morning guys it is 3am and there’s Amanda. we are headed to rainbow mountain this morning we had to get up so early because it’s like a three or four-hour bus ride let me see if I can find a picture of where we’re going because it’s beautiful, doesn’t look real There it is. Is that coffee? I’m not sure what that is smell it. Ask him. oh it’s like cold brew but I want cocoa leaves too. I just made some of the tea with those coca leaves those are supposed to help prevent or help with the altitude sickness. When we finish the hike today we’ll be over 5,000 meters that’s probably like 16,000 feet or so I just don’t want to get like a headache or anything wrong with my stomach. Amanda is getting creative I don’t know how many you’re supposed to put in, though. This is the hostel we’re at. we came here because we stayed at kokopelli in Lima. That’s where we stayed when we had food poisoning. If you stay at another one you get a discount. as long as you have your wristband and it’s pretty nice this is just like the main entrance lobby How is your bread? Eh… Amanda got the coca leaves and a water. We just finished breakfast in here and now we’ve got a 9 kilometre hike up to the rainbow mountains and it’s going to take about three hours and when we’re done we’ll be at 50,100 meters which is like 1500 15,000ft? It’s more than that actually even It will probably be 16,000ft, I don’t know, we’ll see Let’s hope we don’t get diarrhea or altitude sickness (diarrhea is a side effect) you can see groups already going, getting started How you doing, Amanda? I can definitely feel the altitude already. we’ve only been walking for 15 minutes…not even, 10 minutes there are so how many people here so if you plan on doing this, don’t worry about being alone these are all horse’s you can rent (for about $80 PEN, but negotiable) want to rent one? No. Mark was saying how it would look how it would look if Mark was on a horse and the lady was pulling him We saw this one old lady, she was probably 60 or 70 and she had a backpack on and she was pulling a horse God….makes me feel like shit good work. I feel much better now.
Amanda: brought some toilet paper Thanks for the toilet paper, mom! he’s rocking those Peruvian beats is it getting any easier? Nah! I keep getting hot and then cold, my nose is running I have to pee again! Really? Yeah, I’m not sure if the atmosphere messes with my bladder I got to p*** a lot though That’s the view behind us. It’s pretty nice! This sh*t is no joke you can start to see the mountain right there, you can start to see the colors and this is where we’re going we’re almost to the top we still have to go a little ways But, this view is amazing! There’s the side of rainbow mountain. this is like a picture and there’s a glacier right there. I wish the clouds weren’t there it started hailing.
It kind of stop now but…it’s tough! Feel a bit lightheaded we’re going to rest a little and then head up look at the colors, they’re so pretty! Amazing! F*** we made it Hey guys! It’s Mark and Amanda. we’re coming to you from present day because this video is actually from November currently we are in Cairns, Australia and we’re editing the video right now in this Helpx beautiful house up in the rain forest while we’re editing we wanted to give you guys a quick tip and pointer it’s very important in the video you will see that we arrived to Cusco at 7:00 pm and booked our Rainbow Mountain trek for 3am how many hours are over there yeah, not very many. They recommend to climatize in Cusco for two to three days before you do the rainbow mountain hike. that is the reason we struggled we we wanted you to know why we looked like we were really unfit no, I just didn’t want you guys to make the same mistake we did But there was the reason behind it. We didn’t have enough time to stick around because we had to go to Machu Picchu, which you will see next. We didn’t have time to acclimatize really. Right? Correct okay now back to rainbow mountain I was having doubts I was having doubts for you It’s freezing up here. No one ever says how cold it us My zippers been down the whole time fly’s open! it’s so cold you can’t even feel your fingers It’s hailing again. This is ridiculous. how beautiful the walk back is so much better than the walk up It’s easier and the view is better I wish it was that blue over by rainbow mountain. I know, the sky is crazy the clouds are awesome looking It’s significantly warmer all these people are reminding me of like a pilgrimage like all the horses we’re all trekking across the country What did you get? Rocks. Here, lets see It’s still hailing but we’re almost there we made it guys! what time is it? 1:38pm we started at 8am I think it took us like 3 hrs. Get ran over by a horse but I was saying, I think it took us about 3 hours to hike up there and then an hour and a half or two hours probably to get back down. yeah it wasn’t nearly as long the actual hike isn’t that hard, it’s the elevation that kills you bring layers and we didn’t bring any gloves, gloves would have helped probably There are the buses. we have a three hour bus ride back to Cusco okay so yeah we’re going to take a nap on a bus oh look at that, the alpaca is sneezing


  1. wow guys!! my family is peruvian and I had NEVER seen that amazing place at all!!!! it looks much better in real life than in that picture at the beginning!!! its so impressive!!! kudos for the original visit!! you are the only ones we have seen visiting different places! !!! Que viva Peru!!!

  2. Those views on top of Rainbow Mountain were awesome. I so remember that game back in the day Oregon Trail ha

  3. You guys must be SO fit now, after all these hikes and mountains and long walks you've been doing! I gotta shed my Easter chumps (overindulged on chocolate!) so watching this was a little inspiration, haha, don't worry about the huffing and puffing up the mountain, we all would have felt the same! xoxo

  4. Freaking awesome… these views and experiences are killing me in the best way!! I'm so glad I get to see all of this through your travels! Such a cool experience! β€πŸ’œπŸ’™

  5. Looks like you you're getting addicted to the coca leaves haha. But this place is beautiful, we're gonna visit it for sure.

  6. Hey guys! Love your video blog!! I mentioned to a coworker about a trip I have planned to Peru in about 3 weeks and he told me about your page, perfect timing too! I was wondering what tour you guys did for the rainbow mountain? I've looked into a couple but I'd rather chose one that others have experienced and can recommend. It would be a huge help, I'd really appreciate it!

  7. you guys did a great trek and nice video. we are heading to Peru in August and will probably take a tour for rainbow mountain too. what tour agency did you take the tour from?

  8. You guys are great!! When I saw your present day break I laughed cuz when we hiked Rainbow Mt. we were there for a few days in Cusco and we thought we were adjusted to the altitude and that elevation still kicked out but. We totally agree with you both about the hike being a not so hard trek but that altitude sickness is no joke!! Happy Trails and Safe Travels! Thanks for sharingπŸ€™πŸΌ

  9. Thanks for putting simple things like your hotel and letting us know you booked the tour through your hotel because. So many videos post them going but provide no info as to how to get a trustworthy tour. πŸ‘πŸ½

  10. Many people joke about the coca leaves tea, but I am glad you took it seriously because It REALLY works against altitude sickness.

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  12. Many Peruvians didn't even know this mountain existed until tourists made Winicunca famous on social media so thanks tourists! Now, there is another one called Palcoyo in Cusco itself.

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