RDA Horse of the Year 2017

I don’t know what it is about him. He’s just got so much life in him. Everyone loves him. It’s
impossible to meet someone that doesn’t. He just gets inside your head. He’s in
here and he’s just…. there’s something so special about him. He belongs to Emma Brown. He was
just an incredible horse and did everything: jumping great big hedges at
Blenheim…. he was a real character and when I was looking for
some RDA horses a mutual friend of ours said “Oh contact Emma see if she
can help”, and Emma said “you can have pip” we were like: “Really? We can have Pip?” I think the days gone by where they thought we needed elderly, slightly
lame, slightly blind horses. They’re gone. We really need quality.
I think he epitomises that. Pip has been at Penniwells for about two years.
I just think of Pip as being a good friend. He kind of makes everyone feel
better. He’s a kind, gentle horse who loves everybody, understands people and their disabilities, knows what they can and can’t do and
helps them learn. It’s the first time I’ve ridden a horse
and yeah, she makes me feel like I can ride, because he’s been there and done
it you think he’ll look after you. He’s just so versatile. He can do his
therapy lessons, he can have quite a disabled person getting on him from
their wheelchair then the next lesson he might have a canter rider, quite an able rider doing jumping I can trust him within an inch of my life. He just reads people.
Like a wise wise old boy that just knows everything about everybody and
that’s his challenge in life – I think he just wants to make people happy and to
understand. I’m going to make myself cry in a minute. You’re special Pip aren’t you. He’s made me braver. I had two years
not really competing like I’d lost a lot of confidence. He was the first pony who made me feel like: I can do this. You know, what he does for our riders – we as humans we can’t do that. I didn’t ever think we could have a horse like this. I
will be forever grateful

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