RocketSkates R5 – “Extreme Electric Skates” REVIEW

RocketSkates R5 – “Extreme Electric Skates” REVIEW

these are the brand-new R5 rocket
skates from Acton they’re the first rocket skates that can be controlled by
a wireless remote controller or even from your phone I’m Ben from authentech
let’s check them out first off the design is really nice and sharp you may
look like Optimus Prime rolling around awesome build quality with plenty of
padding around the ankles and the foot strap is well designed – you’re able to
ratchet strap your feet in tight and snug weight is a little heavy the lead
skate that has the drive motor is 7 pounds and the follow skate is 3 and a
half pounds but this weight is necessary to house all the skates motors and
battery and it also adds to the feel that these skates are durable and well
built with quality materials they say you can go 5 miles on single charge and
top speed up to 7 miles per hour to fully charge takes about two and a half
hours the big update with the new r5 model is that you can remotely control
the skates with an included controller similar to a boosted board it’s very
intuitive and easy to control you can double tap the main button to change
speed modes roll forward to go forward and pull back to slow down really simple
an additional bonus if you lean back on the follow skate there’s a mechanical
brake system built-in that will help with slowing down another cool bonus of
the r5 is that you can fully control your rocket skates from their app which
is really well designed and intuitive connecting to the rocket skates via
bluetooth couldn’t be easier or faster from within the app you can switch speed
modes drive around with the digital slider which is no lag over the
Bluetooth connection and even view detailed statistics like speed battery
life and a whole lot more I do feel it’s more comfortable using their included
controller as it kind of makes me nervous if I crash I probably destroy my
phone but it’s sweet to have that option in case my controller batteries are dead
or something I can use my phone as a backup solution learning to ride on the
rocket skates takes a lot of practice they recommend to keep your feet
parallel to the ground have the motorized skate the one with the red
buckle lead in the front and the follower skate behind in an inline
position it’s definitely an awkward stance that takes time getting used to
and to be on it’s actually a great workout every time
I ride around I feel the burning in my legs and core so hey this can be great
for exercise too right these rocket skates are great for those of you who
want to have a fun skating experience and a unique riding challenge that will
definitely turn heads and spark conversation that being said I don’t
think they’re the perfect last mild transportation device just yet but maybe
in the future they really remind me of adult motorized Healy’s which I always
dreamed about with continued practice and time they’ll only get more fun now
huge thanks to act in for sending me the rocket skates to review the current
price of these skates is about four hundred dollars and I’ll give you a link
down below where you can find more information and read more reviews if you
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a specific tech product or scooter in the future now thanks for watching and
together let’s live the authentic life

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  1. Sir my name is Suresh…
    I am interested on something new invention….
    so can I join with you and I want something learn…..

  2. по руски говорить на учись потом буду смотреть🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  3. It's handy more for transportation vers fun stunts… Not bad, but why have such a tall wheel if they are on the mid sides, 4 half sides be better, that back single small wheel bares too much strain with rough road surface, we're going to burn a hole on our front foot gears if they are too tall, or bust a toe… .

  4. can a foot injury person can ride this? and don't know how to skate? how stable was it..this rocket skate interest me

  5. You honestly don't sound like you have received any payment to promote these in any way at all 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  6. Interesting invention! Manual control is much better on my opinion by sellphone. better pay attention to the road then your sellphone

  7. Range: 5 miles. Time to charge: 2 hrs. Review: let me know when you increase the time of travel and/or battery charge. It's not worth it to have so little live time and so much charge time.

  8. I love you mobility oriented videos. I've been watching your scooter videos lately and now this shows up in recommendations. Love your work. 😍👌

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