Sketchy Buddha’s good folks welcome back to the channel and welcome to yet another riding BMX in the hood today I’m back in the streets of Long Beach headed north basically if you remember a couple vlogs ago I went into what is known as long ghost territory long Goes are known as one of the most dangerous gangs in Long Beach and today. I’m going back There’s a lot of ground that I didn’t cover that day So I’m gonna try and go back and see what else I can find While wearing my GoPro now remember if you want to make point of view videos like this the top links in my description Are where you can get a GoPro at a chest mount so you can make videos just like mine Remember to like this video if you want to start a giveaway for another BMX bike but get 10,000 likes on this video I will give away another bike and if you want to win the bike get over to hit Em calm & kop anything because that’s how you win the bikes with all of that said let’s get into the action Alright off on my mission to find whatever I don’t even know exactly what? I’m just kind of crazy today, honestly Hmm, this is kind of cool oh Yeah, Oh Ah, That might break Not trying to break nothing today, oh is it that end Let me turn around. I don’t like doing that n just means easy to get trapped Hmm five learn anything making these videos is the best stuff to ride at least is usually an ally so I’m gonna try it Zig Zaggy analogies back and forth until I make it up to about 26 Street Which is kind of where my destination is around like 26 and Long Beach Boulevard It’s a bumpy road looks kind of fun police line. Do not cross Wonder if that’s a real police line if they just got the tape Thanks I Get a fever bar maybe Ah Never notices Cool oh Look at that thing gonna flat real perfect little flat rail telling you guys the alleys she got alleys in your neighborhood. Go check them out That’s something keep em moving Not even close to where I’m trying to go yet But when you see spots on the way to the spot can’t help us stop You got to stop for every spot right when it smells so good over here. Oh my god This isn’t even much of a spot. She’s like a manual pad thing, but why not give it a shot Knows it, but this new stranger frame. I put together. It’s so snappy I’m not trying to end up on my face today. I’ll keep it moving I’m slowly making progress. I’m on 8th Street. I’m trying to make it up to a around 2526 There’s a helicopter hovering up ahead. I don’t know why maybe it’s landing I’m not sure See that I know what’s going on there oh we got back here Random little spots in alleys hopefully things sturdy Okay This works for now starting to feel a little weird about where I’m at, but it’s all good Just want to 180 off of this honestly see if I can do it real quick keep going Right here before I get a flat It’s a lot of glass back here oh My bad, bro, I was jumping off of this total accident do sorry about that not intentional Going this way really Wow oh You got a point Thanks, bro And even fought that guy he has a great point I was going into a completely blind 180 if a car was coming it’s not it’s not the goal is to get hit by someone to run into somebody, so I’m keeping it moving I Don’t know how I can win that one one idea through never been around here No, see what I got got some gang tag ins here SG gangbang, Eastside Longos X3 oh no the X remains what K? Oh No Gabe K anytime you see K at the end of attacking it means kill, so this C K Means crip kill and then someone cross that means a crowd like so they’re crossing out with the word crip And it also means crip killer says Long Beach, and him. I don’t know. It’s a cool spot that never been here Who What’s up, bro Exploring every inch I can today That’s rough oh my god Alleys in Long Beach, I didn’t even know about like this one, but no idea this existed All right, I’m on Anaheim and Long Beach Boulevard, so I’m about the halfway point so I’m gonna keep on venturing forward It was just a reminder get on your own neighborhoods and explore. You don’t know what you might find so far everything today I found I’ve never seen before I find that extremely dope so I suggest you get out and wander around Yourself if you’ve never done, so keeping it moving look at this secret pathway little pathway Cool I’ll type some random little neighborhood jibs Just wrote these someone’s backyard no big deal It’s all about the alleys out here all the best spots are gonna be in alleys and little cutaways Like this one look at the cat Kitty I think it’s all kinds I could ride Pookie broke off on Wonder what happened here looks like I got hit by a car or something it’s like perfectly bad See what’s going on back here? Oh? It’s a sketch It’s not even anything here Okay It was it was different, it’s definitely place, I probably should not have gone TV It was hollow the day in the alleys of the hood slowly getting to where I want to go though It’s all right it’s kind of cool anything back here Mm. Nope dude, I love getting lost That wall right Oh I kind of worked kind of not at this point. I don’t know where I’m going This looks interesting Hopefully, I don’t regret going down here. It’s kind of sketchy It’s nothing it’s just now Troy The world is my oyster. Where do I go? Mind of a spot not really it’s just a rough ledge It’s more random objects when I forget right any of this That’ll break grind the couch double peg the couch challenge Ten points if I can double peg this pouch plus ten points if I can double peg the couch Slow SiC I’m in the cut right now Oh Those guys were casually having a conversation about kidnapping. That’s a it’s interesting. I guess all right what am I? I’m a PCH almost there It’s matter of fact right by Polly high school, I might as well go check that place out shutting down the taco truck starting it Tipping Okay, looks like the fence open, but I don’t know if I can actually access the school through this gate somebody find out never actually written ever written over here So I don’t know if there’s even anything but looks open to me if you guys remember riding BMX in Compton where I was talking About gates being a sign of where you are in the city if you see gates with barbed wire on top That’s really a sign of where you’re at. I don’t think I can actually get in the campus This is just like a parking lot Mmm the open door I go There’s only one way in and out of here what the heck yeah, there is crap Don’t I see you launch see if it works out Okay where am I must be getting close was a weird alley whole gym it’s kind of sketchy All right get some in these alleys now Regular Long Beach and Sketchier Long Beach to put it pretty bluntly so once I make this right this right I mean all over its kind of the same, but look at this This is like the most weird thing I’ve ever seen it’s like that anyone anyone to skate this force there So they put these two rails in you guess exactly what I’m looking at here. Oh I can’t even hit it when the door is opened a Family barbecue action We’ll call its campus action, let’s see we could find over here. Oh, what are these? Good what else we got in here Are not gonna live kind of lost my path, so I’m gonna End up back where I started But I mean what today be a note to everybody get out and explore because you don’t know what you find it everything I found Today never seen it before that’s awesome. I love finding new stuff, and I’m not done till have to get back This is the turnaround point there’s gonna be where I make my u-turn head back into the city By checking I’m with it, let’s go The streets are so narrow. It’s kind of claustrophobic basically like tiny alleyways, but you can park on them Exploration is on a Tanner right now his crew isn’t searching oh Is this a dead end yeah, it is sheesh, that sucks when I get there here Whoa All right that works All right here we go it’s that trap alley so I get a flat it’ll be here I almost got sick We’ll launch Hey, what’s alright are you doing? My legs are exhausted I’m gonna start making my way home Just a reminder if you like when I get out and ride with a GoPro and make BMX in the hood videos It’s much like button comment lbc bike life in the comments if you’ve made it this far I’ve been riding through Long Beach City this entire time this bike live seven days a week You ready know that we start making my way back. Let’s cat Sleep back don’t forget if you want to win this bike smash the like button 10k likes giving away another bike picture and calm if you want to support if you want to win one of the bikes cop anything ah, thanks friend calm I picked the names from there by the way I updated the website so you can now make a profile on extern Looks like fancier now the layouts a lot better I can see who’s cop what I can communicate with you guys way easier So if you haven’t get over to x9 comm make an account and then I can message you you can message me we can talk But I can only message you if you cops up this so get a hats or whatever make them or way back Thank you guys for watching my video. Seriously. It supported me every day allowing me to ride my bike seven days a week It’s like literally the best job. I can imagine having and I set my people until the next one I will see you guys later peace


  1. Why is he jumping on peoples houses? And what if some1 opens the door when he jumps infront of the door like that?

  2. Nigga stop going back doing the smae shit ova n ova like nigga do the trick 1 maybe 2n then thats it damn

  3. I really want your bike because i have been a subscriber since you started this channel and i love bmx bike and your a really good youtuber oh and be carefull some of those gangs dont care if you get in there territory they will interfere.

  4. Tried this shit in Chicago one time with bro’s and we got yelled at by three gang members wearing all red😂

  5. kIDS :POP A wHEelIe
    *pOPS wHeELie
    Faint hearing : ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYyyyyyyYYyyyyyyYyyyYYyyyyYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  6. You want to split your f**** head open riding on people's property and s*** like that you should be glad you don't have a f**** bullet in your ass yet

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