Riding A Horse Simulator! // Versatile Horsemanship

Riding A Horse Simulator! // Versatile Horsemanship

hey everybody thanks for joining me
today I had a really awesome opportunity to get to go on a cool adventure and I’m
riding a horse simulator so I hope you enjoy better shot the side that injured like it feels more with Mary you don’t understand awkward and tell us
to try on one of these I injured my sciatic City through
interaction and I think what right here in my back is where it starts like where oh yeah
I feel like I’m like this play always feels so far forward and now it feels
too far back when you stack so now I get to ride with these balls
under my thighs like it’s just funny I like it I’m
seeing that though and that’s my left side is the side of the problem and
that’s why I’m seeing a problem I now that I have those done get a lot
better like I feel like it like this bitch you don’t need mean like I just
and a lot better that’s like a skill like its back better you pull my like that live feels great
somebody right or was I right that we could take turns
somebody can broke my leg the back communions before my shoulder you got it right it falls on your kids okay guys so let me just tell you that
was the most humbling experience ever and the horse does not lie and neither
does a screen everything that I was doing not only could I feel it but I
could see it and it just mega iOpener and super humbling experience this was
very very cool so I highly recommend if you ever get the opportunity to come to
Ontario Canada and do this absolutely recommend it so if you enjoyed this
video please be sure to give it a like share it with your friends and don’t
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13 thoughts on “Riding A Horse Simulator! // Versatile Horsemanship

  1. How cool 😮 I have always wanted to try this! I want one in my house to practice on the day's I don't go to the barn 😁❤️🐎

  2. this does look fun! my shoulder issues and balance are my biggest set backs ( hello well chested) so my elbows are in but I hunch down which sits me forward. not the best position for a wide tree ropping saddle! and now with my bad knee I tend to sit vary crooked even with no stirrups. I do find it funny how I ride better bareback though. no leaning side to side even still hunched over. might have to look up taking another lesson with me as the issue( my boy is a huge lover and just puts himself out of wack for me which is not good for either of us really)

  3. Your humility to share that publicly will surely help other humans and ultimately the horse! Thank you,

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