Red Dead Redemption 2 Upgrades to Horse 2.0

Red Dead Redemption 2 Upgrades to Horse 2.0

In Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar wants you
to be best friends with your horse. In Red Dead Redemption, the horses were beautiful
and obedient and always just a whistle away, and Rockstar talked about letting you bond
with your horse, but they didn’t fully commit. After riding a horse for long enough, it would
become loyal, but nobody really knew what that meant. Here’s an 8-year-old GameFAQs thread of players
trying to figure it out. It’s two pages of speculation punctuated by
this cold but concise critique: “A horse is just transportation for me.” – zooknut. That was the problem with Red Dead’s horses. They were just vehicles. Red Dead Redemption 2 is gonna change your
relationship to horses in a few key ways. First of all, they don’t magically teleport
to you whenever you whistle. If they’re not within earshot, they won’t
come running. Breath of the Wild took the same approach. You had to keep track of your horse, and in
a game about being in a vast, lonely wilderness, they were your only friend. Red Dead Redemption 2 gives you another reason
to stay close to your horse: Your horse has all your guns. Your inventory is limited to what an actual
cowboy could carry. So if you want more than a few weapons, you’ll
have to stow the extras on your horse. But it’s not just a moving weapons locker,
you’re actually gonna want to take care of it. You can brush them or give them tasty treats. Having a healthy relationship with your horse
will unlock new movement abilities, like sideways trotting, this sick drifting maneuver, and
even some light dressage. Red Dead 2 is so dedicated to their horses
that they actually added a full horse menu. We don’t have footage of it, but here’s how
it works: In addition to the brushing and feeding that we already talked about, you
can remove the horse’s saddle. This might mean you can ride bareback. *eyebrow, Russ laughs in the background* You can also command your horse to flee. This might be useful if you want to keep your
horse safe in a gunfight or another dangerous situation. You can pet them! Because it’s nice to pet a horse. And you can lead them by the bridle. We’re not sure what the gameplay purpose of
this is, but it’s romantic. And last, but not least, there is an option
called “Study Horse,” which just lets you bask in their equine glory. “That’s a nice horse!” The granularity of these horse options really
hammers home the point that Rockstar wants you to care about your horse. In Red Dead Redemption 2, horses aren’t just
an anonymous, disposable vehicle. They are a companion. And they need you just as much as you need
them. *rides off into the sunset*

100 thoughts on “Red Dead Redemption 2 Upgrades to Horse 2.0

  1. I remember one of my horses in RDR ran off a cliff when I called it, having to find another horse in the middle of nowhere was horrible but now you're telling me it won't even show up if I'm too far AND it has my guns?! NO! NO NO! NO! NO! >__<

    I'll pet it and romantically stroll with it in the moonlight if thats what it wants but YOU CAN'T HAVE MY GUNS TOO, HORSE!!

  2. I thought this video would go into depth about about the horse testicles being programmed to shrink up in cold weather (yes thats real). I am sorely disappointed.

  3. I am so pumped for the mechanics and relations with horses. i'm a huge RDR fan and i have own horses for all my life in real life, i'm really a horse enthusiastic in games within that reason, so i couldn't be more excited to have a horse and bound with it just like i am with my mare in real life.

  4. I love themmm you can pet them brush and lead it how amazingggg over 2 months its my birthday and im going ask The game for my birthdayyyyyy

  5. As a former horse owner for 13 years and a person who still sees horses daily the horses are the main reason I’m buying this game haha

  6. I work with horses and my own Thoroughbreds all day everyday and am disgustingly fussy with horse riding games RDR2 is already making me fucking nut dude holy shit

  7. Yes even in a game they realized that horses are not machines that they are your partner your friend your family. Not for winning money or trophies not to keep them locked away in a jail sell until it's convenient to you. I truly believe that horses are the reflection of their owners inner self.

  8. Great vid! I’m sooo excited for this game because of the horses! I’m a horse rider and I love horses so much! But when this game came out, I was like oh man! I have to have that game! It’s got lots of horses and horse stuff! So I preordered it! And it’s 2 days away now! Like if u are mostly excited for the horses and you Love horses! like

  9. I cant wait to test out the new "horse system" but there is one thing I'm worried about. Its all nice and cute to be able to REALLY bond with a horse, but um… the obvious question is, what happen when it dies and can we change horses through the story? Can we have many horses?
    Because yeah yeah its bad to be superficial, but if a horse is faster, prettier or whatnot, am I stuck with the horse I have at the moment? I used to love just taming wild horses and laso them and bring them to the MacFarlane's Ranch for fun will we be able to mess around like this?
    Dont get me wrong, I LOVE horses, I've dream to own one since I was a kid and I would love any horse no matter the color, shape and size, but this is a video game, I allow myself to be a bit superficial in my choice of horses.

    PS for the new leading ability, I belive it will be necessary when you need to sneak past a camp (because maybe it would make less noise) AND/OR when crossing challenging terrain. Horses rarely walk in water willingly if the water is murky and deep. I believe if your horse doesnt trust you enough, it will refuse to cross swamps unless you get down and lead it, slowing you down and pushing the importance of horse bonding.

  10. Maybe the point of leading by the bridle is to lead the horse with control. If you can’t ride it for whatever reason (for example in a mountainous area with thin roads where the horse may fall, or through an area where the horse is likely to be spooked) it won’t get spooked and buck you off or get out of control, because you will be able to calm it?

  11. All of us women have been dreaming I'm talking dreaming!!! For a game like this!!! I have real horses too but it is always refreshing to play a great horse game

  12. That horse movements proovs that this game is more upgrade than the first. In the first the horse would be super stiff on the turn n not look like a real horse

  13. When I saw this game. I just wanted it. Its so realistic and the fact that you have to take care of your horse is so cool. Bc thats real life. You just can't ride always and just keep that horse like its a car. LoL I played once game named Gun. It seemed similar, but ofc this has better graphics and more things.

  14. I usually use the lead option to hitch then easier. But also to get a feel of emotion with such a graceful creature! I have the pre-order version of the game.

  15. "No one could figure out what horse loyalty actually meant"

    You have gained the complete trust and loyalty of your mount. It has MAXIMUM STAMINA POSSIBLE

  16. I'm so mad about this because they spent the whole game making you care about the horse just so they could kill it. Fuck rockstar bring back my horse.

  17. Ideas for GTA 6 you have to air up your tires and buy new tires after old ones lose too much tread, you’ll have to put in radiator fluid and pump gas in your vehicle and of course you have to wash it

  18. I remember when I first got the game I went on a mountain trail a snake startled my horse and I went flying of the side of the cliff with my horse

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