Regular People Try Olympic Figure Skating (With Kristi Yamaguchi)

– And let ‘er roll! Whoo! (laughter) Oh! (funky music) Hi, I’m Kristi Yamaguchi and I’m going to be teaching some regular
people some Olympic spins. (funky music) – How am I at ice skating? I have gone before, one time. – My mother used to tell me
that I was a natural athlete. She lied. If I don’t hit the ground too hard, I’ll consider it a big win. – I’m a fitness instructor and so my life is literally working out. I feel like I’m gonna be good at this. How hard can it be? (upbeat rock music) – [Mark] Kristi, I’m comin’ for you. – [Gabby] I might regret this, but I honestly feel like
I’m not gonna be that bad. – [Dorian] I like the sparkles. Don’t tell anybody. Alright. Oh, yeah! (whimpers) You gotta feel it. – [Dorian] Balancing on roller skates. – [Mark] Oh god! – Hello! (laughter) I’m Kristi and I’m gonna
teach you guys some moves. Are you up for that? – [Gabby] Yes!
– [Mark] Ready to go! – [Kristi] Alrighty! Let’s start with some spins. Get you all dizzy right at the beginning. So something like this. What do you think? So, make sure your arms
are nice and pretty to match your costumes. Nice, okay. Spinning to the left will be the natural. – Oh. (playful music) (shouts) (laughs) – Kind of lean and then
make your circle tighter and tighter and then. Whoa. Okay. That’s a good start. (shouts) (laughs) well points for style, let her roll. Woo, (laughs) oh god. Oh are you alright, are you alright, okay. Oh oh, (laughs) (rolls tongue) Oh there you go. You got it, woo! So this is called a bunny hop. So, yeah that was close. So kick up and then out and get a little speed
going, and then kick up. (laughs) I think we got a ringer here. There we go Dorian, whoa. – That was a pretty heavy landing. I think you cracked the ice man. – Up. There you go. Yeah yeah yeah. There you go. Whoa. Nice one. Nice one. – I don’t think I’ll ever
look at figure skating the same way again. (laughs) – You guys are doing amazing. So this you’ll actually
put the toe pic in the ice. So go ahead, there you go. And then you’re just gonna pump around the toe pick, this is a pivot. Oh. – I feel like backwards would be easier. – You can go backwards too, actually. You can do your own variation. Backwards and then you
can kind of push away with your right leg. There you go. – How hard can it be? – Wee, (laughs) Now bring it around. Woo. (laughs) Almost as good as your shirt. (laughs) yes, there you go. Oh. (laughs) you know, I’m pretty impressed,
you guys were good sports. You wore the proper skating sparkles. That was fun. Mark I think you were
like showing everyone up there a little bit. But you know what, for
a first time of the ice you guys rocked it. – It’s much harder than it looks can we just put that out there? – Yes, absolutely, (laughs). – I got mad respect
for figure skating now. – I feel like I could have
done better, you know. I feel like Marco’s a ringer. He put the bar so high. – We know where he is on Friday nights. You know doing a little
pokey pokey here at the rink. Good job guys. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Very good, woo hoo. (upbeat music) (laughs) Yikes, yikes, control arms, control arms. Yeah.

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