Real-Life Robin Hoods: Stunt Couple Fire Arrows From Horseback

Real-Life Robin Hoods: Stunt Couple Fire Arrows From Horseback

COMM: covering 90 metres in just 14 seconds an archer fires at a row of targets from the
back of a running horse, this is the competitive sport called Horse Archery at the centre in
Hertfordshire its the only place in the UK where the originally ancient art is taught 00:23
KARL: the sport horse back archery involves being as accurate as you can, as fast as you
can your horse has to be at canter, you gallop along you shoot the first one, you shoot the
second one you shoot the third one and breaking in for red beam that stops the timer 00:37
ZANA: its a lot of fun i mean its the most fun you can have on horse back 00:41
COMM: Karl and Zana Greenwood have been stunt riders for 12 years 00:46
KARL: we do jousting, we do shows that require stunts shows, we ride on films, um we teach
stunt riding, our horses are well used to filming they’ve been on aeroplanes, boats,
they’ve done pride and prejudice, gladiator, mister witch hunt and recently Bricks 01:02
COMM: they now run the centre of Horse back combat after discovering the sport of horse
archery 6 years ago when they came across a bow at a medieval fair. 01:11
KARL: People were making horse bows and selling them to the medieval world and as we looked
at them we thought no one is actually doing horse archery, we realised there was no central
place for anyone to come and learn, we did a years of shows y and use the proceeds to
start the centre of horseback combat 01:30
COMM: The centre has now taught over 1000 people and understanding the risks of working
with animals and weaponry safety is paramount for Karl and Zana 01:39
KARL: its a shooting range you got a weapon, a weapon thats designed to kill people, it
killed people off of thousands of years or more effectively, its dangerous when used
as a sport, the horses are trained perfectly, the whole thing is organised to run efficiently
and safely. 01:54
COMM: Horse archery involves a lot specialist equipment with a mixture of modern materials
and ancient design. 02:00
ZANA: So what I’m using today is a corsac trix pedal with a pummel which is a bit different
because we actually use this for stunt work for vaulting and doing all the corsac tricks
providing the perfect horse archery because i can stick my thins over the pummel, the
bows we use are very traditional looking horse bows, very plain and actually not very different
from the bows you used a thousand years ago except now a days they are more modern fibre
glass material, i’m using a traditional wooden arrow um but you can use aluminum, you can
use carbon fibres 02:36
COMM: its believed that horse archery began as a competitive sport 30 years ago in Hungary
but has its roots in an ancient and bloody tradition 02:45
ZANA: you can look back to the Egyptian chariot archery which is about 2000 BC um and they
were shooting the bows to the horse bows we use a very plain and simplistic from the back
of chariots then that progressed onto horse back, the Romans actually have a history of
horse back archery, the Huns, the Avars, the Parthians then going across to the most influence
people will recognise is gengose carna we are talking 1200, 1300 that kind of era 03:10
COMM: Since 2010 the sport has gone from being almost unknown in the UK to generating a solid
group of competitors and Zana and Karl think the revived sport is only set to grow in clarity 03:22
ZANA: the next step for now is to progress what we are doing get more students to come
and learn this in a nice, safe environment i’d love to see horse archery as an olympic
sport i actually think its very visual um its very competitive and we absolutely have
horse riding and archery the olympics so why not put the 2 together.

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  1. Real-Life Robin Hoods: Stunt Couple Fire Arrows From Horseback
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    An archer fires an arrow into the bullseye of a target – while sitting on a galloping horse. Karl Greenwood, 43, and Zana Cousins-Greenwood, 36, have set their hearts on bringing the ancient art of horseback archery back to the UK. The couple, who have been stunt riders for 12 years and perform jousting and equine stunt shows in the UK and overseas, run the Centre of Horseback Combat – the only venue in Britain which teaches the discipline. The dramatic, high-adrenaline sport gives competitors 14 seconds to shoot multiple arrows at a row of targets whilst riding a cantering horse along a 90 metre track.

  2. I love stunt riding, being a part of horse riding and having that skill took me years, but I'm here now and I wouldn't change it for the world, but they're not 'galloping' along, it's a slow canter.

  3. I've always wanted to try this, looks so fun! I've also ridden for quite a long time and tried archery once. but the workshops / lessons for this are so expensive :/

  4. I shoot Archery and ride horses but I've never thought about trying them together! this would be awesome to learn when I get a horse of my own (I ride a lesson horse)!

  5. this is such an awesome sport. i just wish that its was more people to do this cuz i love meting new people and do this with them


  7. people that think they will get good at archery with 50$ worth of arrows are retarded and have never shot.

  8. Interesting video. We were turned on to your video doing research for filming at the Nomad Games. Cheers, The Crew

  9. I've been shooting a traditional bow for 20+ years. This looks like so much fun. I've only been on a horse a few times. It should definitely be an Olympic sport.

  10. Horn bow and horseback archery both started at northern natives of Persians (parthians & scythians) twice as old as chengis khans army adopted that.
    I hope you will tell little bit more about it's rutes in the future videos !

  11. Karl and Zana Greenwood are not the ones to go to for horse archery. The official association for British Horseback Archery is the BHAA (British Horseback Archery Association). Learning horse archery with Karl and Zana will not get you able to compete with other clubs in the UK, or going abroad to compete.

  12. It's taught all over the UK, in Gloucestershire, Essex, Cornwall, Kent ect. But, the BHAA is the national affiliated club. And the centre of horseback combat are the 'splitters' from the BHAA, you should know what I'm talking about.

  13. Korea already hosts their version:
    I believe japan also has a horseback archery tradition but everything related to archery there seems to be highly ritualized and formal; the korean competitions usually have quite a few westerners show up.

  14. Began as a competitive sport in Hungary about 30 years ago? Try over 1000 years ago with the warriors of the East Asian steppe.

  15. Remind me how they are real life Robin Hood? Pretty sure Robin Hood shot with a Longbow and never did horseback archery. They're more awesome than Robin Hood.

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