Riding Grace: An urban cowboy preaches on gang-ridden streets

Riding Grace: An urban cowboy preaches on gang-ridden streets

I had a vision. I saw myself on a dark horse in a gang neighborhood. I told god I don’t know how to ride a horse. He said, “Yes you do, you know how to ride.” I started riding 24 years ago in the high-crime
neighborhoods of Fresno. I make the point where there’s been violence
to go into those neighborhoods. It’s kinda like you’re bringing a cowboy movie,
so to speak, into, you know, a neighborhood that’s only used to seeing crime and stuff like that. – Just, just been same as normal, just, couple
shootings in the past couple months. – Over the past couple months?
– Yeah. – OK, and, where the houses are? – Uh, pretty much, just. Pretty much in the hood…
– Gang? – Pretty much, yeah.
– It’s all gang. – Okay, anybody get killed?
– Uh, no. – Okay, teens, or?
– Teens – Okay.
– People got shot, but… – Bulldogs?
– No. I don’t know what it is… – Here, could ya give me a picture? Hi Grace, hi! Come here! – Yeah she’s sixteen years old. – You go it? – I’ll take two. – Here we go! Okay, it’s Grace!” You wanna pet her? “You could talk to her, say ‘Hi Grace!'” “Hi Grace!” I do this five days a week – seven,
eight hours a day. There are times when a gang member will come
up to me wanting a change in his life, so then I’m able to talk with him
and pray with him. – So do you live right in this neighborhood? – I live right across the street from Tioga. – Oh, okay, okay. Is everything going okay for you? – Well, I kinda got sick and stuff.
– You got sick? – Yeah, my back and everything.
– Okay – So.
– Have you been staying sober? – I mean, you’re not… – No, no I… I drink some, you know, but trying to find
church and stuff… It’s hard for me because I’ve been
taking care of other people. Helping other people. – Well you know god is the key
to changing everything. [train and police sounds] – [News report] Authorities near Fresno,
California are investigating a gunfight. The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office says multiple
shots were fired, and one person, an 18-year-old, died. I can’t keep doing this for too much longer
because of the condition of my body from riding
so many years so many years. It’s like a bird. You see a bird flying, and it looks really
beautiful up there, but the moment it stops flapping its wings it comes down. Will there be anybody who will pick up where
I’ve left off? I don’t know. [Western music]

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  1. What a great film and story. It's hard for those kids to see much of the world that's outside of their neighborhood. By bringing a little bit of a unique bit of that world, you're planting a seed that will stay with them, the knowledge that there's something more than what they see now. And they get to see a person with the peace and love of Christ.

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