Riding (Horses) for Compton

Riding (Horses) for Compton

(upbeat music) – The main thing people
think about Compton is you go into Compton and
everybody’s gang-banging at you and shooting at you but
it’s really not like that. There have been times that
people have made rude comments while we were at a competition. One of the girls had said,
“Oh, they’re from Compton, they probably have bullet holes
in their barn or something.” To ride for Compton, there
comes a sense of pride for it. (gentle music) My name is Shola Oyefeso, I’m 17 years old and I’m a student at The
Compton Junior Posse. – [Instructor] Looks great,
bend your knee though. – A program that keeps kids
on horses and off the streets. – I’ve been riding with
The Compton Junior Posse for about six years now. I am one of the more experienced
riders in the program. I have learned a lot about myself. I definitely have more patience
after working with horses. Like, when I first started
riding at like 11 years old, I used to always get in
trouble from attitude problems. You come in with a bad
attitude when you’re trying to ride a horse and it
comes out through them, too. It’s like you’re in sync with your horse, you’re supposed to be in
sync, it’s a partnership. (upbeat music) We do have serious competitors at The
Compton Jr. Posse. We go to a show per month just
to show what kind of progress that we’ve been doing and what kind of work we’re doing with the kids. We’re coming out there and
competing with the upper level people. I came in fourth for the medal finals at the
Interscholastic Equestrian League Competition — that’s a big deal. It is a stereotype that more people
in the horse world are white and rich, but there are more people from different backgrounds
and different demographics that are competing now; it feels
good to break the stereotype.

30 thoughts on “Riding (Horses) for Compton

  1. You guys are really shooting for the stars in Compton with your horses! Inspiring story though. It's tough to get over stereotypes and prejudices and prove your true self.

  2. This is so wonderful! My family has a therapeutic riding program and show barn (I've been showing for +13yrs). Horses are. truly the best teachers. They have a way of showing us how to communicate better, have more patience and compassion, keep us out of trouble, and gives better exercise than most gym workouts. Like she said, horses mirror our attitudes (without judging or yelling at us like people tend to do), which is the best way to teach us how to better deal with our emotions. She is a beautiful rider and has lovely equatation! 💞

  3. I love when these idiots  think they have bond with the horses because they can sit on there and kick them a scrape the horses teeth with their bites and make them jump rekting horses leg for a ribbon all these brain dead American don't understand horses the horse have lost the will to fight

  4. The finny thing is, I only see Mexicans in cowboy gear, riding horses in Compton, almost crash my car at how cool it look, they were riding their horses on the side walk.

  5. I ride horses, and I can honestly care less about where you come from. If I am at a show, I see the person and the horse for who they are in and out of the arena and how they ride, not for where they are from. They're from Compton? Great. I don't care. What I care about is if they can ride. People can't choose where they are born, who they are born to, or what they look like. It's like discriminating against a person who was born in Japan after Pearl Harbor, Or someone from America after Hiroshima. No one can choose. They can only change and make a name for themselves. I say good for people who stand out of their stereotyped societies. Good for people who try to be different. Good for people whho want to take the world by storm. You be you and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

  6. I'm an equestrian, so this is really inspiring. Keep up the horse videos, Great Big Story, some of them even have made me cry

  7. Yasss girl! Keep on riding! However, pls release while jumping too! It looks like ur jackknifing the bit when u land. Much support!! <3

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