Replacing a Mandrel Assembly on a Riding Lawn Mower

Replacing a Mandrel Assembly on a Riding Lawn Mower

The first step to replacing the mandrel assembly
is to turn the ignition switch off and remove the key. Lift the mower hood and disconnect the spark
plug wire. Lower the mower deck to its lowest position. Disengage the cutting blades. Roll the blade belt off the engine pulley
and release the belt from the belt keepers. Remove the front lift link support retaining
pin and washer, and then detach the support from the deck. Remove the left suspension arm retaining clip
and then detach the arm from the mower frame. Remove the left rear deck bracket retaining
clip and washer, and then release the bracket from the deck. Repeat the process on the other side of the
deck to disconnect the right suspension arm and right rear deck bracket. Pull the deck out far enough to access the
blade cable attached to the deck. Release the locking tabs and pull the blade
cable out from the deck bracket. Disconnect the blade cable spring from the
idler arm and move the cable aside. Pull the deck out from under the frame. Put a wood block between the blade and mower
deck to keep the cutting blade from moving. Remove the pulley mounting nut and detach
the pulley. Pull out the wood block and flip the mower
deck over. Put the wood block back in place. Remove the blade mounting bolt and pull off
the cutting blade. Remove the wood block and flip the deck upright. Remove the mandrel mounting bolts and pull
the mandrel out from under the deck. Install the mandrel mounting bolts into the
new mandrel to thread the mounting holes and then remove the bolts. Position the new mandrel assembly in the deck
opening and install the mounting bolts. Tighten the bolts firmly and flip the deck
over. With the correct side of the blade facing
up, attach the blade to the new blade shaft and hand tighten the blade bolt. Put the wood block back in place and tighten
the blade bolt firmly. Remove the wood block and flip the deck upright. Put the wood block between the blade and the
mower. Reinstall the pulley on the new mandrel assembly
with the blade belt properly attached to the pulley. Tighten the mounting nut firmly. Remove the wood block. Push the deck near the mower frame. Connect the blade clutch cable spring to the
idler arm. Push the blade clutch cable retainer into
the deck bracket and engage the locking tabs. Position the deck under the mower frame. Reconnect the front lift link support to the
deck using the washer and retaining clip. Reconnect the left suspension arm and deck
bracket using the washers and retaining clips. Repeat the process to reconnect the right
suspension arm and deck bracket. Route the blade belt through the belt keepers
and roll the blade belt onto the engine pulley. Reconnect the spark plug wire and lower the
mower hood.

8 thoughts on “Replacing a Mandrel Assembly on a Riding Lawn Mower

  1. Not including the torque settings for the bolts I see : ( My Craftsman's manual says to torque the blade bolts to 45-55 ft. lbs. FWTW. Dunno about the other bolts involved though.

  2. For anyone who may be interested, this deck is the EXACT same as what I have on my Husqvarna 18542 These instructions are perfect for me to refer to while replacing the cracked mandrel I have

  3. I like the way this video glosses over the part about the wood block. Yeah. Just slip the wood block under, and bam. Slips right off. (Not.)

  4. ¿Where did you get that Wood Block?

    That Wood Block is most definitely Custom Designed for that Deck.

    ¿Can I order a Wood Block for my Mower?

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