Ramoji Film city Hyderabad | Bahubali set & more

Ramoji Film city Hyderabad | Bahubali set & more

Hello friends! Welcome to Ramoji Film City! This is your host, Harish Bali. We covered the 30-km distance from Hyderabad to this place in one hour. I’ve reached the Ramoji Film City. In fact, I am quite excited seeing the vastness of this place. Someone told me that this place is spread over an area of 2000 acres (8.09 sq. km.). Quite an amazing fact! There is no dearth of activities for kids to do. I can see a restaurant upfront. There is a toy train. You can see a bus right there. This bus takes visitors around the whole area of the film city. I read it on a wall while coming in that the Ramoji Film City is the largest film studio complex…in the world. It is a great fact to know that no other film studio in the world is bigger than this. Nice! (Speaking in Telugu) This is Eureka, where you have entertainment shows, shopping, restaurants, etc. This is the starting and ending point of this journey. To go back to Hyderabad, you can catch the last bus till 8 o’clock in the night. This is the Bhagvatam Hall with mythological set inside. This location is the main attraction point for tourists coming to the film city. There is the darbar (court) of Krishna Bhagwan (Lord Krishna) inside. Beyond that there is another darbar of Duryodhana. This is a set of a train station. The train station scene in the movie “Chennai Express” was shot here. We came to the film city in the afternoon. But if we come in the morning, which we now know, there is a welcome ceremony in the morning. After that, people go inside dancing, from this entrance. It is carnival time these days, so you can see chairs placed for people to sit for the evening stage show. This is the Cowboy Street, built on the Wild West theme. There, inside that building, they are going to start the “Wild West Stunt Show” now. Right now, I am inside the Ramoji Movie Magic area. They have live shows here. It is a matter of chance that right now, there are no live shows available for us to see. Right there, in front of me, they stage a “Space Yatra” show in which you are made to feel like you are… …traveling in space. The “FilmiDuniya” area is under renovation currently. Right next to it is the place where they stage famous movie scenes through C.G.I. effects. Beyond that, there is an area called “Lights, Camera, Action” where fluorescent lights are used. In a way, you can call this place a selfie zone, where you can click pictures of yourself and post it online. Look at this wonderful car model behind me. This looks like a petrol pump set. I think I can click a good picture of mine at this location. In this film city, everything is filmi, like this airport set in front. Right now, we are passing in front of a Central Jail set. Right now, we are entering the “Mahishmati Kingdom” where the iconic film “Bahubali” was shot. I can see in front of me all the famous sets from the movie. The film took more than 600 days to shoot at this location. Look at the beauty of these sets, it is worth watching. This is the same wheel-cart that you saw in the film Bahubali part 2, which was used to stop that… …elephant from attacking. This is the rath (chariot) of BhallalDev (main villain of the movie). Now let us walk towards the royal throne. This looks like no other film set. The size & dimension of this set is incredible. The Bahubali set looks exactly like it looked in the movie on the film screen. This is the same place, where the Rajtilak (coronation) ceremony took place in the movie. This is Rajmata Shivagami with the throne. You can see this blue screen in the background. The blue and green screens are used to change the background in the final scene. Half of the film is shot on the set while the other half is inserted through graphics. Going around this Bahubali set was an amazing experience. This is the place where the final action sequence of the movie was shot, right here. Right now, we are in the Princess Street. The buildings on both sides are built in the international style. Among the movies shot here are – Golmaat& All the Best. This is a hospital-style building, obviously to shoot hospital scenes for movies. The Hindi television serial, “Siyake Ram”, was shot here. Since it is carnival time here, you can see special lighting arrangements in this area. Our time management for today was so bad that we were late for the “Movie Magic Show.” The Ramoji Film Studio is so vast that even 2 days are not enough to see it properly. In fact, I feel like I should spend at least an hour on each set, imagine about the film shoots done… …there and enjoy myself. While looking around, we enjoyed touring the Bahubali set the most. This is the highest point in the film city from where you can check out the complete city. It is winter carnival time right now and the lighting arrangements make this place look so beautiful. Looking down, the green landscape looks beautiful too. You can see small and big elephants sculpted out of shrubs. The green lawn in front of us was the location for one of the famous songs of the movie Dirty Picture. This is Angel Fountain, there is Mughal Garden. How beautiful it is with all the colorful lights. This garden on the right side is a popular location to shoot film songs. This location is used to depict a huge entrance or gate. There is a mosque built inside. Now we are going towards our left, where indoor shoots take place. These buildings are used to shoot indoor shots for movies and television serials. The action scene of the movie Chennai Express was shot at this small town set. In this area, the movie “Kaminey” was shot. There is a stage show going on right there, let us check it out from the front. I was talking to this family. They’ve have been living in Hyderabad for 2 years and they say whenever… …a relative comes visiting, they bring the guest to visit Ramoji Film City. Host: “How was your experience today?” Man: “Very good. Even today, we have accompanied one of our relatives. They are also enjoying and… …we are also chilling out with family and relations.” Host: “Very nice!” Man: “One of the best hangouts in Hyderabad.” Host: “Yeah, good place.” Host: “We came here for the first time but we enjoyed a lot.” Man: “Yeah, definitely.” Host: “Nice meeting you. Thanks.” (Announcer talking on stage). I was in conversation with this family. They are from Anantapur, which is 350 kms from Hyderabad. Host: “How was your experience coming here?” Man: “It is a very good place, good entertainment for family. You can stay here for 2-3 days.” Host: “So nice of you. Hello (to the kid). Please enjoy yourselves. Thank you very much.” Man: “Thank you.” Our trip to Ramoji film city was great. My only regret is that I should’ve come here at 9 o’clock in the morning and roamed around till night. Instead, we reached here almost in the afternoon, 15 minutes before the entry is closed. The ticket charge per person is Rs. 1250 to visit the entire city, exclusive of food charges. I enjoyed visiting this place. In fact, I enjoyed everything. I cannot pinpoint one or two locations. All the places are worth visiting. In fact the sets here are terrific. Please tell us how was this video? If you have an experience to share regarding the Ramoji Film City, share with us in your comments. Thanks for your time! As we were leaving, I saw 3-4 hotels on the way. Right now, we are in Tara Hotel, to find out the tariff. I was told it is in the range of Rs. 5000/- for the night. They also told me about another hotel nearby, where the tariff is Rs. 3200/- per night. In fact, as per the category of the hotel, the tariff also goes up to Rs 7500/- per night here. So, I just thought to share this piece of information with my viewers. I am repeating myself – we loved visiting the Ramoji Film City. It was a day well spent. Thanks for your time!

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