affordable and just as safe. One thing I really like about this is, just
as everybody else said, it fits very well. I can shake my head yes and no and it’s
not going anywhere. Another benefit to the Troxel is it has an
adjustable piece in the back that can make it larger or smaller, so depending on the
day, if I want my hair up in the helmet or down, I can adjust the helmet appropriately. That looks really good on you Becca. I love it, it’s very comfortable and I love
the different color of yours as well. Thanks. Are we ready to ride now? Let’s go. Wait, just one more thing, remember ladies
if you have a fall at any time and it involves you hitting your head, you need to get the
helmet replaced as soon as possible. Okay? Okay, thank you. I’m Sam, I’m Mikki, I’m Becca. This has been your Meredith Manor Tip of the
Week. Happy helmeting!

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  1. I had no clue my helmet fit like that! And I need to replace it after my last fall on Diego too, thanks!

  2. I don't replace my helmet that often since it not broken but just white marks got on it. My helmet is IRH.

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