Reality Check | Season 6 Ep. 17 | BOB’S BURGERS

Reality Check | Season 6 Ep. 17 | BOB’S BURGERS

OK, we’re about to
begin the riding lessons. And on the last
day, there will be a riding exhibition for your
parents to take pictures at. Now, time to mount. It’s just like
getting on a horse. Sorry I don’t have
any analogies. This is really
happening. [hums] Ah! Oh. OK, let’s get our
horses to walk. Squeeze with your heels. Squeezing. Come on, Pops. [grunts] Tina, you seem to
be not moving at all. Is that what you were going for? No, not exactly. OK, officially riding. Wait, where are you going? Because it kind of
seems like you’re headed right for the
fence, fence, fence. Take control, Tina, He’s
trying to scrape you off. No, we’re getting along great. Ugh, my knee’s turned around. No, just my pants.
I’m fine. Hey, Tina! Maybe you thought this
was fencing camp? [laughs] [laughs] I don’t get it. Ow, I’m OK.
Ow. No, I’m not.
Ow. Yes, I am. Ow, everything’s great. Ow, gay horse camp!

21 thoughts on “Reality Check | Season 6 Ep. 17 | BOB’S BURGERS

  1. I remember my first week learning how to ride. I got thrown! And now I ride competitive hunter. We've all been there, getting slammed into a fence during practice or blowing a lead right in front of the judges. Any of my eq peeps excited for this one?

  2. This is one of my biggest fears. Having someone pay lots of money for me to do something I've always wanted to do and then absolutely hating it. Not only are you extremely let down but you also wasted lots of someone's money.

  3. Riding lessons aren't that fun in America. Everyone has the idea that it's like going fox hunting in England when in reality you're in class with a bunch of clueless ill bred white trash girls and it's actually not teaching you much unless you want to go to a competitive level

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