Riding Silk: Swimming With Horses In Montego Bay

Riding Silk: Swimming With Horses In Montego Bay

(calming music) – The first time I really
took a horse in the water, I had a friend that had
horses on the north coast. Her house was right on the beach. We set up some little jumps and we were going over with her horse. And she said, “Oh, it’s too hot. It’s too hot. We’ve got to take the horse in the water.” I said, “We can’t take the horse in the, in the sea like that.” She said, “Yeah, sure. Come on, jump on.” (calming music) You know, the waves were coming in and the horse just sort of lifted his head and the waves would come over. And we just went in a little bit deeper and a little bit deeper and
then he started swimming. (calming music) You can ride all your life and you’ve never felt that smoothness, that, that power but with no uh, there was no jolt at all. It was just so absolutely like silk. (calming music)

24 thoughts on “Riding Silk: Swimming With Horses In Montego Bay

  1. Cool music and pretty awesome video. I had no idea that horses could swim. I just assumed they didn't like not being able to touch the bottom.

  2. Too bad whenever I ride I'm in clothes so thick that I almost sweat to death and in the winter I almost freeze to death. 😂 I love my Dusty though.

  3. fun fact: you can't swim too long with horses because their sphincter doesn't shut completely and their colon fills with water. So eventually they sink.

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