ResERECTION – The Penis Implant: Profiles by VICE

ResERECTION – The Penis Implant: Profiles by VICE

My children joke that I’m never invited to Parents day you know at school because what am I going to talk about. And they definitely never look at my phone because there’s nothing but pictures of penises all over it. My name is Paul Perito. I’m a urologist in Miami, Florida. We specialize in sexual medicine Specifically the surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction. When it come to the surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction truly there’s only one operation that is both safe and efficacious and that’s the placement of a penile prosthesis. I think many men are embarrassed with ED and i think it takes them a long time to search out some sort of a solution to it. But keep in mind, most men don’t know this is a solution They think it’s the pills or a pump and that’s it. Impotence leads to a shot penis. You’re going to lose about an inch of your penis every year you’re impotent so the sooner you get to a definitive treatment, the better. Penile prosthesis are covered by many insurance plans, many. People sometimes go “Oh my god I can’t believe Medicare pays for a penile prosthesis” Well, you know it’s an organ and it has stopped functioning Breast implants are purely aesthetic; the penis is an organ. When it comes to cash pay, it’ll range anywhere from fifteen, thirty-five, forty thousand. This is the inflatable penile prosthesis Spanish people call it “La Bombita” Why they call it la bombita? Because this is the bomb; the little bomb that sits in your scrotum. The cylinders go in to your penis the pump goes in to the scrotum When you want to have sex all you do is you pump your third testicle; the one that doesn’t hurt. You just keep pumping it and like a bicycle pump, the harder that gets, the harder your penis gets so I teach guys, you’ve got to use two thumbs; get two thumbs on it so you can get it as hard as you possibly can. So once it’s fully inflated then it actually feels just like the penis used to. You have a penetrating, erect penis. So these are indestructible. If you polled boys the age of fifteen and asked them how many have hung a towel on their hard penis? I would say close to 100% and you’d be surprised the number of guys that, for them, that’s their benchmark that they’ve had a good result. Not necessarily the coitus that’s supposed to follow. Many of the patients that come for implants, they are older that have married younger women, you know that are twenty, twenty-five years younger than them. This is Rick, Paris And they come to the office and say, “Listen I’m going to lose my wife if you don’t fix me.” and we fix him and they’re very very happy. Good morning guys. Please my office is yours I told Paul “if you wanted me to; I would kill ten, six-year-old, blind girls for you” Okay, because that’s how much he has improved my life. Let’s tell them about “Truly blessed” That’s why she got that. I’ve been blessed to, you know, still be able to be with my partner; be with my significant other and still have a very great sex-life In her case, she has kind of been there and done that and she can basically tell you that this is a good thing. Okay it’s the real deal, you know. I know she will never go unsatisfied, won’t happen, can’t happen. Paul really is all that. He’s that good Oh I’ve been out with him a ton of times Oh yeah we’ve gotten in lots of trouble together, you know. We used to do South beach and we used to do this rave club downtown and you know Paul is still young and young at heart, you know and when I’m with him it’s a little bit contagious Paris: I wish we could fuck right here Rick: I know These patients become part of a club and it really is a club and you’ll see one guy bring in five of his friends and all five of those guys want to get done on the same day and we’re not treating, you know things that are sad we’re treating things that are, you know really end up with a very happy ending. Sounds bad but… It’s a fraternity of men, all ages, twenty-one to ninty-two, that come to this office smoke cigars on the patio. They get to drink, they get to smoke, they get to do whatever the fuck they want. It’s truly a fun environment. My training program started about six years ago You know right now we’re just trying to train as many guys as we can on how to do this safely and predictably and tonight you’ll meet the guys The guys that are going in to it are just, they’re young, crazy, wonderful, you know, smart. I was just crazy, not that smart. I had what my dad called ass power. I just sat down and worked harder than anybody. I laugh with patients, I call it “Chorizo” which means sausage and they love it I go “Sacalo su chorizo” That means take out your sausage. or I’ll go “Sacalo su monstro” it means take out your monster and they’ll go “Oh mi monstruito” meaning my little monster, you know because it has shrunk. [In Spanish] Poor little thing. I’m going to get a cocktail. We have cases tomorrow of Peyronie’s disease, meaning crooked penis. Somebody sits on it wrong and misses. They’re fully erect and they miss whatever hole they’re going for okay and then you can actually break the penis. It’s disastrous and actually I did a study while I was at Jackson 100% of those people, somebody was high. Because you have to be high. From a reflexogenic [Sic] stand-point You move, you know if you going to miss but 100% we’re high, right When I did this with the cosmetic surgeons they were like “Yeah” You know they do 300,000 breast implants in the United States every year. We do 20,000 penile implants. I do 500, right. So if I’m doing 500, there’s something wrong Everybody should be able to do high-volume and take care of these twenty million men with erectile dysfunction in the United States So let’s get this number up let’s make penises like breasts, okay or dicks like tits, that works You guys, I’ll see you tomorrow My clients penis was amputated without really having appropriate medical clearance and without really seeking other less risky and less invasive ways to cure his erectile dysfunction sought the cure and treatment of a penile implant and at one point after a number of painful procedures he had to make a decision, whether it was going to literally be his penis of his life and he had to have his penis amputated so that the flesh eating bacteria didn’t spread to the rest of his body and it would have ultimately cost him his life. The loss of a penis to a men is probably the single worst thing that any man could have to experiance It has has profound physical, emotional and psychological effects. I’ve been trying medical malpractice cases across the country for over twenty years and even in the best hands people can die and that’s something that people need to understand. This is called plastic surgery or elective procedures, this is surgery so the chance of an infection, the chance of scarring, deformity or death is a realistic possibility. There’s two more of these. Today is a difficult case day. These guys have penises that actually go all the way back and point towards them. Their penis, when you feel it feels like there is marbles in it and we’re going to be demonstrating this technique that we do called “The scratch” where you disrupt the plaque from the inside. [Unintelligible]

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  1. So am I the only one with a few questions here? Is the only point of this procedure to stroke your ego, and arouse your women? Does the man get any stimulation?

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  10. This shit is covered by insurance, and supplies for one month living as a type 1 diabetic to SURVIVE is like 2 grand

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