RHOBH: Kyle Richards Suffers a Panic Attack (Season 8, Episode 16) | Bravo

RHOBH: Kyle Richards Suffers a Panic Attack (Season 8, Episode 16) | Bravo

– My eyes are killing me
’cause of the horse. I’m allergic.
Ugh, I got to get off. Somebody come help me. Ah!
Okay, I’m done. – Yeah, I had different plans for this horseback riding
excursion. [sighs] I mean, I don’t know if we can ever get it right
on these trips. – My eyes are bloodshot.
Look how red they are. – I’m used to Kyle making a big deal
out of nothing. – Oh, my God, there’s a bee. Ah, sh–!
I’m sorry. Holy —-ing sh–. – Pull yourself together. But this isn’t nothing. The whites of her eyes
are blood red. She actually looks like
the devil. – Um, like, I need to get
some allergy medicine fast. [sniffles]
Can someone drive me back? Look at my eyes.
I need drops really badly. Let me just get back
to the thing, and I have drops in my purse,
I think. I thought I would just be
dealing with, you know, some sneezing, watery eyes. Does anybody who lives here
have any medicine? – What?
– Who lives here? I feel like
my chest is tightening. I feel like
my throat is closing. It’s starting to feel like a full-blown anaphylactic
reaction. – I want to know
what’s going on with Kyle. – People take it every day?
– Yeah. – And is it something
you can take once a day every day? – Yes, yes.
– What if I’m allergic to it? I’m gonna start thinking
I’m allergic to it. Should I just take it?
I’m desperate. I’m having
a really severe reaction. I can’t talk about it.
I’m having a panic attack. – You okay?
– Um, I’m not, really. I’m freaking out. – You’ll be okay, Kyle.
Keep breathing. – My panic attacks
are triggered by stress. It feels like you could die, even though you know
you’re not going to, but you can’t be logical
in that moment. Where’s the car?
I got to get out of here. [sighs heavily] – We made it!
– Thank you. – It was beautiful. – I can’t have anybody sit
too close to me that’s been touching
any horse, anything. Whoever sits next to me, just take off your jacket,
please. – If you need to feel better,
look at Lisa’s hat. [laughter] – Oh, my God!
That is —-ing hilarious. – I can’t.
– I can’t with that hat. – I love this hat. – I mean, I’m not a doctor, but maybe Kyle’s allergic
to Lisa’s hat, not the horses.

55 thoughts on “RHOBH: Kyle Richards Suffers a Panic Attack (Season 8, Episode 16) | Bravo

  1. I hate that they titled this as a panic attack! She’s not being a “drama queen”, it’s clearly a severe allergic reaction. Yet again, a television show downplaying the seriousness of anaphylaxis.

  2. oh for petes sake..kyle would know she is allergic to practically everything, so keep medicine on board…don't ride horses if you are allergic

  3. Kyle herself said she was having a panic attack. In the video… Those were her words whether it was the result of her allergic reaction or normally accompanies it. Calm down.

  4. The poor thing, I'm glad they got her off when they did, I understand being a trooper for filming but I've had allergic reactions that put me in the hospital, not fun. Then on top of it hands her a German allergy pill (clearly Citrizin) which is waaaay stronger than an American dosage and she was high as kite having to defend herself through dinner! That was kinda rotten of Dorit to go after her under the influence; Kyle held her own at dinner though, bless her.

  5. Erika gives LVP, the animal activist, veal tartare, and she takes Kyle, who is allergic to horses, on a jaunt with horses. Friend or Foe?

  6. To have a panic attack is not a joke. It feels like you're going to die although you know your not. But the feeling is real.

  7. Kyle Egan Richards Urbanski
    You know you"re allergic to Horses why risk going into anaphylactic shock.. You chould have just stood far enough to Admire the Horses😗

  8. As a person who has had panic attacks, I just wanna let you guys know that this is not a panic attack at all. Lol

  9. Seriously ~ 🤦‍♀️some people have real panic attacks and you can’t breathe your body clenches up it’s hard to stand~ you can’t even talk~ silly human

  10. This season has sucked. I’ve found myself watching old RHONY episodes over this season of RHOBH.

  11. Could this be any more pathetic? I suffer from bad allergies so I always carry MEDICINE just in case. Kyle is a drama queen idiot and wants sympathy all the bloody time.

  12. She had an allergic reaction, not a panic attack. She's being extremely dramatic for attention and for the cameras. I have to say though, this is really insulting to people who ACTUALLY suffer from panic attacks. If you're having a panic attack, you're not walking around all over the place and laughing at your friend's joke. You're literally in the fetal position and thinking you're about to die- your fight or flight instinct is activated. I had one a few years ago- I thought I was going crazy, about to die, and couldn't move AT ALL for about 3-4 hours.

  13. I'm an equestrian and have seen people have allergic reactions. My ex-boyfriend did not know he was allergic because he had never been around horses. OMG, the poor guy was just petting my horse when he literally became covered with red splotches and his sinuses closed up on him. We had to call an ambulance. It took him several days to get back to normal. Good thing Kyle bailed when she did.Also props to Rina for staying on and Teddi for the calm instructions which helped he to bring the horse to a halt. Well done!

  14. I just had a panic attack a few days ago and it’s horrifying, but I don’t think this would be categorized as that, she had a severe allergic reaction….that’s it

  15. Don't worry Kyle, I have allergies too and hate bees, and my sister has horses too. I can't be near them for too long or I have the same issues. You have a friend here.

  16. I love Lisa's hat!! Who doesn't love Vanderpump??
    I remember being a little girl thinking she was beautiful, I knew of her because my Grandma is a VERY young Grandma, she got married at 16 and had my Mama at 17. My mama had me at 16. Everyone said my Grandma looked just like Elizabeth Taylor and that my Mama looked just like Lisa Vanderpump!! 💜💜

  17. Is Kyle really suffer that bad of Bowleggedness?? Or was it a temporary thing after being on the horse?

  18. Kyle läuft wie ein Bauer! Was stimmt mir Ihr nicht? Auf einem Pferd Sich nicht wohlzufühlen, bringe man mal fertig!?

  19. Panic attack is alarming, affecting your mind and body. It is uncontrollable and this is the frightening part and where panic comes in. There is a need to be safe and at home. The brain is out of control and it can bring on an irritable bowel.
    It can happen when you are happily shopping.
    So glad I experiencef it because I was able to help a bewildered child.
    It is misused here and often.

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