Riding Side Saddle – The Victorian Way

Riding Side Saddle – The Victorian Way

Good morning, my name is Miss Willoughby.
I’ve had the most charming visit here at Audley End House. Whenever I stay with my aunt in Littlebury
I always take the opportunity to take a ride out and visit the house. I’ve always been grateful for my aunt encouraging
me to learn to ride side saddle and as Augusta, Lord Braybrooke’s daughter, rides too I
have every confidence in his grooms. Is everything well? Yes Miss, all well. Excellent. A side saddle is very different
to a man’s saddle. These pommels known as the leaping head and
the fixed head afford me security in the saddle. When riding these are gripped by both legs
meaning that we can join the men in the hunting field taking any fences or hedges that catch
our fancy. After a quick check of the girths and straps
it’s time to mount up. A Lady can’t mount without help, my aunt’s
advice is to always make sure your help knows what he is doing. Some gentlemen are so keen to show off their
strength they’ll throw you and you’ll soon find yourself on the ground on the other
side of your steed. Caution is also needed when mounting up in
our skirts. Our habits are specially designed, mine with more material here for my knee. The grooms needs to have a good grip of your
foot, a strong spring from you and he helps guide you into your seat. Even now whenever Augusta comes home to visit
her parents we try to ride out as often as we can. Secure in our saddle we take in her father’s
extensive estate, which is where we’re off to now. ‘tck ‘tck walk on.

100 thoughts on “Riding Side Saddle – The Victorian Way

  1. I`ve been wanting to learn to ride side saddle for ages, but it`s already difficult enough to get normal riding lessons.

  2. Yeah, the video really needed to demonstrate how the rider transferred from sitting sideways, to sitting in the saddle, and how they legs lock around the pommels.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV_oYU5f-8o

    Another English Heritage video about how the side saddle actually works.

  4. Dear ladies, good afternoon ! Tell me please, where I can find REAL,GOOD pattern for side saddle skirt ? Thank you a lot !!!!!

  5. Side saddle is a really bad joke, a relic of a time when people were so uptight about their own bodies that the very idea of a woman letting more than an inch of daylight get between her thighs outside the bedroom (or even IN it) was scandalous.

    We need to GROW UP. And abandon the archaic concept of side saddle riding entirely.

  6. Theory 1. Avis Crocombe and Mrs. Willoughby are identical twins separated at birth
    Theory 2. Avis has a split personality disorder and one of her other personalities is Mrs. Willoughby
    Theory 3. Avis is Mrs. Willoughby’s stunt double and has to live in the same house as her in case she needs to take her place for something

  7. Ms. Hipperson rides again! May I say, you have quite a fan following. You are an asset to English Heritage!

  8. The colours of the horses were not right for real ladies! Ladies back in those days ALWAYS rode horse with solid colours without excessive markings! And they NEVER rode alone! There was always a menservant on horseback near them to help them in case of a accident or robbery!

  9. To those complaining about this being unsafe. I must educate you. This is MUCH safer than riding astride and It’s actually much more secure than riding astride. I’ve ridden, Western and English and I’ve ridden both astride and aside in each style. Riding sidesaddle afforded me much more confidence and security in the saddle thanks to the pommels! As a man I currently ride only aside if I have a choice. I have had to have back surgery and I just can’t take the chance of being thrown out of the saddle so riding sidesaddle with the pommels makes the most sense. Riding astride the only thing that keeps you in the saddle is your thighs on the sides of the animal. Riding aside you have the pommels to grip onto which are attached to the saddle which is then strapped to the horse. Anyone saying that sidesaddles are unsafe are severely ignorant or willfully stupid.

  10. Can't see how side-saddle wasn't uncomfortable for the horse (even more than normal styles, that is) Even with the saddle holds, the weight distribution must have been disorientatingly one-sided..

  11. Definitely Need Skills To Ride a Horse Side Saddle. I Can Just Manage To Ride in The Standard Upright Position. These Women Have Got Skills To Be Able To Ride From The Side. This Channel is Totally Awesome. 😀

  12. really interesting seeing a time being re enacted I guess the people they were in the role of were at least 1 of the families to have owned the property in times past

  13. She is not kidding about ending up on the other side. First time I tried sidesaddle I ended up face first in the dirt on the other side. I don't know who was more appalled, me or the poor horse.

  14. I've ridden side saddle a few times. It's actually quite easy once you know what to do. Though the first I tried I nearly fell off the other side onto my butt. 😅

  15. I’m onto you Mrs. Crocombe

    Also when I ride horses I much prefer to ride bareback than on a forward saddle or side-saddle.

  16. The actresses name is Kathy Hipperson in case anyone wants to know. Also that woman can ride side saddle, with stays on, and a golden eagle on her arm in Tudor Dress. Be impressed people, be VERY impressed. It’s not that easy to ride side saddle, and the saddles themselves are more expensive then standard saddles.

  17. They definitely didn’t think Mrs. Crocombe would get as popular as she did. Jokes on them we’re absolutely turnt on Mrs. Crocombe and WE WANT HER BACK!!!!

  18. As a long-time equestrian, I've got to say you have to be pretty damn talented and brave to canter and jump side-saddle! Amazing! And the horses look SO well cared for (:

  19. So deceived by inaccurate portrays in movies and teleshows. Now I know there is a different kind of saddle for ladies.

  20. I was thinking a lady's horse would have been more elegant, as opposed to draught types.
    Those horses are gorgeous, by the way.

  21. I would have thought a hat with a veil would have protected one's complexion better from the harsh wind and strong sun. Wasn't a veil for riding in style at that time?

  22. Maybe I am wrong but it really doesn't look comfortable. I also can't imagine it is good for the spine to experience all the impact while sitting at such an odd angle.

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