Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery.

Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery.

The Danish archers lives Andersen has rediscovered an old very fast way to shoot those in 60,000 years man has shot with bows [and] arrows All known cultures have used archery as a weapon and there were many master archers and many different ways to shoot bows But then came gunpowder weapons, and then disappeared archery was forgotten Many Centuries later was archery reinvented, but now as a sport Popular movies are trying to recreate the past champion archers, but it’s difficult when we have forgotten the old techniques Film Hero Legals was created to be the ultimate archer much faster than reality So no real man should be able to shoot faster, but the danish archer lars [Andersen] uses one of the old forgotten champion Archer [methods] So he can easily do it If we compare lars Andersen with the fastest real archers to see how long it takes to shoot 10 arrows Lawrence Anderson, shoot 10 arrows at 4.9 seconds the other archers Archers intercomparison on fire they use at least three movements to shoot an arrow While lars Anderson only need a single movement to shoot a new arrow The old Master technique is to hold the arrow in hand and not have them in a quiver earlier time more archers Was very much faster than we now imagine it most knowledge about past archery is lost But there are a few surviving old books We know with [certainty] that the saracens who fought with the crusaders were tested to shoot three arrows at less than [one] and 1/2 seconds Modern Archers have said it cannot be right no one can shoot as fast but lars Andersen thought if the books are correct Then there is something wrong with Modern archery and then he started four [years] ago to learn the old techniques to be just as fast after three years of training he began to Master the historical method and Was able to shoot three arrows at less than [1] and 1/2 seconds It is written that the Indian Chief hiawatha was able to shoot ten arrows into the air before the first arrow hit the ground Again there are modern archers who have said it is not possible [in] the year 2011 shot lars Andersen 11 arrows into the air before the first arrow landed and Set a new world record in the past the Master archers from China turkey persia and also other countries Have all used to keep the arrows in the hand in various ways but it is a very difficult technique to learn the ancient persians who use this technique trained since they were boys and was only really good when they were 40 years old an Ancient master are able to show any position with both head and without any fixed anchor point lars Calvin keeps Bolo and arrow not fully Drawn shown in the Old Historical drawings in The past some warrior used armor then those days archers used long Sharp arrows to cut through chainmail But here is tested with Modern arrows [merson] can easily shoot through riveted chainmail He began to hold arrows in the hand only to shoot fast But later found out to keep the arrow in hand allows you to do things that are otherwise impossible Lars [Andersen] shows here arrows in the hand makes him shoot completely instinctively He can at the same time jump up in the air put the arrow on the bow [and] hit a thrown disc Once a cell [zhu] qian [warrior] fell from his horse in the fall. He was able to shoot in manual calmly knows It can only go if one have trained so much that he puts arrow on without thinking Here he jumps down from a raised platform and in less than one second before [he] lands. He has shot three arrows finally To show what is actually possible with the old Master technique lars? [Andersson] Runs backwards while at the same time hits three throwing discs in 1.1 seconds

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  1. Lars what is your technique called i would like to start learning, also for a begginer what style of traditional bow and ,waight would you recommend??

  2. He is superb but his problem is that he is trying to prove that he is better than the others when he doesnt need to.

  3. Arguing the bow has less power is the same argument used to say an old .30-06 rifle is more effective than an AR15.
    Voted down by those jealous as fk they can’t do it!
    Good work by Lars!

  4. i'm not much slower than DasDaan i use iza metode. and im a noob this shows that DasDaan method is very slow. I shoot 10 arrows in 37 seconds

  5. Comparing his speed is a joke lol he’s not even doing full draw. If a hunter tried shooting like the the animal will be long gone once your first arrow deflects. Modern hunters will use bows 8 times stronger and will actually draw the bow to full draw.

  6. While its impressive, a fully automatic weapons can do 600 rounds a minute. Your enemy will not wait for your 180 arrows per min.

  7. Why isn't this guy in a movie?
    He'd have already defeated all of his antagonists in a small fraction of the time a movie would run for

  8. To all those launching buzz kill at Lars, I'll say this: In any critical situation, I'd rather have him on my side than any 3 Olympian archers.

  9. I can do that too and even throw a turd out of my pants then light an arrow on fire to create a big ball of flaming shit that is pinpoint accurate up to at least 100 meters.
    That's 4 arrows in less than 2 seconds. I think reaching back in my pants helps with the back flip.

  10. The fact he is speed shooting half draw at 69 meters means he's got at least a 50 lb horsebow to shoot that far, especially when u look at the angle of his bow. Besides, that's how it should be with the horsebow. Halfdraws are especially seen in horse archery. And a half draw of a 50 lb+ horsebow is more than enough to kill an unarmored person.

  11. Lars, can I ask you what kind of bow ypu're using at what weights and for a detailed hand technique video?

  12. He shoots impressively fast and accurately but he doesn't loose at full draw.
    Range and power is limited unless you're using a very high powered bow

  13. Вот честно. Почти все представленные конкуренты по стрельбе тянут минимум до щеки, Ларс тянет лук хорошо если наполовину. Естественно он будет быстрее, но скорость стрелы у него явно ниже, чем у конкурентов. Так что хочешь такой скорости, жертвуй силой выстрела и наоборот.

    Вряд ли кто то вообще поймет что я написал))

  14. “Modern archers said it couldn’t be possible.”
    Lars then proceeds to destroy the record

    Biggest flex

  15. This guy is not regular one. Most people gets on pain to hit a watermelon at 10yards, taking like 30 of aiming….

  16. 1) nothing was "lost" there are people all over the world who still practice all styles of archery, including the eastern style that lars practices, many of them are on youtube if you take a second to look.
    2) lars is a trickshooter, there is nothing in his repertoire that is military worthy. Archers in wartime did not shoot flying plates, or catch arrows, or waste time splitting oncoming arrows, there are all trickshots and there are many people on youtube doing the same things not claiming they have revived a lost technique.
    3) while lars is as impressive as any other trickshooter, he is not the most skilled archer there ever was. Modern olympic archers shoot similar bows and are able to hit tea-plate sized groups at 70m (3/4) the size of a football field, with the unaided eye, every single shot. If they miss the tea-plate its over and they lose. These archers are world class athletes, they practice every day for hundreds of arrows with a coach to hone their technique based on knowledge passed down for half a century. They are more accurate than any historical archer ever was. People that think that modern archers are somehow inferior are delusional, its like comparing a ww2 fighter to a modern 5th gen fighter. Dont fall for the flashy shit, look at the details, the precision at long range, before you judge skill.

  17. The science of archery was mentioned in the Hindu Text called the Dhanurveda. They had the ability to hit a wooden bird's eye without disturbing the bird's body. They also knew how to call back a shot arrow. Also there were mentions of divine arrows which had the ability to create storms, fire etc. (That is, if you believe in the mythologies)

  18. Modern archery is too focused on accuracy and forgot the combatability of archery in close ranges. It is the same as in target pistol shooting and practical shooting; where in practical shooting, speed is also put into account

  19. I dont know if you have ever heard of "Fast and Fancy pistol shooting" . The author – dont quote me – but "speed" was a cylinder shot in a second per round. Superspeed was a cylinder in a second. I was familiar with speed. shot a lot of NRA targets at rapid fire, and I trained to shoot faster. Instinct – is Zen – Is Knowing the arrow follows your mind. I as a 20 yr old could do it with lead. At close to 60, I will try with arrows. Cheers

  20. He is using a 10 to 15-pound bow for children which he does not even fully draw. The record is 200 pounds and that's a random blacksmith that trained for 5 years straight. If you trained 10 strongmen for 5 years for using bows I would not be surprised if they could reach 250 pounds. Not exactly Legolas is it?
    There is a video of a 1250 pound windlass crossbow that was used during medieval times that couldn't penetrate steel armor at 10 meters.

  21. min 3:10 when he is standing in one leg and hit the target he lose the balance.
    Kassai standing on a rope with half leg and hit the farer target on bought side multiple times.

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