Rio 2016 Cross Country

Rio 2016 Cross Country

Astier Nicolas (FRA) / Piaff de B’Neville Tim Price (NZL) / Ringwood Sky Boy Marcio Appel (BRA) / Iberon JMen Christopher Burton (AUS) / Santano II William Fox-Pitt (GBR) / Chilli Morning Sir Mark Todd (NZL) / Leonidas II Michael Jung (GER) / Sam FBW Pippa Funnel (GBR) / Billy the Biz Ruy Fonseca (BRA) / Tom Bombadill Too Mathieu Lemoine (FRA) / Bart L Kitty King (GBR) / Ceylon LAN Jonelle Price (NZL) / Faerie Dianimo Phillip Dutton (USA) / Mighty Nice Marcio Jorge (BRA) / Lissy Mac Wayer

5 thoughts on “Rio 2016 Cross Country

  1. Nice course. I must recognise I was wrong about fence no. 9 (0:53). It was very simple. It's just that I haven't got used to skinny jumps. 😀

  2. This XC course was WAAAY too technical…. bordering on UNFAIR… riders thought they had jumped clean rounds, ONLY to be heartbroken after FINISHING & the officials declared they didn't QUITE make it inside the rubber flags with 3 legs!? Only after reviewing slo-mo footage from multiple angles…. that's crap!!!! Bring back long format Chris! Not to mention THE ONLY PUREBRED TB out of ALL 65 horses was Boyd Martin's Blackfoot mystery. Wtf!?! EVENTING BLASPHEMY!!!!

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