Rival Stars Horse Racing: AVAILABLE NOW!

Rival Stars Horse Racing: AVAILABLE NOW!

♫ Jaunty music plays ♫[Horse nickers][Birds chirp]♫ Musical melody plays ♫[Birds tweet][Horse nickers][More bird calls][Horse snorts][Horses nickering][Hoof stomping][Hoofsteps][Chimes]♫ Music continues ♫♫ Music escalates ♫[Horse snorts][Birdsong][Bird twittering]♫ Music builds ♫[Many hoofsteps]♫ Music builds ♫Announcer: The starter gets us underway here.[Bell rings][Many hoofbeats]Announcer: As they come to the final leg, they set sail for home!♫ Cymbal clashes ♫[Crowds cheer]Voiceover: Download Rival Stars Horse Racing for free on your smartphone or tablet.Voiceover: Play now!

57 thoughts on “Rival Stars Horse Racing: AVAILABLE NOW!

  1. Love the game. I'm playing on bluestacks. I noticed the graphics are of lower quality than they should be. Is there any way I can set the graphics to max or anything like that?

  2. I like New Game but This game don't Have Donkey.
    Please,Make New Game is Name is Jurassic Land have Story about The Island have Dinosaur look like Jurassic Park.
    Make Into the Dead 2 have Lion from Circus is Story about Ben Meet Lion and Lion Help Him.

  3. Just one issue ! Make the easy way of gold coins .. otherwise may be this game fails ! Overall thw game is amazing

  4. This is actually one of the best racing games ever. It is VERY accurate, and i'm glad you didn't put whips and you didn't put the action of slapping the horse. That may be disturbing for kids, and, slapping and whipping a horse it's not good. Conclusion:
    Best racing game EVER!

  5. I love animals.
    Pikpok,Make Into the Dead 2 have Lion and make the story about the lion and Ben.
    Do you like Lion ?

  6. Love this game so much! I play it daily. Just a few questions, There was a horse that I was waiting to get coins to buy in the market, but I just missed them, so do you know if horses will eventually return to the market? Also, I played some games for coins, and waited the fifteen minutes to gain the coins, but never got them, how could I fix that? Thank you so much! I appreciate your time.

  7. You know pikpok you should make into the dead 3 pls you can have more time right like its hard to make games like into the dead 2.

  8. I can't download this app a have the Huawei P 8 can you make to download this app please I want it so much please

  9. I wish they made graphics better for Androids. They always make iPhone's graphics better🙁. Is this game on PC? I am addicted😍!

  10. Would be great if we could train the horses around the track / on a timer ?? Also would be great if we could see the goals and maybe the odd occasion racing which includes jumps 🤗

  11. On my phone is this game to lagge pls make it unlagge pls I have an Huawei P9 lite mini. So pls make it unlagge pls i love this game so much

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