Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : Approaching, Turning, Accelerating in Rodeo Barrel Racing

Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : Approaching, Turning, Accelerating in Rodeo Barrel Racing

Hi, I’m Holly Heidemann on behalf of Expert
Village and today I’m going to show you the proper way to complete a barrel pattern. We’re
going to go both to the left first and then to the right first so you have a vision of
each of those. We’re also going to talk about the proper way to approach each barrel, to
slow down for the barrel, and then to accelerate. We are going to talk about some terms that,
that we’re going to use the rest of these videos also. One of them is approach, that’s
the way that you come into the barrel. In that approach you need to make sure that you
leave what’s called a pocket and that’s some room around the barrel that will allow your
horse to turn it. So we’re going to be talking about pocket a lot and that just means the
space between the horse and the barrel. And then we’re going to be talking about inside
and outside reins and feet. So you need to know that an inside rein is when you are turning
to the right, the inside rein would be the right rein – your inside foot would be your
right foot. The outside, conversely, would be your left hand, left foot. So we’ll be
talking about that, you’ll need to know that term. And then we’re going to talk about the
acceleration point, the point after you get finished with your turn that you’re going
to turn your horse loose and allow them to accelerate and head to the next barrel. So
those are some terms you’re going to need to know as we complete this next segment.
We’re going to start this barrel pattern out right between the first and the second barrel.
You need to envision a straight line between those first two barrels so that you can head
up like it were an imaginary alley until you get close enough that you’re going to make
sort of an arc to go around that first barrel. You don’t want to head into it straight. Make
sure you head into it with some bend and then you’re going to see the point at which I’m
going to sit down and I’m going to ask my horse to slow down. A horse can not turn a
barrel as fast as they can run to one. So at a slow speed, at a trot, we’re going to
be teaching this horse to slow down for that barrel so that when I sit down during a run,
he’s going to gather up so he can run around that barrel with speed but not as fast as
he ran to it. Then you’re going to see me continue holding in that turn. I’m going to
keep my hand down and back and I’m going to keep that horse held in that turn, I’m going
to use my inside leg to keep the bend in his body and then when I reach the back side of
the barrel, you’re going to see me raise both of my hands forward so my horse can run off
of that barrel, in this case trot off because we’re working, working him from a trot to
a walk, and then you’re going to see me use my inside leg. Preparing for the next turn
as I go across between the first and second barrel, you’re going to be using, if you’re
going to the right barrel first – going to the second barrel will be a left turn so you’re
going to be using your left leg between the first and the second barrel, all the way across
to get that horse pushed over and be in the proper pocket position to turn that second
barrel to the left.

25 thoughts on “Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : Approaching, Turning, Accelerating in Rodeo Barrel Racing

  1. GREAT IDEA! It may seem like some of this is basic – but my youth riders have gotten alot out of these sets of videos and we've learned a few new exercises to keep them fresh! THANKS!

  2. hmmm…. don't like her very much… hate riding with split reins…. scared me they r gunna fall off the horse 😛

  3. riding in split reins isnt bad when training and going slow i use to ride in split reins alot not anymore cuz i got a new headstall and reins but calm down she knows what shes doing

  4. i barrel race and this is a good teacher… i already knew all this tho… i took 1st in jr barrels last nite and my horse buck around the 1st barrel.. she didnt like the spurs

  5. @jessisorensen
    it isn't the best ground to run in but if you aren't going to run there isn't a problem with riding on grass slowly

  6. What an idiot she is. She is setting her horse up all wrong. And her horse is swinging its butt out around the barrel. You DONT wanna use your inside leg, that only pushes the horses hip out. You wanna use your inside leg, so his hip stays nice and tucked toward the barrel. When the horses hip is swinging out, he has no power. She is a moron.

  7. @3barrels2souls1dream Oh lord, please know what you're talking about. Barrel horses (And any horse really) should curve their body around the leg when asked or move out when asked. It's two completely differant cues. The horses have to bend around the barrel and the inside leg and indirect rein keep the bend and allow the horse to sit deep around the barrel and follow their nose out. If you do in straight without the leg and have no bend, you will not get a smooth motion turn.

  8. @Weaponsmaster8595 Yes, i know that. but her horse isn't keeping his hind end under him. he is swinging it out, and therefore has no power coming out of the barrel. That's all I was saying.

  9. @3barrels2souls1dream Actually you were also saying she set her horse up wrong, let his hip swing, lost power AND was a moron. Just saying.

  10. Ok, im starting my new gelding but im doing it from the ground up, Where do i even start on this guy? Ive ridden all m life but Im just not sure where to starton this guy please help me!!!!

  11. @racer3cans first you should probably introduce your horse to the barrel's, just cause its probably safer then getting on and going right from the start.. its usually better if your horse neck reins so you have one hand to steer, and the other to hang on to the horn. then its your choice if you want to lead him around the barrels first or to get on and walk him around them so he gets use to the pattern he has to go in, then go on from there, hope thats helpful 🙂

  12. should never slow down jus go as fast as u can! lol…thats what i tell this person im traing bc she always slows down bc of some lame reson

  13. @lizzie caldwell well I said I was helping someone and yea when she would go to turn she would pull back not push forward so I think I can handle it.

  14. How come it feels like the videos never FINISH? like she tells you what she's GOING to do, but instead of doing a full example of it start to finish (going in and out of the turns,) it just cuts back and forth. Another video she talks about explaining what she means by certain riding positions, and she never does. Maybe i'm watching them out of order..?

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