Road trip to Kodaikanal | East Coast Road | vlog-5 | #tourof2019

Road trip to Kodaikanal | East Coast Road | vlog-5 | #tourof2019

finally, am in dolphin nose view point after megamalai i road on to kodaikanal it’s about 10 p.m now. right now I’m in
Kodaikanal after so much of struggle so much of fun
finally I got this Kodaikanal chance the engine bolt is, among four bolt one
bolt is loosened so because of that the engine oil is leaking all over my engine
so I searched for mechanic shop unfortunately today is Sunday so all the
mechanic shops closed so I got fourteen and fifteen spanner and I
tightened somehow after that the oil leaking stops somehow so I took
my bike from down to here it took me around 1 hour. last few days I was in
kodaikanal sorry… Kanyakumari and velankanni, tuticorin the humidity level is so high
after megamalai and am just chilling here it’s about 6 o’clock now last night was
so so cold I I couldn’t move my fingers just freezed behind me there are three horses are roaming Kodaikanal is otherwise called princess
of hill stations. this princess of filled station is located in the
dindigul district in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu right now am having my breakfast so i need to go for another 50kms to see all view points there are few places nearby you can see there are so much people are
around me so nice to see this hills and mountains, forested valleys,
lakes, waterfalls,fresh air, mgreeny trees makes the Kodaikanal most tourist places
in India I’m going to Dolphin nose view point
and around one kilometer is there to reach dolphin nose view point, we need to go by a walk
there is no roads, you can’t bring your bike inside this dolphin nose view point so
roadside like this finally i am in doiphin nose view point
and this is the way to go for there and that way for Echo Rock.the places
soo… tough. you have to trek and come. to dream believe in strength now I’m the
only one place is so quiet and calm pleasant and the
landscapes are… look at the mountains one… two three four five six seven there are
so many mountains meeting together so nice to see this places it’s it’s very
worth taking man this views are so awesome I couldn’t believe that I am
here my heart is beating so fast dolphin nose viewpoint is so beautiful it’s
really worth taking…… look at the roads there is no way man, everywhere is stones it’s
really tired i don’t know how am i going to ride real adventure starts
here man so superb.. Time is around 6 p.m. and am just out of
Kodaikanal I think yeah just … sunset is happening there… and just
enjoying this moment I don’t think I don’t think it will not
happen anymore in my life. oh.. so much fun in kodaikanaI. i pitched tent there and
went for dolphin nose viewpoint and that was so much effort man. you need good
stamina the views are phenomenal you can’t
imagine that views the mountains that clouds everything it’s worth taking man
if you want to good adventure I definitely say…. that could be the
best place for adventure life …the bike goes wrong somehow I managed and i pitching tent is another difficult so that also i learnt there are so much man and the treking
everything…everything so so blessed

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  1. Dolphin nose point pose is superb & scaryyyyyy😰😰 ur real adventurer 😊😊😊 kodaikanal is one of the best best place to visit KEEP ENJOYING THE LIFE😊Have a SAFE JOURNEY ☺☺☺☺

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