Red Dead Redemption 2 – NEW HORSES! HORSE
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RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 HORSE 0:00:07.460,0:00:11.759
hey you what’s going on guys my name is RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 HORSES
0:00:10.139,0:00:13.259 Zack be guess and call me hazardous
RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 HORSE PHYSICS 0:00:11.759,0:00:14.969
thank you guys so much for tuning back RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 HORSE CUSTOMIZATION
0:00:13.259,0:00:17.279 in on my channel and welcome back to
RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 HORSE BREEDS 0:00:14.969,0:00:19.080
another red dead redemption – video here RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 HORSE RIDING
0:00:17.279,0:00:20.520 on the channel today guys and in today’s
RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 HORSE RACES 0:00:19.080,0:00:22.289
Red Dead Redemption Tube video we’re RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 NEW HORSE
0:00:20.520,0:00:23.699 gonna be talking all about horses today
RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 NEW HORSES 0:00:22.289,0:00:26.699
we’re gonna be talking about custom RDR2 HORSE
0:00:23.699,0:00:29.550 horses horse customization horse riding
RDR2 HORSES 0:00:26.699,0:00:31.710
horse physics and real horse dynamics in RDR2 HORSE PHYSICS
0:00:29.550,0:00:34.230 Red Dead Redemption – and RDR – so if
RDR2 HORSE CUSTOMIZATION 0:00:31.710,0:00:35.670
you guys are excited to listen to this RDR2 HORSE BREEDS
0:00:34.230,0:00:37.590 video and watch this video and if this
RDR2 HORSE RIDING 0:00:35.670,0:00:39.239
and if you find this information helpful RDR2 HORSE RACES
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much for tuning in to the channel let’s RDR
0:00:43.530,0:00:46.860 jump into this information and let’s get 0:00:45.239,0:00:49.230
this video started so I just want to do 0:00:46.860,0:00:51.180
a quick overview of the Red Dead 0:00:49.230,0:00:53.010
Redemption to horse description here 0:00:51.180,0:00:54.390
that’s found online and we can talk 0:00:53.010,0:00:56.520
about these horses and kind of what’s 0:00:54.390,0:00:58.710
gonna be happening with horses in Red 0:00:56.520,0:01:00.570
Dead Redemption – horses are described 0:00:58.710,0:01:02.370
as being fast adaptable and being able 0:01:00.570,0:01:03.059
to carry equipment while also allowing 0:01:02.370,0:01:05.400
the rider 0:01:03.059,0:01:07.710
to utilize his weapons while riding the 0:01:05.400,0:01:09.740
horse in game and also in game the 0:01:07.710,0:01:12.360
horses come in a vast variety of breeds 0:01:09.740,0:01:14.580
appearances and colors several of which 0:01:12.360,0:01:16.229
have different pattern variations and 0:01:14.580,0:01:18.630
each breed has a different level of 0:01:16.229,0:01:20.520
stamina health and speed so let’s kind 0:01:18.630,0:01:22.619
of go over that we can see horses with 0:01:20.520,0:01:24.060
different breeds appearances and colors 0:01:22.619,0:01:25.590
so this is something that to keep in 0:01:24.060,0:01:27.360
mind because we’re also probably gonna 0:01:25.590,0:01:29.850
be seeing this information and this 0:01:27.360,0:01:31.799
stuff come true in Red Dead 2 online as 0:01:29.850,0:01:33.570
well where we can buy a bunch of 0:01:31.799,0:01:35.939
different horse breeds similar to in 0:01:33.570,0:01:37.890
actual Red Dead Redemption where there 0:01:35.939,0:01:39.299
were different levels of horses horses 0:01:37.890,0:01:40.710
are gonna cost different amounts of 0:01:39.299,0:01:42.329
money in the game I can almost guarantee 0:01:40.710,0:01:44.460
you that we’re gonna be able to get 0:01:42.329,0:01:46.079
multiple breeds of horses and probably 0:01:44.460,0:01:48.329
even change the color of our horse 0:01:46.079,0:01:49.500
depending on what the breed allows for 0:01:48.329,0:01:51.750
because I think they’re gonna keep it 0:01:49.500,0:01:53.970
kind of realistic we’re you know in real 0:01:51.750,0:01:56.130
life the kentucky saddler is typically a 0:01:53.970,0:01:59.189
lighter color like cream yellow horse 0:01:56.130,0:02:01.350
whereas you know you know a typical like 0:01:59.189,0:02:03.329
stallion or mustang or black or brown or 0:02:01.350,0:02:05.070
something of the sort so maybe we can do 0:02:03.329,0:02:07.259
like total customization and make our 0:02:05.070,0:02:08.789
horse like a golden color maybe that’s 0:02:07.259,0:02:10.289
something that’s only gonna be unlocked 0:02:08.789,0:02:11.580
in a Red Dead 2 online I’d love to know 0:02:10.289,0:02:13.700
you guys thoughts on that if you think 0:02:11.580,0:02:15.410
that like horse customization in 0:02:13.700,0:02:17.209
Red Dead online should be absolutely 0:02:15.410,0:02:20.000
crazy where we can get like a gold or 0:02:17.209,0:02:21.800
platinum or like chrome colored horse I 0:02:20.000,0:02:22.970
don’t think it would take you know too 0:02:21.800,0:02:24.500
much out of the game but it would 0:02:22.970,0:02:26.300
definitely take away from the realism 0:02:24.500,0:02:27.769
and the seriousness and like the heavy 0:02:26.300,0:02:29.300
weight of the story from Red Dead 0:02:27.769,0:02:31.400
Redemption – but that’s just some 0:02:29.300,0:02:33.110
information to keep in mind horses also 0:02:31.400,0:02:35.090
have a different level of stamina health 0:02:33.110,0:02:37.519
and speed so depending on the horse you 0:02:35.090,0:02:39.080
get you’re gonna be able to either run 0:02:37.519,0:02:41.060
faster you’re gonna have more or less 0:02:39.080,0:02:42.680
health on the horse maybe four different 0:02:41.060,0:02:44.599
gunfights that you engage in if it gets 0:02:42.680,0:02:46.730
shot five times it dies or if I get shot 0:02:44.599,0:02:48.380
seven times the horse dies and then 0:02:46.730,0:02:50.780
different speeds as well the difference 0:02:48.380,0:02:52.549
between stamina as speed is pretty 0:02:50.780,0:02:54.319
simple stamina is just the amount you 0:02:52.549,0:02:56.540
can run for and kind of like the the 0:02:54.319,0:02:58.549
endurance almost and the speed of the 0:02:56.540,0:03:00.709
horse is just like how fast it can go 0:02:58.549,0:03:01.849
so if you have a horse maybe it doesn’t 0:03:00.709,0:03:04.370
have a lot of stamina but it has a 0:03:01.849,0:03:05.870
really high speed another time you could 0:03:04.370,0:03:07.670
have like a donkey maybe and it could 0:03:05.870,0:03:09.440
run forever but it doesn’t go that fast 0:03:07.670,0:03:11.480
and then you know the health variation 0:03:09.440,0:03:13.640
can also change with horses as well 0:03:11.480,0:03:15.430
horses in Red Dead Redemption – are very 0:03:13.640,0:03:17.299
realistic in their movement and behavior 0:03:15.430,0:03:19.160
reacting to their environment and 0:03:17.299,0:03:21.680
exhibit and exhibiting self-preservation 0:03:19.160,0:03:23.359
instincts for example a horse will 0:03:21.680,0:03:25.549
generally refuse to jump off a cliff 0:03:23.359,0:03:27.680
despite attempts by the player to guide 0:03:25.549,0:03:29.299
it over in addition they will become 0:03:27.680,0:03:31.160
panicked when riding too close to the 0:03:29.299,0:03:32.930
edge of steep drops so if you guys 0:03:31.160,0:03:34.400
remember in Red Dead Redemption one if 0:03:32.930,0:03:36.319
he came too close to a cliff he couldn’t 0:03:34.400,0:03:38.180
usually you can make your horse jump off 0:03:36.319,0:03:40.489
the cliff unless you had them physically 0:03:38.180,0:03:42.260
press X or square on PlayStation have 0:03:40.489,0:03:43.970
him jump off the cliff typically they 0:03:42.260,0:03:45.709
would try and stop or there would just 0:03:43.970,0:03:47.120
be like a little barrier in the game 0:03:45.709,0:03:49.130
that wouldn’t let you ride off the cliff 0:03:47.120,0:03:50.660
one that’s to help players play the game 0:03:49.130,0:03:52.250
and not fall off cliffs all the time if 0:03:50.660,0:03:53.950
they’re riding near them – is because 0:03:52.250,0:03:56.569
they don’t want you ruining your horses 0:03:53.950,0:03:58.220
so that’s pretty cool and also lassos 0:03:56.569,0:03:59.720
our back because the player can lasso 0:03:58.220,0:04:01.730
enemies from horseback and either 0:03:59.720,0:04:04.160
hog-tie or drag them which eventually 0:04:01.730,0:04:06.560
results in death gun down foes from 0:04:04.160,0:04:06.980
horseback or even trample them with your 0:04:06.560,0:04:09.319
mount 0:04:06.980,0:04:10.760
horses are just like the characters each 0:04:09.319,0:04:12.200
will have unique personalities 0:04:10.760,0:04:14.269
temperaments and performance 0:04:12.200,0:04:16.609
characteristics and horses can be killed 0:04:14.269,0:04:19.130
in combat by animals by the player and 0:04:16.609,0:04:20.479
also from high falls if the player is 0:04:19.130,0:04:21.739
stranded in the wilderness without a 0:04:20.479,0:04:23.930
horse they are presented with a 0:04:21.739,0:04:25.700
situation to attain one so typically in 0:04:23.930,0:04:27.090
Red Dead Redemption the really how you 0:04:25.700,0:04:29.070
attain a horse is either by 0:04:27.090,0:04:30.449
showing them purchasing one or by 0:04:29.070,0:04:32.190
whistling for the horse that you already 0:04:30.449,0:04:34.199
own and we are gonna see similar 0:04:32.190,0:04:36.540
mechanics and features in Red Dead 0:04:34.199,0:04:38.850
Redemption two horses also provide the 0:04:36.540,0:04:41.160
physical power for stagecoaches wagons 0:04:38.850,0:04:43.320
and carts and between two or between one 0:04:41.160,0:04:44.850
and four horses will pull the weight of 0:04:43.320,0:04:47.040
vehicles of various weights and at 0:04:44.850,0:04:48.840
various speeds and their horses seem to 0:04:47.040,0:04:50.760
be randomly assigned and the horses do 0:04:48.840,0:04:53.190
not seem to affect the vehicle speed 0:04:50.760,0:04:54.810
regardless it is impossible to change of 0:04:53.190,0:04:56.610
the horses hitched to a vehicle manually 0:04:54.810,0:04:58.229
and the player can drive these horses by 0:04:56.610,0:05:00.120
occupying the driver’s seat of the 0:04:58.229,0:05:02.460
trailers and horses can break free of 0:05:00.120,0:05:03.930
the vehicle if it is damaged so those 0:05:02.460,0:05:05.669
are a few things to keep in mind as well 0:05:03.930,0:05:07.380
it seems like stagecoaches with attached 0:05:05.669,0:05:09.450
horses are gonna be making a comeback of 0:05:07.380,0:05:11.190
course it wouldn’t be a a Wild West game 0:05:09.450,0:05:13.020
without stage coaches and horses pulling 0:05:11.190,0:05:14.790
them but I guess we won’t be able to 0:05:13.020,0:05:16.620
change the horses on them I feel like 0:05:14.790,0:05:18.389
they you know Rockstar is gonna have to 0:05:16.620,0:05:19.800
add that feature at some point I can’t 0:05:18.389,0:05:21.690
see them like keeping that out of the 0:05:19.800,0:05:23.160
game permanently but with all this horse 0:05:21.690,0:05:25.139
information I’d love to know what you 0:05:23.160,0:05:26.490
guys think about this in future videos 0:05:25.139,0:05:28.919
I’m gonna break down other horse 0:05:26.490,0:05:30.449
dynamics you know real life environments 0:05:28.919,0:05:31.950
affecting the horses and things like 0:05:30.449,0:05:33.570
that there’s a lot to talk about with 0:05:31.950,0:05:35.789
horses and Red Dead Redemption too and 0:05:33.570,0:05:37.289
we have a lot more videos to talk about 0:05:35.789,0:05:38.550
these with so this is not gonna be the 0:05:37.289,0:05:40.200
only one that I’m gonna be talking about 0:05:38.550,0:05:41.460
horses with but I’d love to know your 0:05:40.200,0:05:42.750
thoughts and opinions down in the 0:05:41.460,0:05:44.460
comments section below let me know what 0:05:42.750,0:05:46.889
you guys think about horse customization 0:05:44.460,0:05:48.539
horse breeds horse physics and more 0:05:46.889,0:05:50.639
thank you guys so much for tuning in to 0:05:48.539,0:05:52.200
the channel if you guys could subscribe 0:05:50.639,0:05:53.970
if you guys are new and drop a like if 0:05:52.200,0:05:55.590
you found this information helpful that 0:05:53.970,0:05:57.300
would be very much appreciated guys I’m 0:05:55.590,0:05:59.130
so excited to play this game I still 0:05:57.300,0:06:00.780
know it’s so far away but we’re grinding 0:05:59.130,0:06:02.070
out videos thank you to all the new 0:06:00.780,0:06:03.720
subscribers who have come to the channel 0:06:02.070,0:06:05.130
I hope you’ve had a good time here and I 0:06:03.720,0:06:06.780
hope you guys have a fantastic day and 0:06:05.130,0:06:09.740
I’ll see you guys in the next Red Dead 0:06:06.780,0:06:30.820
Redemption 2 video adios amigos 0:06:09.740,0:06:30.820
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  2. Welcome back to another Red Dead Redemption 2 and RDR2 video. In today's RDR2 video, Red Dead Redemption 2 New Horses, Horse Customization, Horse Riding, Horse Breeds & More RDR2! Todays video we are talking all about different horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 and what buying horses RDR2 will be like, riding horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 and in future RDR2 Horse videos, we will talk about the returning Red Dead Redemption 2 Horse Races players can partake in as well as the new horse features, horse details, and how to sell horses and train horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 and RDR2. If you found this Red Dead Redemption 2 horse and RDR2 horses information helpful please consider SUBSCRIBING and dropping a LIKE for more Red Dead Redemption 2 News, Information, Leaks and more! 😀

  3. great video man!! i love ride horses in rdr so i m really happy of this choiche from rockstar.
    new subscriber and keep bring new quality videos!!

  4. What about Animals Or Horses Physics ??
    Can Horses Sit on the floor When They are Tired Or for Sleeping ?
    Can We make Horses Sit Hide When we Hunt Or To be Silence ?

  5. of future reference a stallion is not a breed its just a in tact male horse ( meaning they didn't cut off his balls). also mustangs actually come in every colour under the sun because a mustang is just a wild horse from when the Spanish came over to north america :).

  6. Do you think we can lead them from the reins? There are two images with arthur leading his horse from the reins. Do you think it's a feature or just animation for the image showcase?

  7. I know no one cares but the Kentucky Saddler was a palomino coloured horse (golden coloured coat with a white mane and tail) and they have been confirmed for RDR2 because I’ve seen a few palomino horses in the screenshots. Also a stallion is a male horse who hasn’t been castrated, it’s not a colour of horse. A mustang is a name for a wild horse and they can be any colour.

  8. Horses in RDR1 had stats so it's not really new. One thing I hated was to go out wrangle a nice-looking his out of the herd, use it then tie it to a hitch, go inside, maybe sleep and come back and my horse has changed color. I also hope we can keep any wagons, coaches or whatnot we, uh….borrow from someone else. In RDR they disappeared if you made camp or got too far from it.

  9. I have noticed there appears to be varying horse breeds in the trailers. Their head shapes and body conditions/shapes are different. There seemed to be one breed in RDR1 but they were either healthy or sickly looking. Lusitanos are the most common horse breed used in movies, including cowboy movies. In RDR2, you cannot whistle for your horse if it has died. You become horseless and will need to buy one or lasso a wild one and rebuild your bond.

  10. CHROME? wtf are you 5? Is the goddamned horse gonna follow the trail or is it gonna be a four wheeled motorcycle and just go off fukking grid all the damned time? THAT would be enough to make it a better game all by itself…chrome…jezzuz hopscotch Christ!

  11. Yes it should defintetly be a horse customization process. With crazy colors maybe endgame or online. I think everyone would love to see that.

  12. It will be awesome If they make different horse models depending on the breed, instead of having different breeds but the exact same model

  13. Also it would be so cool if you bought a horse that was like mean tempered and wildish that you could take your time training it

  14. I'm really, really grateful to hear about all the stuff about horses. Should be interesting.
    I'd like to see horses that the player has had for long periods of time panic less about cliffs and noise and animals. Most of all I would like to see horses flee or fight back when attacked (And possibly be able to swim because YES. HORSES CAN SWIM. But I understand if rivers have to be used as plot barriers.)

    For the record Kentucky saddle horses and mustangs both come in *all colors*. Mustangs are not always dark and Kentucky saddle horses aren't always light. It looks like Rockstar branched out a lot with their mounts but I'm still hoping that all the spotted ones don't suck balls like the last game. I like spots.

    So what I'd like to see as far as customization goes is RNG horse colors and breeds. None of the age old "Black Horse Is Fastest, White Horse Strongest" BS. If I catch some Lamo-looking horse who's solid sorrel but just so happens to be Fenrir incarnate I'll be stoked. I'm tired of being shoehorned into buying a black thoroughbred when they weren't even good for the terrain back then. You don't take a racehorse to herd cattle same way you don't make bears walk tightropes.

    The idea of permadeath is cool. Makes your horses worth something. And I really hope they fixed jumping. In RDR jumping a fence was horrible. You slowed to a crawl like your mount forgot what walking is after landing and that just doesn't happen IRL…

    The whistle being toned down is probably good too, but in light of that I'd like to see a follow toggle and a little more attitude from a "Parked" horse than a parked Ferrari. Just a little more AI than the average Derp-icorn please…

    I'm also hoping they sort out the spine on those horses. You only see the spine on a horse like the RDR2 Trailers when they have been starved for 3 months. I'm not kidding. It hurts to look at.

  15. I've always loved RDD and its' riding mechanics, it's the closest game that's come to the feeling I get when I gallop my own Thoroughbred down the track. I hope they keep the similar style in this one.

  16. Just wanna point out stallions are genders and mustangs are not mostly one color they can be any real horse color xD

  17. We should have our own farm and multiple horses. And being able to use different horses for different things.

  18. Stallion mustang lol learn your horse frases first stallion is a uncastrated Male mustang is an American wild horse where is in australia there Broncos

  19. Why does all this sound the same as the first red dead? They only difference it seems is the graphics and you can carry your kill

  20. i really cant wait for this rdr. i kinda do want to be able to just wistle and have a horse come but at the same timee i dont cuz it takes away from the realizum

  21. I just want to know if I can own multiple… got the special edition, so I should be able to have the War Horse and the dappled black horse.

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