Realistyczne Star Stable || GoPro || Nowy Koń, lonża, teren!

Realistyczne Star Stable || GoPro || Nowy Koń, lonża, teren!

~Realistic Star Stable~ Hello everyone! It’s Lorraine here! At the same beggining, I wanted to thank all of you for likes and views under my last video of “Realistic Star Stable”. I hope that you’ll like this episode too and you won’t forget to leave a like! Today, I’m gonna take you again to my stable! At the same beggining, I will take the most important thing – carrots of course! And now we’re going to our paddock. I will introduce you guys to my new friend who is in the paddock right now. It is a pony which was rescued from very, very conditions. He is very, very friendly towards people! Everyone likes him very much. You just need to come up to him and then he will start sniffing you around if you have any snacks or something else to eat! You just need to be stand here, do nothing and he will immediately run up to you! This little horse doesn’t have a name yet, so if you have any suggestions of names for him/her, write them in the comments! And there he is. He is my new horse. This is Dante. I got him from my dear friends for my birthday. They knew that I was going to buy a horse of this breed. I was so surprised! They made me such a wonderful gift! I have really great friends and I will be thankful for them ’till the end! So today, as a test ride, I decided to go on cross-country ride (I’m sorry if I’ve spelled this name wrong!) I didn’t try riding cross-country on him. I only know, that he’s a quite calm horse. But you know. We are just getting to know each other. So first, I’ve just brushed him. You know, hooves – this is the most important thing, remember! Then, I put on his leg wraps. To be honest, I was just too lazy to put on his stockings! Yeah. As you can see, I didn’t put any gear on him, because we don’t have any matching saddle for him at the moment. So this was kinda risky, but luckly, nothing did happend, so I’m happy. As you can see, I first lunged Dante. We started from a walk. And then we will gradually change his gaits. I will tell a little bit about him for you. While he is being lunged. This is Lusitano horse. He’s 6 years old, and not that long ago, he was being bucketed. He is a gelding horse. I’m very happy that I didn’t have to castrate him and etc. I don’t know why, but I really don’t like doing this. So I’m really glad that it’s behind us now and we don’t have to do it. And what more can I say about him..? He has a wonderful character. Dante is really, really, really gentle with people. They can ride on him– Maybe not ride, because I’m not sure for 100%, but kids could surely do any kind of nursing treatments. Like sticking out his legs for hoofpicking, grooming his tail and mane is really easy with him. He really likes to cuddle a lot, so he enjoys it! And now it’s time to wear my helmet. It’s the most important thing during horseriding. Remember! You will also see a lot of videos recorded with my GoPro camera. This time I charged it to the 100%, so you could see most of the terrain around from this point of view. I hope you will like it! I also hope that it wasn’t shaking that much, because, to be honest, I didn’t install it professionally, so during gallop, it could’ve shaken a little bit. But despite this, I hope you will still enjoy! What can I tell you about things we have been doing? Overall, we don’t do that many things together. The only thing we do, are transitions from walk to “Stop”. Or from “Stop” to walk. Or for example, from trot to “Stop”. At this moment, we are doing very, very.. you know.. We are doing the basics, to be honest. I also try walking backwards with him. We are also trying to figure out.. You know. I don’t know this horse completely. I’m not sure what can I do, and can’t I do. You can see here, that we are going backwards. I know, that he knows the beginnings of piaffe, because he is supposed to be a dressage horse. We don’t always do the piaffe right. As you can see here, I tried to see, how he was trained to do piaffe and he actually knows the beginnings of this, so I’m hoping that in the future, we could take part in the championships together. Here you can see, that we have left the arena and went to the main trail. And generally, in a few second, you will see how beautifully he got scared by a few ballons. Maybe.. He wasn’t scared of them, but he didn’t want to walk next to them. There are a lot of ballons aroung, because there’s an event in our stable. And these ballons caught his eyes, so he didn’t want to walk next to them indifferently. I’m really glad, that I managed to keep myself in the saddle, because he decided to rear. I fortunately grabbed his neck on time. It was really dangerous, I must say. Everything ended well, so I’m happy about that. He got scared in a really funny way. Here, I was showing him that: “Hey, this isn’t scary!”, but he was still angry at these ballons. But he managed ride next to them. But still, I needed to dismount him and lead him, but everything is alright. And here, you can see us, walking very calmly through our stables areas. Everything was okay.. He was going a little bit faster a few times, because he was really happy about going out for cross-coutry riding. So um… When it comes to galloping, there was very, very little of it. I could say that there was a minimum amount of gallop, because I was scared that I could not handle him, or that I could fall of him and then he will run off somewhere, because you know.. this a completely new place for him. You can see here, that we’ve been trotting a little bit. When it comes to his gates, he is just like a “couch”, so trotting on him without any gear isn’t a problem! And here you can see us coming back to the stable. We had a drone here. My friend rented a drone Especially for this cross-country ride to just show you how this went. We plan to buy our own drone, I hope that this will work out. But this kind of device is really expensive.. So yeah. We are just going back to the stable. I must say, that I was really proud of Dante. He didn’t got scared in our cross-country ride. He was only really excited about this whole ride. But I don’t blame him, because this a brand new stable for him. I have him for around week and a half, so he is new for me. But despite everything, he is already my number one. I’m taking his leg wraps off. I’m always checking horses hooves after going for a cross-country ride, because they can have some kind of rocks or mud in here. And I think that that’s it! I hope that you enjoyed watching this episode. Remember to leave a like, subscription and write a comment! I greet all of you very warmly. See you in the next episode, take care and byee~ Subtitles by Jagodowa

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  1. Hejka Aciu! Bardzo podobają mi się odcineczki z Realistycznego SSO i Chciałam już wiele razy zrobić widok od strony gracza czyli tak zwane GoPro ale nie wiem jak:c wiec czy mogła byś w nastepnym odcineczku powiedzieć jak to zrobiłaś ???am nadzieje że tak <3

  2. Super filmik ci wyszedł, bardzo fajnie ( a i imię dla konia to Diamond hunter myślę że pomogłam) Pozdrawiam

  3. Aciu kochana jak ja uwielbiam słuchać twojego głosu jest taki ciepły i przyjazny.
    I mam pytanko zkąd jest ta kamera GoPro? pewnie myślisz sobie że zadaje głupie pytania ale chciała bym wiedzieć ❤❤

  4. Gdyby tak na prawde było
    (Ale niestety nir jest) Jeszcze bardziej bym jest kochała.
    Ogl Atta kocham cie i ślicznie ci to wyszło 😘😘

  5. Acia super że robisz realistyczne sso a co do tego pomysłu na imię dla konia to może (napiszę jak się mówi) czerykis

  6. Plis niech ktoś napisze co zrobić aby prowadzić konia w sso bo ja wiem gdzie to kupić ale jak klikam w trenera to pokazuje mi się tylko żeby kupić trenowaniu konia aby osiągnął następny poziom więc proszę o pomoc🤷‍♀️

  7. Ratujcie!!!!!!!!Nie mogę się zalogować na moje konto,normalnie wpisuję hasło i mi nie wchodzi boję się że ktoś mnie zhakował i zmienił hasło!!!!

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