Rio 2016: How Canada’s synchro swimmers make moves underwater

Rio 2016: How Canada’s synchro swimmers make moves underwater

If we don’t count the gym time and the
activation time we’re in the water for at least seven hours a day So we have to find some fun into it
and have the goofiest moments possible We definitely have a lot of inside jokes oh it wouldn’t be so inside it would
share it, even if I said it like what does more precise mean to you? Nothing at all To us it means the world. It means a lot In our sport right now we have a
technical routine and a free routine In the technical routine all of the duets have
certain elements that they are required to execute in a certain order I think the hardest part in that is our
first figure We stick out first leg up into a heron position, double leg position, turn 90 degrees, move your legs around, go back and
forward as we’re turning and then go into a big split position really quickly, another big split position really
quickly, stick one leg up, go down with our legs, go up with our
body right away, take our first real breath it seems like
for the first lap, then go up into a vertical and then spin all the way down Synchronized swimming is evolving very
quickly and we’re definitely going towards something that’s probably harder
to synchronize but I think we don’t want it to look so technical and just like robots We’re very fortunate to work with a great
acting coach who works for the National Theatre School in Montreal, and we’ve had
multiple sessions with him outside of the water and inside the water He’s really got into bring out the
expression from deep down so it doesn’t look fake What does pain look like in your face what does happiness look like and it is to really tap into those real emotions and then after that it’s to make them synchronized so make them very similar, right? Because her sad could be different
for my sad so we have to make sure they’re similar Getting that consistency is what we’re
working towards, because more precise

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